Bleach characters, Ichigo has a son! Your reactions?

As requested by anon. :)

How are people going to react in the post-ending canon Bleach world when they realize that Ichigo has a son?

Grimmjow: A tiny Kurosaki?

Grimmjow: …

Grimmjow: Awesome! I have a backup! Now I can kill Kurosaki Ichigo for real!


Ichigo: On second thought, you’re not invited to the baby shower after all.

Grimmjow: Dude, why?

Renji: I’m super happy for Ichigo! Being a dad rocks!

Renji: But also -

Renji: I had a shikai. Ichigo got a shikai. I got bankai. Ichigo got bankai. I fought Captain Kuchiki. He fought Captain Kuchiki. I got sideburns. He got sideburns. 

Renji: Then I had a kid and he had a kid.

Renji: I kinda think Ichigo keeps copying me?


Yoruichi: Wow, a son!

Yoruichi: That means that Ichigo has probably seen a second pair of boobs finally!

Ichigo: Probably?

Yoruichi: I give it 50-50 odds.


Kenpachi: So Kurosaki Ichigo has another power, huh?

Ichigo: A son. Not another power.

Kenpachi: Tch. Right.

Kenpachi: Like tiny children are ever anything in Bleach OTHER than secretly a weapon.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: I mean, you have a point, but no.

Kenpachi: Yeah, we’ll see.

Kenpachi: We’ll see. 

Ulquiorra: A child of the woman and Kurosaki Ichigo will be doubly loyal. Will doubly believe in friendship. Will possess double strength. Double kindness. Double love.

Ulquiorra: That child basically IS the heart.

Orihime: That’s so sweet!

Ulquiorra: I meant it as an insult.



Nel: Nel is very excited for Itsygo!

Nel: Itsygo was always so good with Nel!

Nel: Itsygo’s child will love being carried into battle with him like Nel was!

Ichigo: I probably won’t carry my kid into battle, Nel.

Nel: So Itsygo loves Nel more??


Ichigo: …I might let this one go.

Aizen: Now the human-shinigami-Quincy-hollow has had a child with Inoue Orihime, whose powers are godlike and undefined.

Aizen: My plan proceeds.

Ichigo: Plan? I heard you were back in prison accepting your lot and making speeches.

Aizen: Yeah because that sounds like me.

Aizen: No way I’d care about a kid who can kill Yhwach with a touch.

Aizen: Nope I am so not interested in that.

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: I have concerns.

Isshin: Well I’m ecstatic of course!

Isshin: So ecstatic I turned the clinic over to Ichigo, and took off to travel the world with Ryuken and never return again!

Ryuken: Do not speak lies. The fans might believe you.

Isshin: Is that any way to talk to your travel and snuggle buddy?


Byakuya: I would like to say congratulations on your child, Kurosaki Ichigo.

Ichigo: Finally! Someone who just says something nice and doesn’t - 

Byakuya: He is nearly - but not quite - as adorable as my niece.

Ichigo: …

Byakuya: Nice try, though.

Today in ‘the kind of shit you realise when you’re having a mind-numbingly boring day at work’:

Kurosaki Ichigo is a fucking shojo hero and not a shonen one

Like ok I’ve been saying jokingly for a while that Bleach was actually originally meant to be a shoujo and it’s just thinly disguised as shounen (because that bridge scene in the SS arc what the fuck), but…. like….. really think about it 

Most shounen heroes are optimistic and bright. That’s their thing.They make friends through their unwavering optimistic attitude and bullshit nakama powers, idk. But Ichigo? He’s a fuckin tsundere who doesn’t like opening up to people and making friends (except ofc he does the latter, but only through beating the shit out of them/getting the shit beat out of him by them first). When was the last time you had a shounen hero as reluctant and tsundere as Ichigo? Usually in shounen, the tsundere is a character archetype assigned to the happy-go-lucky protag’s rival, not the protag himself. Plus, he’s supposed to be good-looking in canon (if Riruka’s reaction in FB is anything to go by), and like lmao once again that’s not a typical shounen protagonist trait. Ichigo isn’t a traditional shounen hero by any stretch of the imagination (mostly Bc as many ppl have pointed out, Bleach is structured more like a monomyth than standard shonen, but I digress).

