Here are some better pictures of my wayfinder. If you’re interested in buying one yourself it’s from here > I would fully recommend getting one because they’re absolutely gorgeous and really really well made!

Even if you’re not interested in buying a Wayfinder they also sell stuff from Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Studio Ghibli, Digimon, Zelda and so much more stuff! So you really should check it out, it’s really really nice quality and I haven’t seen anything like this before! ^-^ x


Here’s the crest of light I got off of blazerdesigns .net
The tap card is the same size as a credit card or id
It’s pretty big
It came with a lanyard string but I removed it and changed it to a chain from Claire’s

It’s pretty good quality for the price I paid for.
Very shiny and looks amazing
Nothing like those ugly plastics
It’s made of acrylic btw

I know people are Gnna ask so here’s the info
He also has an Instagram under the same name I think