On days when thin rain falls like today,
I remember your shadow. 
Our memories that I secretly put in my drawer,
I take them out and reminisce by myself

For Nami-Nee (@duckiesteasmiles). ❤

The Kurosaki Family

We all know that these two got married, had sex, and are now the parents to a little cinnamon roll known as Kurosaki Kazui…

We also know that they are HOT A'Fand we’ve seen how their hotness have affected people before…

So… Just imagine how many hearts this kid is going to shatter when he grows up…

It’s gonna be a bloodbath. 

callout post for ichiruki shippers

you’re all amazing and i’m so proud of this fandom. you’ve all (so far as i can see) handled yourselves with the grace of Kuchiki Rukia herself.

your fic and art and meta are top notch. you are generous and downright prolific with it all. it makes me so happy to see everyone banding together both in support of one of the most wonderful ships ever and of each other.

stay strong, stay proud, stay kind. 🌞🌚