rantiingqueen  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you had any Bleach fanfic recs?

There May Be Some Collateral Damage

Second Chances

Time Jump

Not exactly pushing daisies

Seven, Eight, Lay Them Straight

Walk Two Lifetimes (this one’s an SI fic, but it’s really good, so even if that’s not your cup of tea I definitely recommend it)

Cursedly Blessed

Twin Souls

New Age

After the Fall

It Goes By

The Art of the Non-Relationship

Meet Me at Cathedral Drive



Project Tatterdemalion

Project Asclepius

Project Thoughts


Lone Flower

Petals in the Wind

Petals Scattered


WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 13 Full translation.

Marriage Registration


6th sector - Kuchiki clan mansion.

On the morning of the day they were to head to the Kinin Noble Assembly, Renji passed through the Kuchiki clan’s huge main gate with a nervous expression. As he advanced on the stone pavement that had been swept clean, he was greeted by an old man with white hair wearing a pair of round spectacles - Seike Nobutsune, an attendant attached to Byakuya.

“Abarai sama, we have been expecting you”

Calmly bowing, he opened the door of the (genkan) entryway, “please come inside”

“Nah, I’ll meet her in front of the entrance……”

“I have been informed to tell you that you are to join Byakuya sama for breakfast”

“With the captain!? U-understood”

Renji became increasingly nervous, moving awkwardly, he followed behind Seike.

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Anyway,it could be worse. They could be talking about Bleach.

Bleach had some good things going for it…? It just ended up being a bad product of the industry in my opinion…

Sword Art just…had no decent basis? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly where the CORE issues are…it really depends on what you care about I guess. 

…None of it is done well either way. 

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Fabrickind, I am going to make a Renji Abarai bankai form. What type of fabric is best for all parts? Thank you.

Hello there!

Is this the correct version?

I would look into the materials traditionally used for a man’s kimono first. Since this is based on an actual garment, the materials traditionally used would be best.  Here is a lengthy list of resources on traditional Japanese clothing. Be sure to have the proper undergarments and wearing methods.

Typically, men’s kimono is matte with little to no sheen, and there is no shen drawn in the image. Some options off the top of my head are silk broadcloth or twill, a lightweight cotton twill or mid weight cotton sateen, or various weaves of linen. These are all materials that are either used for kimono today or have been historically, even if you’ll be cutting fabric from a wider bolt rather than using a kimono bolt.

The headwrap will be a similar type of material, if not a bit lighter in weight.

The white poof on the arm appears to be fur (faux fur) in this image. You may be able to a faux fur long and shaggy enough for the red part near his wrist, as well. If not, feathers would be a good option there, or long strips of ribbon organza with sealed edges as a last resort.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

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