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Analysis of skills: Pidge

Pidge is an amazing character with a lot of depth and untouched potential and here are some of my thoughts about her. It’s a pretty long post so everything is under the cut! 

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Life and Liberty are threatened everywhere. We need a Watchword and a Banner for the battle. We need a Principle on which to reconstruct. And so: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

A propaganda flyer created by Blazing Star O.T.O.

Frater 440.’.
93 93/93

Out of Context D&D Quote Starters:


  • “I’ll kick a tree’s ass.”
  • “You should seduce the boat!”
  • “I killed a man today. In space. On a dragon. With a shovel.”
  • “Can I have flaming pistols?”
  • “No, you may not make a human centipede out of your army of 50 children.”
  • “Can I pay them money not to come near me?”
  • “I’m pretty sure fish don’t accept money.”
  • “I don’t know what we need to bleed on.”
  • “Let’s bleed on everything, just to be safe.”
  • “I’m going to go out on a limb and say we’re not going to solve this problem by bleeding on it.”
  • “Your ass is not a weapon you are proficient with.”
  • “That is the only dwarf ass I’m going to draw for you today.”
  • “Oh shit, I forgot the princess.”
  • “Did you just pull a gun out of your hair?”
  • “Who just carries spiders around in their pockets?!”
  • “He fought like he lived… Full of spears.”
  • “Ok, so there’s a lot of teeth in this water.”
  • “I’m not sure how to split a throne evenly. We all have a sitting schedule?”
  • “How many noses are going into this chicken?”
  • “We just turned a ritualistic orphan sacrifice chamber into a nightclub.”
  • “You started a cult!?”
  • “We need to give this guy a proper burial. After we loot his body. And take his teeth.”
  • “Yeah, he’s a ghost now. But I can punch ghosts, so it’s fine.”
  • “Have you ever seen a dragon choke on one hundred and thirty five orphans? Because you’re about to.”
  • “I can be responsible for my own severed leg, thank you.”
  • “Look, if I’m going to be a part of this Badger Cult, I expect career options!”
  • “I can’t believe you just pre-battle blazed it.”
  • “You lose the moral high ground after the second murder.”
  •  “I am literally dying for your sins right now! Do not fuck this up for me!”
  • “Summon the monkeys! They will be relevant!”
  • “What happens if you die in Hell?” “Double Hell.”
  • “Long term goal: we put your corpse on the airship.”
  • “Does it still count as ‘evil’ if I feel really bad about it?”
  • “Everyone is ambidextrous until proven otherwise.”
  • “You blew up the sun!”
  • “Hold my record player, I’m going in.”
  • “I have never tried to stab you in a combat situation!”
  • “Want to use my knife? It’s only been used for our own ritual blood-letting.”
  • “I’m not sure we can even beat a log right now. We must negotiate with it.”
Equipment of Zendikar in D&D, Part 3

Part 1

Part 2

Delving back into equipment design after an equipment-adjacent post with the Stoneforge Mystic fighter archetype last week, I thought this week I’d make some more Zendikar equipment items.

Blazing Torch
5cp, 1lb
This torch burns for one hour, providing bright light in a 30-foot radius, and dim light for an additional 30 feet. Undead creatures within 30ft suffer disadvantage on their attack rolls against you while the Blazing Torch is lit. If you make a melee attack with this torch while it is burning, and hit, it deals 1d4 fire damage. 

The design of this item is focused on adapting the rules of a standard torch into one which mechanically mirrors the Blazing Torch. From a flavour standpoint, giving it the larger area of brightness goes with the idea of it being more brightly-burning than a standard torch. For the card’s actual abilities, I represented the “can’t be blocked by vampires and zombies” by giving undead disadvantage on attacks against the wielder while within the radius of bright light, flavour being that the bright light makes it harder for them to attack. The damage ability was represented by raising the damage of a standard torch from 1 to 1d4.

Chitinous Cloak
Wondrous Item - Uncommon
You gain a +1 bonus to AC.
While wearing this item, creatures that attack you must succeed on a DC13 Wisdom saving throw or become frightened of you. At the end of each of its turns, the affected creature can make another Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the creature is no longer frightened. If a creature would be affected but has at least one ally within 5 feet of it and isn’t incapacitated, the creature is not affected by this ability.

I made a long post about the design for this one and how to put menace into D&D’s rule system, which you can find here.

