After Hearing That Bleach will Be Ending Soon

The Characters Intial Reaction:

Characters After Learning That Bleach Will End in Volume 74:

Meanwhile Tite Kubo:

Yeah I imagine it something like this. All characters report to the door if you want a canon ending please. Otherwise you screwed. XD

This getting bad people still missing. Let’s hope Kubo can them all together and give them endings. I feel for anyone who’s favorite don’t get an ending. 

anonymous asked:

Tbh Yoongi can whip his hair at my face and i would be v happy o yes whip that hiar on mi face so soft

Haha well his hair is bleaced to hell so it might not be as soft as you think but tbh same

Remember to breathe guys. Shit can get bad but they can never take away what ichiruki has meant to us and still means to us. They can try to recon but we know what we read, we know who the real heroine is, we know what bleac/h truly was, we know who ichi.go was/is, we know who ruki.a was/is and we know what ships were the real ones.