blaze ya dead

thetragicescape  asked:

4,5,7,12,13,14,17,25,29,30,31,33 😍😍😍

Favorite flavor is Blue Raspberry. Fave song is, “Worm Food,” by Blaze ya dead homie. I eat vagina about 6 - 10 times a week and always with a crescendo. I think money is evil and it dominates too much of our lives. Political? I back any decision or person that I think is the right thing, no more than that. I don’t believe that any God intended for people to hate each other over differences in beliefand I also believe that just like with any other topic these days.. it is being used as a tool or device for self gain of some sort or another. Is it ever really about the right thing anymore? I can pop my shoulder out of socket.. hardly anyone can do that.. oh and I get in your pants Tragic. I’m the only one that does that. And for 25? Mmmmm damn.. I’m full of wishes and I wants when it comes to you. Fav book is, “The Matarese Circle,” by Ludlum and my fav movie is the new remake of Evil Dead. If I could change one thing it would have to be how I treated you at the apartment.. you didn’t deserve that. You make me happier than any point in my entire life. You.. that’s what makes me happy!! And thank you.. this blog is dedicated to you. All this beauty? It’s you baby.