50lbs, 75gp
While a character has this item equipped, the user has a flying speed of 40ft, but cannot ascend in normal circumstances, unless aided by strong winds or an updraft. A character flying with this item descends 5 feet each turn, but may make a DC 14 Dexterity check to slow their descent to 5 feet for the next 30 seconds. A character who lands without slowing their descent suffers 5d6 bludgeoning damage.

Annoyingly, designing this meant that some rules had to be a little vague (strong winds or an updraft) to make this item seem flavourful and mechanically functional. I took inspiration from many other homebrew gliders, but thought that it’d be appropriate to add a way to slow the descent, and damage if the pilot fails, to match the card’s flavour text that the item is potentially very dangerous to an unskilled pilot. 

Ogre’s Cleaver - version 2
50gp, 12lbs
2d8 Slashing damage, Heavy, Reach, Two-handed
You must have a minimum Strength of 13 or higher to wield this weapon.
When you use an action, bonus action or reaction to attack with this weapon, you can only make one attack regardless of the number of attacks you can normally make.

This is a redesign after some really great feedback from @nahiri and @huwbert-time on my initial post (you should follow both of them btw!). I increased the weight of the item from the initial post and gave it a strength requirement to accentuate the fact that the weapon is, in fact, bloody huge. Limiting it to one attack per turn is a little harsh, but it prevents overuse of comboing it with the Great Weapon Fighting ability, Great Weapon Master for a huge amount of damage with this weapon, and other abilities that could turn the damage into something a little too overpowered.

Stoneforge Masterwork
Armour (plate) - Rare (requires attunement)
The wearer of this armour receives a bonus to AC equal to the number of friendly characters they can see within 15ft, to a maximum of +3 AC.

One of my main design specifications with this item was to limit it to a rating of Rare, so that it could be produced with the Stoneforged Masterwork ability on my homebrew Stoneforge Mystic fighter archetype. The design on this was initially going to be based on being a continuation of how I worked on Pennon Blade, but I quickly realised that the buff of this armour working as an activated ability wouldn’t make much sense. The manner in which this item functions allows it to reach the +3 Armour status reserved for legendary items, but if the character wearing it finds themselves attacked alone, affected by the Blindness condition, or separated from their allies in any other way, it provides no bonus at all, which acts to balance the higher end bonus the item is capable of providing.

I have a feeling that I will have completed designs for all the equipment of Zendikar within the next few weeks, so I’m looking at other planes to work from, as well as some more powerful items, and non-equipment magic items from Zendikar. I’ve got some more subclasses in the pipeline too, and after touching on Innistrad, I may make some more equipment of that plane too. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 


Earlier Swizz Beatz and Just Blaze had a battle on IG Live, which turned out to be an epic occasion for the culture. Both producers have worked with Jay Z extensively and given him multiple hit beats over the years; as well as each having extensive producing careers beyond Hov.

The battle is well-worth the watch, and you will be rewarded around the two hour 27 minute mark with an unreleased Hov/DMX/Nas/Jadkiss track. Goddamn!!

Avenge This

Steve Rogers/ Reader

Originally posted by naih-reedus

Words: 1,560

Summary: In a matter of minutes, the storefront you worked so hard on gets destroyed by those Avengers and their fights. If only you could believe that Captain America could truly make things right.

Prompt: I am feeling lazy to write a captain America idea will you write it so I can read it ? | “I accidentally destroyed your shop in a super villain battle and that was your livelihood and you’re so pissed and I’m so so sorry, here, let me make it up to you somehow.”

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Requested by: @natalienicole12347

Author’s notes: Hire me @ marvel. this request is like a month old lmao bless up

This can’t be real.

No, no, no, you refuse to believe what your deceitful eyes are telling you.

You watch as the firefighters take out broken pieces from your clothing boutique after an attack in the city. Your parents even warned you about the potential threat of having this happen and here you are, immediately regretting not listening to your parents when you first moved out here.

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50 reasons to love the Chimera Ant Arc HxH

In no particular order… (Spoilers to those who haven’t watched season 5!)

