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Had a question about Terumi/Hazama: I don't exactly get how they ended up as seperate people or even what their current situation is. Also, why do so many characters know Terumi, but didn't assume who he was as Hazama?

Terumi - an evil spirit who once inhabited the Susano’o Unit. Possessed Kazuma Kval during the Dark War and was locked away within his mind because of Nine. Kazuma masqueraded as Terumi during the war, and was able to do as he pleased when not around the other Heroes. Kazuma presumably died during the fight with Hakumen and Jubei, while Terumi and Hakumen were thrown deep into the Boundary. Takamagahara took Terumi out of the Boundary not long afterwards.

Hazama - an Azure Grimoire created by Terumi and Relius before the Dark War. Designed after Terumi’s own appearance, and became possessed by him presumably after 2192 since Terumi assaulted the Church without a body. He has his own mind, and personality, but Valkenhayn notes that Kazuma was designed to be like Terumi personality-wise, so the same is probably true for Hazama.

Terumi possessed Hazama and stayed within the back of his mind because it’s too much stress to Observe his existence for prolonged periods, and it’s better than going back to the Boundary. Noel accidentally became his Observer at the end of CT, meaning he could then take over Hazama properly.

Towards the end of CP, Jubei and Trinity forced Terumi out of Hazama, and Trinity created a body for him so he couldn’t go into the back of Hazama’s mind and abuse the life-link between him and Noel. Hakumen’s Time Killer killed this vessel for Terumi, but he managed to Observe himself a little beforehand, and survived, but because of the stress, he has about a week left before he dies from it.

Because of the forced split caused by Jubei and Trinity , the damage has made it almost impossible for Terumi and Hazama to merge together again, so Terumi is being forced to try and find another vessel, and has looked at the Susano’o Unit as a possibility. Hazama, however, has been looking at Terumi as an option for usage instead.

People can recognise Terumi because his Observation of himself creates his outfit from the Dark War, and the materalised body wears the same thing. Hazama, however, wears something different, has a different hairstyle, has an alias, and acts completely differently to Terumi. This is both publicly and privately.

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Sorry for harping on the weird symbol but it's a really interesting and strange element. Have we ever seen the symbol on young Ragna, before he got the Azure Grimoire? As far as I can remember, all of the images of Ragna from his time in the church has him wearing a shirt that covers where the mark would be.

I don’t think its been seen on a younger Ragna yet, but that’s purely because we haven’t seen his clavicle yet.

It miiiiiight be because of the Azure, or it might be there in a similar way to the Murakumo’s marks.

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If Terumi didn't possess Hazama until after 2192 how come we see him looking like Hazama in the church scene from the CT Reconstruction (and the anime if we count that)? I thought he Observed himself just because he was too unstable to use his full power before Noel Observed him at the end of CT, hence why he doesn't act before then.

It was elaborated in CPEX’s recap of the first two games.

Completed Commission post ★ IC

Sharing another completed commission with you guys! The commissioner was looking for the Blazblue character Kokonoe to be piloting D.Va’s mech, with Tager (another Blazblue character) style arm turrets!

*Right click < View image to see the full size if tumblr is resizing for you*

I think I managed to put them all together nicely LOL. Thanks for viewing as always! More of these to come.

I had the opportunity to do this really fun beach shoot in Litchi after Sukoshicon a few years ago, and I just love the resulting images!! The contrast between the deep red of the costume with the brilliant blue of the sky and ocean in the background is really striking!

Character: Litchi Faye Ling from BlazBlue
Cosplay made/modeled by: Yaya Han
Photography: Maboroshi of
#cosplay #YayaHan #BlazBlue #LitchiFayeLing #VideoGame

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