5sos during easter probably
  • calum: today is 4/20 lol
  • mikey: blaze it and praise hallelujah
  • luke: guys no weed is bad dont ruin your life
  • calum: can i go to church dressed as a bunny
  • mikey: dying my hair in pastels ok bye
  • luke: mikey your hair is literally going to fall out and CALUM BUNNIES ARENT NAKED WHAT ARE YOU DOING
  • ashton: *walks up to a girl* i gave up hotties for lent, thank god it's easte- wait where are you going
  • mikey: now she's just somebunny you used to know
  • luke: literally shut up jesus didn't die for this

My apparent 100th post on Tumblr is dedicated to one of my favorite villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Enrico Pucci!

Now for some blog stuff:
Over the course of the next week this blog will make a transformation, similar to “White Snake” into “Made In Heaven”, from my personal blog into a full blown JoJo blog. Anyone wanting to follow another JoJo blog go ahead and give it a follow, any others who want to follow me for any non-JJBA related materials will eventually be directed to a “mod blog”

And one final bonus;