2.Crazy Slots and his lippy attitude
3.The way Killua decides to ride the horse.
4.Colt being a mamas boy
5.Gons positive attitude about Kite fighting Pitou
6. K N U C K L E and his soft spot for dogs
7.Meleron judging Shoot for his lack of eyebrows
8.Killua calling Gon ‘light’
9.Morel comforting Colt and promising he will protect him and the little ant baby and getting all emotional 
10.“Don’t make me repeat myself”
11.Meruem sitting in his big throne when he is so smol, angrily thinking about Komugi.
13.Pouf being overdramatic, (we all know the episode)
14.Crazy Palm all the way to Ant Palm, and Palm being MVP through out the last half of the arc
15.Netero and Meruems aesthetic fight
16.Killua and Ikalgo becoming bros
17.Welfin driving those trucks 
18.The Royal Guards have cell phones
19.When Meruem rips off his arm and Komugi stands her ground because she is boss
20. Meruems robot laugh
21.Knuckle and Youpi bonding
22.The music and animation to Gon vs Pitou 
23.That look Killua gives when Gon tells him the “it must be nice.."thing and we all wanted to cry because baby.. No don't :(
24.Komugi passing out because she can’t breath from her nose after she meets the King
25.Meruem smacking around his Royal Guards
26.Cheetu reading manga 
27.Meruem riding by his tail on the invisible nen dragon
28.Neteros choice of outfit he wears to his big fight
29.Ikalgos round red head
30.The narrator 
31.Hisoka doesn’t randomly appear 
32.The way Meruem carries Komugi to Pitou after Dragon Dive hits *sobbing*
33.Zeno having a midlife crisis
34.Silva flying out of no where, crushing Cheetu
35.Poor Knov and his hair D:
36.Morel smoking 420 blaze in the battle field
37.The part where Killua fights Youpi and poor youpi doesn’t know what is going on
38.Killua kidnapping Komugi
39.Komugi 'fighting’ Killua
40.Shaiapouf and his undying, obsessive love with the King and absolute hate for Komugi
41.When Meruem remembers Komugi and Poufs reaction to how much the King cares for her
42.When Morel, Knov, and Netero break into Ant territory and slay everyone by putting them in the nen room for Netero to get some warm up fighting.
43.Knuckle, Shoot, Killua and co. Thinking that maybe the King is getting hunnies, or frisky with Palm, and Gon not undestanding, when in reality the King is just playing a board game with bae
44.Baby Kite and Colt
45.Kites hunter team of explorers
46.Meruems 180 beautiful character development
47. Palm yelling at Meruem, who just wants to see the moogy, so he is gonna bow and she is screaming, and I am screaming, and that scene was intense man!!
48.Understanding, Restriction and Pledge, Kingdom of Predator, Hyori Ittai OSTs 
49.During the Pitou vs Gon fight when Killua arrives and the blood aesthetic and the emotions of everything because holy cow guys, emotional rollercoaster
50.EPISODE 135 NOW THAT WAS A ROLLERCOASTER. SO MANY TEARS SHED. SO MANY LIVES LOST. "I believe that I was born To be here today.” “I was born for this moment.” JUST KILL ME NOW WHY DON’T YOU. THIS POST WAS A LIE THE CA ARC WAS THE WORST. YOU WILL REGRET WATCHING IT. YOU WILL NEVER SMILE AGAIN. (When she strokes his face and gets to finally 'see’ Meruem.. When he tells her his name.. The tone of Meruems voice.. That hand holding.. Omg ef me up real good.)

Honorable mention: Reina getting to be with her mommy again :’)

Isabella Tolley, 8, holds a blanket with the image of her father, FDNY firefighter William Tolley, as his casket is loaded onto a truck at his funeral in Bethpage, NY, on April 27. Tolley, 42, died after falling 5 stories while battling a blaze in Queens last week. Investigators are still trying to determine what led to the fall. The FDNY Foundation has set up an educational fund for Isabella.


I Always Laugh At Lau In The Background 😂😂
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Temper in Her Teeth

This went longer than I intended, but @saibrarutherford asked about Essa getting knocked into a pool and while I used “pool” liberally (as in pond) here you go. 1300 words. Fluff. Cullen x Essa. Canon verse. post-trespasser. I know this is rough, but it’s the first fic I’ve written in a while. 

The day wasn’t hot, but Essa was. Her knuckles were on her hip and fury held tight in her fist. Cullen could hardly recall the last time he had seen her so angry, and while certainly not unwarranted, it was needless.

“You have to let them fight their own battles,” he counseled, footsteps falling with deliberate sound as he joined her. The last thing he wanted to do was startle her. 

“I know that.”

She didn’t look back. The floating dock swayed beneath them and Essa’s feet shifted, a fighter’s hip-width stance. She was spoiling for a fight. Perhaps if the day weren’t so lovely Cullen would have indulged her in the sparring ring, but the wind was soft, rain-damp and green with the promise of growing things and it was far too fine a spring morning to spend knocking one another around.

