blazblue chronophantasma



Truly a great year.


Launching today, Blazblue! We have some great debut designs, with even more on the way!

First two designs featuring Rachel Alucard and Makoto Nanaya!

Designed by Eric “Woof” Muentes

Next up a design featuring Jin and Hakumen, Frostbite!

Designed by Riftka

We also have a tee with Taokaka and some of her fellow clanmates!

Designed by Vincentowo

And lastly a design with the NOL logo.

And there many more designs to come! 

Think you have a good design that could make a great shirt? Feel free to hit us up at for details and information.

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The Wheel of Fate is Turning….Rebel 2!

Time for the 2nd wave of Blazblue merchandise!

Two more designs from Rifka! One featuring Ragna and one of Amane!

Next up, some more offerings from Woof! A phone case of featuring Rachel doing what she does best and Platinum!

Next up 417’s design featuring Noel and Mu!

Theres also the lovely Litchi tee, designed by MAKAI!

Lastly some additional phone cases themed after the pivotal organizations, show you allegiance to the NOL or Sector 7 !

Even now, this isn’t the end, we are still working on bringing out more!

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