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I found some posts on a forum of a woman claiming she went to high school with Randy Stair, here’s what she said:

‘He was the year ahead of me and I had a couple of classes with him. He was a loner and I maybe heard him speak once. Never saw him with any pony or Danny Phantom stuff but I do know that his other autistic obsession was the Dallas Cowboys. That’s pretty much all I know about him.’

‘Oh, and I just remembered that my friend claims to have seen him jerking it in the library once, which seems like a pretty important detail to include.’

‘He wasn’t in special ed classes to my knowledge, in fact one of the classes I had with him was an honors class. And he never did try to present as a woman in high school, but if he had he would have been bullied mercilessly so it’s not that unthinkable.’

‘The jocks and bullies did tease him sometimes but he didn’t have it particularly bad and to my knowledge he never got beat up.’


June 8th 2017, Randy Stair commit a murder/suicide at a supermarket in Pennsylvania. He shot and killed three people before killing himself. His twitter, shows him plotting to kill, even counting down the days. Randy was in a columbine forum and even a picture of Eric and Dylan on his twitter. He also planned a massacre at a high school on June 7th, but didn’t carry out with the plan and did it a day later at a different place.


I redrew “Fire Alone”. Again. ;3

“Suddenly a shooting star blazed over the treetops. Spottedleaf’s tail twitched and the fur along her spine bristled.
Bluestar’s ears pricked but she remained silent as Spottedleaf continued to gaze upward.
After a few moments, Spottedleaf lowered her head and turned to Bluestar. A distant look came into her eyes. "Fire alone can save our Clan.”“
Warriors: Into the Wild By Erin Hunter 

I drew the original in 2009, and the re-draw in 2011.

I was going for a fire look in Spottedleaf’s eye, mixed with reflective green. Not sure it reads but I still like it.

Eren is the spark before a fire. He’s stormy skies and starting fights. Birds flying overhead and comic books read underneath the blankets at night. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and t-shirts that fit just right. Lazy days spent in the sun, daydreaming. Laughing too loud and crying too much. Giving life 110% and setting the world on fire. 

Mikasa is a rose, beautiful and dangerous. She’s romance novels and red lipstick. Vanilla and violin music. Flowers in springtime and strawberries. Courage and hazelnut coffee. Hearts made of glass and bones made of steel. Unconditional love and unrequited longing. Words better left unsaid and well-kept promises. Caring so hard that it physically hurts. 

Armin is sunshine, warm and comforting, intense and blinding. He’s blanket forts and imaginary lands with no borders. He’s treasure maps and paper airplanes. Books with worn spines and messy handwritten notes scratched in the margins. Warm sweaters and earl grey tea. Ocean breezes and shattered windows. Crossword puzzles and candlelight. Yelling at a wall until your voice gives out, even when no one can hear you. 

Levi is the eye of a hurricane. He’s 100-year-old trees swaying in the breeze and combat boots scuffing along the asphalt. Black tea and black coffee. Hands that can kill and eyes that can severe. Holding on too tight and reaching for your hand just as you walk away. Dry eyes and bleeding hearts. Calm and collected chaos, desperately held together with bandaids and string. 

Hanji is a streak of lightning lighting up the night. They’re experimenting with the mind and listening with the heart. Test tubes and textbooks. Off-the-wall trivia facts and laughing too loud. Phone calls at 3 a.m. and classroom pranks that go just too far. Not sleeping nearly enough and needing caffeine like oxygen. Hugs that say more than words and words that could out-do Shakespeare. Twisting the world upside down and every which way to find its best angle.

Erwin is a shooting star, blazing bright and gone too soon. He’s hot coffee and fires crackling in the hearth welcoming you home. Paperwork and pens that have a tendency to disappear. Pine trees and the hoot of owls in the night. Watching a thunderstorm from the window and giving your umbrella to someone without one on the street. Responsibility and hope. Dreams and peanut butter sandwiches. Smiling through the pain so others won’t give up. 

Annie is a frozen lake, untouched and enchanting, but chillingly lethal. She’s dark red lipstick and ballads about losing yourself. Cold hands and combat boots. Leather jackets and ball gowns. Soft guitar melodies and stargazer lilies. Winter mornings and angels pressed into the snow. Denial and desire. Knight’s armor and lover’s lips. Reaching out for someone’s hand, but pulling back before they notice.