“You have made certain that they can,” he reminded her.

They both had. They all had. There wasn’t a child to be found among the next generation of their clan that didn’t know to rely on their own wits, and the ones who wanted to fight with more than that had their choice of weapon trainers and disciplines.

“I know that too.” Essa huffed, blowing a short lock of hair from her face as she turned to glower at him. “But, Cullen…if that—“ She was looking for an insult severe enough, broke off twice as she failed, before settling on a quiet vow. “I will kill him.”

“You won’t.”

The offense wasn’t enough for an execution, had in truth earned what was due.

“I want to.”

Her lips parted on a sneer, a wisp of smoke curling up, and Cullen realized he had never seen her so furious outside of battle. Even at the Exalted Council she had kept her temper better than this.


She had slept poorly the night before, anger undiminished despite their talking through the whole disagreeable episode. She knew she was overreacting, had told him that more than once, but she had been unprepared for the helplessness. The feeling that she had somehow failed those innocents who relied upon her.

“Do not handle me, Cullen,” Essa snapped. “I just—I won’t tolerate it. That that…lowlife would dare, dare to stand on my land, to insult my nephew, to insinuate that his unknown birth—He made Stanton cry. He made a seven year old child cry!”

Yes, and the man would never set foot this side of Honnleath again, but–

“There were an awful lot of ‘mys’ in there, Inquisitor.”

“Not the point,” Essa snarled at him, though for the title or the accusation, Cullen wasn’t certain. There were sparks of blue in her eyes. “You knew I was unpredictably possessive when you married me.”

“Yes.” He would tease her about that later, but not until she had cooled off. “Protective as a mabari and just as unlikely to let go of something once you have it set in your teeth.”

Even when she wanted to.

“You’ll not woo me with flattery, General.”

No, he wouldn’t. “But you need to let this go,” Cullen continued as if she hadn’t spoken. He reached for her, thought better of it only when he felt the heat radiating from her skin. “There will always be small, petty people in the world. And this one is toothless.” He shrugged. “Almost literally.”

Essa snorted, scowl redoubling because he had dared to make her laugh.

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“His heart hammered in his chest, the air knocked out of him and his will to fight bleeding from him with no sign of stopping.
The hoard was almost on top of them. He glanced over at his Amatus, spotting the vibrant thrill of battle blaze brightly in his eyes.
It was enough for Dorian to crack his staff against the ground, suck as much air as humanly possible into his lungs and fight with more purpose than he ever had before.”

Since I can’t write to save my life all credit to the lovely @friendofthefugitive for the entry, All her doing, go show her some love. <3


Deadly Fire destroys high-rise building Tehran, Iran

A high-rise building in Tehran engulfed by a fire collapsed on Thursday, killing at least 30 firefighters and injuring some 75 people, state media reported.

The disaster struck the Plasco building, an iconic structure in central Tehran just north of the capital’s sprawling bazaar.

Iran’s state-run Press TV announced the firefighters’ deaths, without giving a source for the information. Local Iranian state television said 30 civilians were injured in the disaster, while the state-run IRNA news agency said 45 firefighters had been injured.

Firefighters battled the blaze for several hours before the collapse. Police tried to keep out shopkeepers and others wanting to rush back in to collect their valuables. However, witnesses said some people had slipped through and gone back in.

The building came down in a matter of seconds, shown live on state television, which had begun an interview with a journalist at the scene. A side of the building came down first, tumbling perilously close to a firefighter perched on a ladder and spraying water on the blaze.

A thick plume of brown smoke rose over the site after the collapse. Onlookers wailed in grief. (AP)

Photos: (from top) Fatemeh Bahrami/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images, Tasnim News Agency/Handout via REUTERS, AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, STR/AFP/Getty Images, AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, Tasnim News Agency/Handout via REUTERS

See more images of the high-rise building fire in Tehran on Yahoo News

I am not really sure what is so indefensible about Emma wanting to ensure a loved one is returned from being kidnapped before setting off guns blazing into a battle with the Black Fairy.

Even from a tactical standpoint, the odds of defeating the bad guy and saving the children are much higher if she doesn’t have the worry of “I hoped my kidnapped loved one is safe” in the back of her mind.

And to imply that she shouldn’t care about kidnapped loved one being kidnapped is a little weird. I mean, it’s perfectly normally not be worried about people in a hostage situation.