Things Said In My Group Chat (Part 1, 2)

  • “Accept the truth or I’ll beat it into you”
  • “Hello fellow meme(s)”
  • “I must maintain my meme king status”
  • “Stabbing is always good isn’t it”
  • “I’ll just stab any pain away”
  • “Who needs to stab when you can rub your face on swords”
  • “If you do not behave, Shakespeare will rise from the grave and make you read”
  • “B U L L Y”
  • *Muffled sobbing*
  • “I am excited to go back to hell”
  • “Only accept high tier waifus”
  • “We’re fucked”
  • “Is your sleep schedule in shambles…?”
  • “Why blaze it when you can praise it?”
  • “___ is All Knowing and Powerful”
  • “You are his waifu”
  • “Reality was made to be broken”
  • “I’ll just stab my wrist, yes”
  • “What’s my wish? I came for knives and, I dunno, cute girls I guess”
  • “The weak die for the sake of the stronk”
  • “Trust no one, not even your younger non-corrupted self”
  • “Be the shamer the world needs”
  • “That’s not the fastest way to a woman’s heart” *Gives a knife* “Go for it”
Star-Crossed Innocence

I’ve been staring at the same sky
As you tonight
Like I do every night
After a conversation that reminds
Me why
I need to hold on tight
To you.

Many wishes,
Passionate kisses,
Across long distance
Upon flickering stars that glisten
Always listen
To me call your name.

My guiding rays
To count the nights and days
I’ve loved your ways
From Polaris to Aquarius
Libra to Aries
Constellations’ burning haze
Lighting brightly, impassioned blaze
Sky above me, constant praise
Each star gives their constant gaze
Allowing me to dream of you.

Sometimes we take for granted
All of the wishes enchanted
By each magic light implanted
As a fallen star is supplanted
Upon a memory transplanted
With visions of a child that’s chanted
“Have my wish I wish tonight.”

But, starlight, star bright, hear me
I give my wishes freely
Upon you I hope us truly
To one moment share us fully
Time again for us to be
Having you to believe
While in darkness you will help see
There is nowhere else, nobody
Who can share your majesty
Like two lovers holding closely
Looking up at you.

Close my eyes, bow my head,
Alone again, at least for now,
Say a wish, my starry night,
I’ll blanket myself myself with you.

-H. Murcia 8:21PM 4/21/2017

@creatingnikki I hope this is something you may enjoy reading. Thank you for the tag! I LOVE stars, skies, night, moon, suns, and this helped!

traveling-riverside-dean  asked:

Ayyy let's celebrate this glorious day with dean and cas' first 420 together.

Ayyy you’re my kinda person

Rating: Mature? Ish? Not Explicit
Pairing: Dean/Cas
Tags/Warnings: Implied Sex, Drug Use, Sex under the influence, First time together, human!Cas
a/n: Dude this was getting hard to write so I had to cut it short but I hope it works for ya. I gotta go take a nap and sleep a little off. 

Blaze It and Praise It

“Listen. Listen…” Dean said slowly, feeling each word take shape and come out of his mouth. “Listen. I don’t care. Pineapple does not go on pizza.”

“But it works so well with Canadian bacon. Or…or ham,” Sam protested.

“Gross. No fruit on pizza.”


Dean pointed at Sam’s face and snapped,  “If you say tomatoes are a fruit I swear to god….”

“Whatever.” Sam pulled his suddenly heavy body up off of the floor. “I’m going to bed.”

“G’nite.” Dean waved him off, sprawled out on his bed. He yawned and smiled.

Sam was just outside the door when Dean heard him say, Nite, Cas. He lifted his head to see Cas leaning in the doorway, his hands shoved into the pockets of his hoodie. He looked small. Cas being human somehow just made him look tiny. “What’s up, Cas?”

Cas smiled. “You, it seems.”

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My apparent 100th post on Tumblr is dedicated to one of my favorite villains in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures, Enrico Pucci!

Now for some blog stuff:
Over the course of the next week this blog will make a transformation, similar to “White Snake” into “Made In Heaven”, from my personal blog into a full blown JoJo blog. Anyone wanting to follow another JoJo blog go ahead and give it a follow, any others who want to follow me for any non-JJBA related materials will eventually be directed to a “mod blog”

And one final bonus;