blaze ittt

it’s just that Emma is an actual princess.  She is she is she is.

She’s Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter.

And she is surrounded by this history of wealth and status.  And with the idea of princess comes a lot of ideas about status and femininity and traditional roles.

But Snow wasn’t your average princess.   And Charming wasn’t your average prince.  And together they made the savior and that has so much imagery that it makes me coo okay.

Emma spends her life bouncing around from house to house from home to home learning about lots of different kinds of people.  Kind people, rude people, mean people, dangerous people, neglectful people, and when she’s around all these different kinds of adults she learns how to read people.  She spends time with other kids who have been orphaned and abandoned.  She knows and share loss and loneliness and feelings of inadequacy with every kid she meets.  

She’s a drifter by the time she’s 18 and she ends up in prison because some guy she was truly in love with screwed her over.   And then there was a baby on the way and she was faced with a decision.  One she probably thought she’d never make.

She was abandoned, you know?  She didn’t have that connection or that home or love or stability and here she was about to throw her own child into that life.  But it was the best shot the kid had.  She had a prison record and a yellow beetle to her name.  She could not raise a baby.

And suddenly she has a new, deeper understanding of one of the possibilities her parents left her behind.  That they loved her so much that they had to give her up.  They couldn’t keep her because she didn’t have a chance with them.

Then she meets Henry.  Sees that he’s been in the same home his whole life, a nice big home in a nice small town.  

But Emma was raised by people who were different levels of evil.  She knows it when she sees it.  

And she sees it in Regina.

Now her relationship with Regina over the seasons has been rocky.  But the two of them have always had something in common: their love and concern for Henry.

And the relationship that these two women have formed because of that.

I mean.

It’s amazing what the love for a child can do to you.

And I just.

Emma is wonderful and I could keep typing about her for hours.