blazblue chronophantasma

Okay somethings I noticed about Blazblue:

1. in Continuum Shift, it feels like when Ragna was in the Kaka Village, THAt seems to be when he was the most chill/relaxed/happy in the ENTIRE series! At least to me. Never in the series have I seen him be THIS chill for THIS long, no swearing, no rage, no one giving him shit, nothing!

First, when Tao greets him, how does he respond?

Casually, like an old friend. with a smile (well he was kinda woozy from pain due to just falling a large height after fighting Carl and Nirvana), but the second one he is clearly awake, he doesn’t even get snippy when mentioning food to Tao ( we all know she kinda mooches off of him), but here he doesn’t seem to have a problem.

When Tao challenges him to a fight, does he groan, does he complain, is he mad?

No, he accepts her challenge (since she did say it was play), this isn’t a fight for his life or some other bullshit that makes his life more miserable, he’s having a friendly spar, nor rage or anything behind it.

I should also mention that despite the food not looking appetizing to him, he still likes it, so he had good food there.

And then the Kaka Kittens, I recall him getting pretty annoyed when they first were jumping all over him. But now, does he get all “Get off me you little furballs!” and is annoyed with them climbing him?

Again, NO. He shows no disdain for any of the Kakas. They aren’t giving him shit, not trying to kill him, not treating him like a tool or an idiot or a criminal or a villainous monster.

THIS seems to be where Ragna has been the most happy I’ve ever seen in the whole series in a way that has NO negative drawbacks.

2. In Chronophantasma, I didn’t expect this but, Bullet seems actually nice to people. At least those who Don’t have anything to do with her mission or who haven’t wronged her in some way.

When she sees Ragna basically explode into blood in the restaurant, she goes over to see if he’s okay.

And when he tries to tell her off and deal with his bleeding on his own, she still tries to see if he’s okay. Even after she recognized his as Ragna the Bloodedge, SS Class criminal.

Now originally, before the shift threw Ragna back here, she was cautious with him (since he IS the SS Class criminal, she might not want to take nay chances), but even then she doesn’t start shit.

Now it may seem like she’s playing coy and cocky here with that smirk and her tone at this moment, but Bullet never seemed to be the kind of person who’d do witty banter for fun’s sake. So I’d say she is being genuine.

Then when she met Amane, before she realized who he is, she was respectful and even offered to tell him about herself, no prompt at all or needing to coax info out of her.

of course she learns that he was the “instructor” that thought her troop was a troupe 10 years ago and she immediately becomes hostile, but I kind of get it.

Then we got Bang, out of everyone not involved with S7′s crap, he has the most interactions with her.

First, after falling post-getting his ass kicked by Jin (I feel like I’ve been here before), he ends up confusing Bullet for Litchi and groping her. Of course she punches him, but what does she do immediately after? call him a pig, get more mad?

She regrets her decision and then checks to see if he’s okay. Although she could just understand that he’s woozy from pain and if he had no other excuse she’d totally kill him. But still A+ for understanding.

She even feels sorry for punching him and stays to help him, of course she covers it up.

she even resorts to saying “please”, which is surprising since later she is fully attempting to mug a guy for info just because she thinks him being scared means he’s hiding something, which shows she can have some restraint.

And after Bang starts mouthing off about Litchi’s rack, of course Bullet gets annoyed and punches him through a wall (based on what I heard), but once again she regrets it and even starts to question her own aggressiveness.

So it looks like Bullet, while still aggressive, knows when to tone down her hardass-ness, and is also a bit aware of her temper.



Truly a great year.