But take him out of shonen and put him in a shoujo context and Ichigo fits the bill to a T. Good looking? Check. Tragic back story / mother trauma? Check. Stereotypical bad boy image with a heart of gold? Check. Secret dork? Check. Tsundere about expressing himself? Check. Angsty and prone to brooding by himself with all of his problems? Check. Fiercely protective? Check.  Sacrifices everything in his life for the sake of a single girl? Check check fucking check 

And???/ Like???? Just look at all his colourspreads for Bleach and??? This shit becomes even more obvious? Like sure there’s a few colourspreads where he’s decked out in Shinigami gear looking heroic and shit surrounded by flames but for the most part Ichigo’s colourspreads are like… Ichigo in nice fashionable clothes looking at the audience with either this half-lidded sultry expression or a broody angsty expression on his face and im??????? Putting ur protag in fashionable clothes and posing them like a model is what u do in SHOUJO colourspreads not in shounen ones omg

And, just, the shoujo heroine finding the kinda aimless ‘’’’bad boy’’’’ with a shitton of potential and a heart of gold and changing them for the better, making them a better man who actually lives up to their potential is…. a shoujo trope…. it’s a shoujo storyline…… like….. I’m not trying to say Bleach would have worked better as a shoujo here but…. fuck it Bleach would have worked better as a shoujo 

PLEASE keep my authority with my art !!!!

Dear Ichiruki fan community, I would like to thank you for liking and sharing my fanarts. I would like to thank you for supporting me from now and then. But PLEASE keep my authority when you share my arts to any other places. Do not bring out without credit. I have made an individual instagram account ( to post original art but this situation haven’t stop. I’m so grateful if you guys keep supporting me while keeping my authority.

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Kubo had always been a big fan of Shojo so that would make more sense. He’s not an idiot; he knows how to write romance… until he trips and falls down 2 flights of bullshit apparently.

‘trips and falls down two flights of bullshit’ PFFFFT IM LAUGHIN SO HARD
And yeah Kubo always had the best handle on subtle romance out of all the mangakas I’ve seen, even including some shoujo :/ Too bad he tripped down those flights huh

I’m super bored so here have some snippets of F r a y that I’ve discarded (they may be discarded but they still give u a fair idea of what’s going on in the fic :P) 

  • She’d been asleep, but he’d been fully awake and had pulled her towards him.
  • A bark of mirthless laughter escapes him; god,  if she hadn’t been the softest thing he’s ever felt against him.
  • Ichigo focuses on controlling the reiatsu that, now it’s finally been released, seems to have no inclination to be quashed back down. He winces at the raw, frayed edges of it; vicious and sharp, without years of use smoothing it down. In the living room, the children shift uncomfortably.
  • He sucks in a breath through his teeth and focuses, focuses. Slowly, the unravelled strands of his power curl back into him.
  • Something like a sob catches at his throat. The sensation of his reiatsu coursing through him after years of repression is almost overwhelming, as vivid as the feeling of Rukia’s lips on his. His breath comes fast and shallow as he tries, tries, to forget about both things—
  • He can’t. Every time he closes his eyes he sees Rukia behind them. 

Warm up doodle of older Kazui and Ichika done over the past few days. Thanks to the anon who suggested this prompt! I always like drawing characters at different stages and especially with kids finding a good mix of features from their parents (which become more evident as they reach adulthood).

Kazui has Orihime’s face but slightly longer. And yes that is his own personal combat pass in his hand. Ichika has Rukia’s face until it gets to the jaw area and starts to emulate Renji a little more. I also designed a set of tattoos for her that resemble her father’s but are still unique to her. She only has them on her upper arms and shoulders.

I am taking a wild guess as to their age difference. Based on how they were presented in the final chapter I figured Ichika was about 8 or 9 while Kazui was more like 4 or 5, possibly 6. I also included a projected height reference for both their families.