blaze or shadow or both is fine~~~

anonymous asked:

how would you rank the fire emblem games you have played?


I’m just gonna go on “pure enjoyment factor” rather than trying to rank stories & characters & gameplay

1. Blazing Sword

2. Shadows of Valentia

3. Fates

4. Sacred Stones

5. Awakening

6. Radiant Dawn

7. Shadow Dragon

Brief summary:

Shadow Dragon is dead last because it’s a remake done wrong, there’s no attempt to revamp the antiquated gameplay, the sprites are kinda ugly, and don’t get me started on that stupid “kill your soldiers to unlock the Gaidens” requirement. Radiant Dawn is so low because it’s technically fine but I just cannot remember enjoying much about it. Awakening and Sacred Stones are mid-tier because I found both a little too easy but still enjoyed them. Fates improved on a lot from Awakening. Shadows of Valentia is really close to the top spot, but Celica’s bullshit desert levels drag it down, I dreaded playing her in Act III. Blazing Sword is still a timeless classic to this day.

HEAR ME OUT on why I haven’t done Path of Radiance (because I know that’s definitely weird)–I got into Fire Emblem not long after Radiant Dawn released. The friend I’ve mentioned a couple of times let me play the first few chapters of it on her Wii, but I didn’t have one myself. And our GameCube had been broken for a while, so I went for the handheld games. EVENTUALLY I got a Wii but couldn’t find Path of Radiance, so I just looked up the basic plot, then played Radiant Dawn for real. Even though it was my ‘entry’, I actually found it disappointing compared to the GBA ones. I…can’t quite remember why I never picked up Path of Radiance, I think it was a mix of the nearby stores never having it and me just preferring FE on handheld.

And that is the bizarre story of how I entered the Fire Emblem franchise through a sequel to a game I have never actually played.