blazer with leather

Here are a couple more headcannons I have all recurring after Descendants 2

- Gil is actually really shy. His father’s confidence and loud opinions always caused him to agree with his father’s opinion whenever he was asked. So one day when Carlos asks him what he does for fun, his smile falters and he frowns. Carlos doesn’t wait for him to respond and drags him to the tourney field where he teaches him how to play. After that Carlos takes him to his tiny workshop where they fix up gizmos and gadgets.

- Harry leaves his pirate hat on the Isle of the Lost to help his transition from evil to good. Harry likes to sit on the bridge leading to the Enchanted Lake. It’s above a waterfall and reminds him of his old days sailing around. Evie spots him one day on her daily walk around Auradon and feels bad for him, because he doesn’t look like the Harry she knew. He’s changed his whole appearance and looks like a prince, not that she’s complaining. Evie decides to create him a whole new look. Something that’s not to edgy, but something that reminds him of the Isle. She transports to the Isle and picks up his hat and she tailors him a red leather blazer. She surprises him by showing up and he can’t contain himself and pulls her into a deep hug.

- Jay, Uma, and Lonnie actually end up petitioning and getting a girl’s tourney team. It all started when Jay and Uma were hanging out to try and bond and settle their differences. He tries to show her baking, but they both end up burning the whole kitchen. They try art, but none of them are good models because they can never stop laughing. So one day he takes her to the tourney field and take some shots. Lonnie tags a long after seeing them one day. They practice together and Uma makes good shots with Lonnie’s assists. The girls team starts to grow with Jane joining the team and others.

- Mal and Ben are never really around due to Ben being the King and Mal helping him out a lot. So Evie, Harry, Jay, Carlos, Uma, Gil, Jane, Lonnie, Chad, Doug, and Audrey sneak into the castle one night and surprise them with a big meal so they can relax and sit down and talk. Evie and Uma head to Ben’s office only to find Ben asleep on the floor and Mal hunched over his desk with the printer still running and the news on. Evie and Uma take a bunch of pics before waking the pair and leading them to the surprise downstairs. They all come together at least once a week, much to Gil and Audrey’s annoyance who cook all of the food.

- A lot of girls actually really like Gil for his shyness. Gil is a gentleman, unlike his dad, and knows how to treat a girl right. One day, Chad approaches him and asks him for help, because his relationship with Audrey is a mess. So Gil teaches him how to be a good boyfriend and him and Chad become best friends. 

- When Harry and Jane meet, they question whether or not they’re siblings. When they first see each other, they’re surprised so they go to Fairy Godmother to see if they actually are related. Turns out they look related, but aren’t. Even though the news is disappointing, Harry makes the decision to get to know her. They form a sibling like bond and Harry teases her about her crush on Carlos. They’re really immature around each other too, he pokes at her in classes they have together and she throws food at him during meal times. 

- Uma ends up being really good at taking care of animals. One day a dog runs into her at the park, it’s Dude, and she takes a quick liking to him. She teaches him tricks and is really gentle with him. She doesn’t realize Carlos watching from a far and he comments on her gift with taking care of animals. Uma shakes him off and when Dude doesn’t leave her side for a whole week she decides to help out with him. Carlos is more than happy to let Dude hang with Uma during date nights with Jane and when he’s busy. One night, Uma proposes an idea that her and Carlos should go ask Ben if they can rescue the suffering animals on the Isle and take them to a shelter in Auradon, which Ben approves.

- Evie is starts to get stressed out with juggling school and her fashion line and her growing popularity as a celebrity in Auradon. In an effort to keep her relaxed, Harry secretly does little things for her. Like do her homework when she’s passed out tired from a fashion show that went on too long the previous night, bring her dinner when she forgets to eat, buy her new materials when she runs out, and keep paparazzi away from her. He always makes sure to keep Evie company and give his honest opinion when asked about a dress. He makes sure to keep his girlfriend comfy at all costs.