Bertholdt is the ocean, vast and beautiful and deep and deadly. He’s sweaters warm from wear and hands covered in ink. Reserved silence and soft, unsolicited smiles. Purple skies before it storms and crying in the shower. Ice cream at 2 a.m. and piano ballads played in empty chapels. Books with dog-eared pages and happily ever after reluctantly scribbled out. Attentive ears and guilty heart. A candle burning, soothing and warm and about to tip and ignite the world in flames.

Reiner is the clash of two swords meeting in the air. He’s a knight in shining armor and a dragon waiting for its prey. Walking through the woods and running through the rain. Caramel and cinnamon. Campfires and ghost stories and soothing words when the ghosts overstay their welcome. Inspirational words and exemplary acts. Broken mirrors and masquerade masks you forget to take off. Heroic dreams and disappointing finales. Holding the world on your shoulders without knowing who’s holding you.

Jean is a rain storm, steady and calm. He’s button up shirts and skinny jeans. Rock music and writing love poems on the bus. Too much coffee and hair that takes hours to make it look natural. Cheap beer and nights you remember in a blur of smiles and kissing. Holding hands and keeping promises. Staying up late and talking until morning. Sunrises and autumn leaves falling. Words left unsaid and regrets piling higher each day. Hope of a generation scoffed every night after breaking your back to make the world a better place

Connie is laughter carried on the wind. He’s sunshine and beach days with your friends. Milkshakes and board games. Cheesy puns and cheesier pick up lines. Spring flowers and summer showers. T-shirts and harmless teasing. Toy soldiers and children laughing. Kind eyes and bloodied hands. Crumpled pictures of family members and tear-stained letters never sent. Hugs that lift your spirits and jokes that clear your mind. Young heads confused and hearts a mess, and legs that never stop moving. 

Sasha is the melody of a song, peaceful and filled with memories. She’s taking chances and jumping off the high dive holding your best friend’s hand. Autumn leaves and hot chocolate. Freshly baked bread and mac and cheese at midnight. Good morning texts and falling asleep before saying goodnight. Dancing in the rain and seeing shapes in every cloud. Nightmares that cling once you wake up and exacting revenge on your cheating boyfriend’s car. Pushing through the pain and smiling through it all. Following your inner compass. 

Marco is sunshine, warm on your skin. He’s running through the woods in spring and tumbling through the leaves in fall. Contagious smiles and fearsome disapproval. Chocolate and cuddling late into the night. Cinnamon and early morning pancakes. Coffee that’s all sugar and singing in the shower. Loving too hard and too fast. Experienced innocence and brutal honesty. Bruised and bloodied body and blazing, bright eyes. True kindness and blind loyalty. Too good for this world. 

Ymir is shadows, both cruelly mocking the light and lovingly, silently following after you. She’s harmless teasing and hurtful silence. Staying out too late and waking up too early. Whiskey burning your throat and dark chocolate soothing the pain. Horror films and nightmares that don’t stop when you open your eyes. Photos with faces scratched out and love notes framed in photo albums. Hearts hidden behind walls and and claws out to play. Loving so fiercely it threatens to swallow you whole. 

Historia is a windstorm, growing steadily more deadly by the minute. She’s lemonade and mid-afternoon naps in patches of sunlight. Disney princesses and Tarantino films. Christmas lights and diaries with locks. The smell of roses and the feeling of silk on your skin. Floral skirts and high heels. Tiaras and swords. Midnight thunderstorms and veiled smiles. Burned letters and bad decisions. Hugs that last just long enough and hands held far too tight. A tight-rope walker you can’t bear to tear your eyes from. 

Today is a new day, don’t let the lows of yesterday prevent you from enjoying the highs of today 🍃🍃🍃

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Okay hear me out, Riley was captured in season 1 and even though everyone helped, it was only Will who went to Iceland to physically to get her. Maybe it’s cause they didn’t know each other that well or they trusted Will to take care of everything. But shit got real when Wolfgang appeared bloody and tortured. It got worse cause it felt like Wolfgang appeared to his other bond mates as if to say goodbye. Everyone had genuine fear cause Wolfie’s the fighter that never gives up. Bazooka shooting, bullets blazing. But he’s tortured and he just wanted to GO TO PARIS TO BE WITH KALA. I CAN’T STAND THIS SUSPENSE FOR ANOTHER 2 YEARS!