Hello friends!! Happy (almost) new year… obviously u know that there are so many of you I love lots and I can’t include every single one on this list but I did want to thank some memorable ppl for being there for me always (some since 2010 tbh) …here goes….

wisps and tiredfern - U 2 know how special u are to me since I tell u nearly every damn day. U changed my life for the better and altho I can’t clearly remember how we first began talking, I know that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. U continually lift me up and push me forward and reassure me when I’m being worrisome about the silly things. And for that, I can’t thank u enough.. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through high school without u guys :’) And now we’re in college? Maria’s graduating? I’m next? Then alex? What to heck. I hate thinking about this but hopefully it means we’re only getting closer 2 a day when we’re all UNITED AS 1! THE DARJEELINGS! love u forever aappy and mappy

hopefullymagnanimous and shankuberrymuch - The reason I started tumblr in the first place! Supernatural fan blog! kill me…. I love u guys so much and even tho we don’t get to talk as much as we used to, I’m so glad that I can visit Atlanta anytime and everything will be just the same. U were both there for me during a really difficult time this summer and went out of your way to make sure I was doing okay, and that honestly meant the world to me. I love u guys forever and ever and hope to see u very soon :*

misandryisreal its-always-gray malaspulgas sportamento - I can’t believe my internet world and in real life mixed in this way but it’s so wonderful…. don’t know where I’d be without celeste tbh, she’s a shining light in my life. and she introduced me to these 3 other shining lights!! Laura joe and tara - u guys are honestly the three funniest people i have ever met and I love saying that I know u guys. You’re all so talented and I’m proud to call u my friends. Love love love u :*

noneedforcolor - BAE! MY NUMBER ONE BAE! Going to turkey with u in a month is gonna be the adventure of a lifetime and my heart fills with happiness whenever I think about it. U are so fun 2 be around and so great to talk 2 (bc I feel like we relate on lots of different levels) and I will never get bored of u honestly… u made college a beautiful experience. Thank god I never have to leave ur side <3 

aenora insomatic zevke - I’m so happy u guys talked to us when u did!! You 3 are all so inspiring and lovely and beautiful (truly) and I’m so in awe of everything you guys accomplish… keep doing you. I love it I love you all

the original tumblr squad (sorry if I forgot anybody even though a large majority of you guys are inactive now. We had some great memories back in 2011/2012 that I will never forget…got me through some hard and lonely times…  so yeah honestly do love you guys forever) - voldy92 avocadofacts croisants paradoxicalsentiments baveuile perdu- mountainism caches neekaisweird venetians langste distances sofiemeanswisdom crookednose orientaltiger skeletales miserbaile definitelydope saddest-summer 

dearscience acres moonstonees arsvivendi vvolare pouretrebelle sefte pythons victimize kove coruscating dagdraumar pseudonymph bavarde panthershark blazingdynamite 1000scientists digbicks badcrumbss mangle kristinatofu concupisco enimru skeletonize foxmouth hjaertdjur chauvinists otterisms yagirlpooja hotchocolatekid

other very important mentions (ppl I just really think are cool and great and worthy of your follow……. I really do love u guys a lot) - hotsenator commovente apriki baiolicious fabriczoo bastillemygirl changeyrticket charlottedreaming brianmalik thenameisflower roughness artistic-dreams triangulate triharrytops framesjanco paintgod kuttymolle j4ya rnaddies herefortheharry rakumari

And if I forgot anybody, sorry sorry, I follow 400+ people and I love allllll of u……… otherwise I wouldn’t be following u (also there are a lot of people I wanted to include but idk ur new URLs so!! oops)…. ya ok have a merry merry holiday season and a happy new year!!! Here’s to making 2015 the best yr yet *raises glass of orange juice*