asamis  asked:

multiples of 6 for the ask game!

6. Fat cat lesbian or hairless cat lesbian: how are the 2 mutually exclusive? but fat cat lesbian

12. Crop top lesbian or maxi dress lesbian: MAXI DRESS

18. Flower lesbian or succulent lesbian: flowers are my Brand they’re literally my name

24. Silk velvet lesbian or crushed velvet lesbian: silk velvet

30. Electric guitar lesbian or ukulele lesbian: ukelele!!

36. Playing-with-her-hair lesbian or getting-hair-played-with lesbian: playing with her hair…. i mean getting my hair played with sounds nice but i hate it when ppl mess with my hair ughhh. and i really enjoy playing with someone’s hair

42. 80’s windbreaker lesbian or 80’s blazer lesbian: blazerrr

48. “Wanna cuddle?” Lesbian or surprise hug attack lesbian: surprise hug attack