blaze rods

MCSM fandom, I have just one request

Can we please make it a thing where if one of us yells “BLAZE RODS” in public, anyone in this fandom who hears is obligated to yell “SHUT UP GILL” in response

because holy cow

can you even imagine the beautiful chaos of yelling this in public + the even greater chaos of having a random person holler back???

Pass this on.  Share this with your fandom friends.  LET THE WHOLE FANDOM KNOW ABOUT THIS BECAUSE HOLY COW THIS SHOULD BE A THING


Meet our first fusion! Eye Of Ender, she is a fusion of Blaze rod and Ender Pearl, she isnt the most stable of fusions as Blaze and Pearl don’t often talk or really get along, they are from different courts and have only met on occasion, so a Ender Eye tends to argue with herself on many things, However if they do work together they can be a formidable opponent, with the ability to teleport, shoot flames, and fly, she can easily out speed or outwit her opponent giving her the upper hand… that is if she can decide which hand to use.

Minecraft Storymode Countdown: Day 5

(I decided to join in on the fun with what is one of my two favorite episodes, though I decided to try and think of the aftermath because that’s my favorite thing to do) (This was also done quick but I might expand on it? Maybe? I’m not sure yet it’s really short)

POV: Aiden; 3rd person-limited

Setting: The New Village Thing: After the events of Episode 5

      Aiden hated to admit when he was wrong. Especially when it was something he dragged his friends into.

     But this time, he knew he was. There was nothing else to do but admit it. Gill, Maya, and him were just some random vote away from dying, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Normally, they could find their way out of things, but it didn’t seem that Maya or Gill wanted to try. Deep down, Aiden knew that it was more than that. They were slipping into a hole that Aiden didn’t know how to pull them out of.

    They wanted to die.

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Would anyone be interested if I set up a community Minecraft server?

A few friends and I have had a small server up and running for a few months now, and it was actually a really good bonding experience - I hardly knew some of them to begin with, and now we’re really good friends.

This server thingy is mainly going to be a fun place to hang and get to know each other, good for those of us (me included) who suck at casual conversation without a common medium like a game!

Development is still in progress (getting there!), but I wanted to see how many people would be interested in joining? O:
Questions, concerns, comments, warnings, etc are welcome too!

Server will be vanilla with added features. You’ll be able to connect without having to mod your client. The HUGE list of custom stuff is under the cut!

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toypapy  asked:

soul sand could be a curropt gem aand it gem is on its stumic but has a curropt form its inside and it could have a pet ghast oh ya can u draw blaze rode hugging a blaze and blaze rode and glowestone fusion

Well like I said before I really dont know if I want Soul sand to be a gem BUT I did draw the other 2 things you requested! Blaze Rod hugging a Blaze and a Blaze Rod and Glow stone Fusion that I’ve named Magma Stone.

I’ve been playing Dream Daddy and let me tell you how bad I want a mcsm dating sim

You play as Jesse, and you can romance just about anyone (within a reasonable age range) from the games. The game has a sort of tutorial mode the first time, which helps walk you through the route of a fixed character (probably Lukas and/or Petra, given they’re the most popular mcsm ships). Some characters start off with ill feelings towards Jesse, such as any of the Blaze Rods, Stella, even Em, making their routes harder to finish. But every character has a good ending–and a bad one, too. Some even have a secret, more neutral ending (such as setting us one character with another, instead of yourself).

Once you’ve completed all of the different routes for Jesse, you unlock hard mode:

Ivor dating sim

It’s pretty much the same concept as with Jesse, except now, you’re Ivor, and you have the chance to romance the older characters that Jesse couldn’t. I imagine the endings of hard mode would probably be a bit more exciting, if sometimes a bit more bizarre, than the normal mode.