bleach 39

Haul #2

💸 Sephora -
•Stila Eyeliner // $30
•Nars Lipstick // $40
•Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz // $23

💸Urban Outfitters -
•Adidas Jersey // $56
•Instax Printer Share // $255
•Hershel Hat // $56

💸Topman -
•Bleached Shirt // $39
•Half Black and Half Grey Shirt // $15
•Black Shirt With Logo // $29
•White Shirt // $29

💸Hudsons Bay -
•Black Adidas Shirt // 30

Total For This Haul //
💸💸 $602 💸💸

Mangas right now
  • <p> <b>Bleach:</b> main character has lost all hope and gave up and lost 2/3 of his powers. Also the bad guy went to the future so that they would all live in constant fear for eternity.<p/><b>Ajin:</b> the two main characters shot each others in the head at the last page to come back to life without injuries to face an immortal army guy who kills people for fun.<p/><b>Shingeki no kyojin:</b> everyone is getting rekt a main character died and people have cried.<p/><b>Tokyo Ghoul re:</b> I don't even fukkin know I think the main character's closest friends are dead<p/></p>