I never really payed attention to this but…

Have you all noticed how in 2x08 (aka the ep where finn is sacrificed and the kiddos try to do everything to stop it) bellamy NEVER leaves Raven’s side? I think that is the reason i ship them the most, because raven was about to lose the only family she had and Bellamy knew how she felt, he knew she needed someone’s support, and the only who was protecting her the entire time was Bellamy Blake. Not clarke, not wick, not octavia, not roan, not jasper, or none of who this fandom mostly ship her with, just bellamy. 

And when her knees give in, i just can’t get enough of it. They way bellamy instantly catches her, the way he touches her head, it just changes completely  their relationship, because now, bellamy has seen raven at her worst and raven knows he will always take care of her. Because bellamy blake cares about raven reyes so deeply

I don’t even know if Bellamy cared about Finn’s death, hell i’m convinced he didn’t even care about handing him over to Lexa if he didn’t mean something to Raven. This ep just shows how strong Rellamy’s bond truly is. 


Immortal / Reincarnation au | Bellamy x Raven (Background ships: monty x miller, raven x anya)

Word count: 2,577 words.

Description: Bellamy Blake has been alive for longer than he’d care to admit. When he refused to side with a God in a petty disagreement, the God decided to curse him with immortality. When the war resulting from the petty disagreement reaches Bellamy’s front step, the immortality benefits him but kills the love of his life. Now, thousands of years later, he’s doing his best to blend. That is, until the love of his life finds him once more. But that’s impossible, right?

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@blayesnetwork​ do you realize we’ve got about 100+ possible smut&other fics waiting to be written on the ravenbell kink meme? there’s prompts for:

  • domesticity
  • oral
  • fail sex
  • tragic and melodramatic sex and confession
  • hilarious aus
  • super hot threesomes (+Gina, +Miller, +ANYA, +WELLS, god fuck me up)
  • ACTUALLY HOT KINKS (D/s undertones? service domming? toys?)

Do it for shipper pride: there are 316 fics in the Bellamy/Raven tag on AO3, and ONLY 186 of them actually focus on Bellamy/Raven. (The others? You guessed the two main ships already.) Let’s flood it with fic & porn. Or, let’s also not: the meme is anon and you can stay anon with both your requests AND your fills; @ravenbells​ is a sweetie and she’s been keeing a list of the filled prompts (FOUR. FOUR.) so you’d never need to exit your anonymity. And did I mention yet that you’ll get hella grateful reviews? Our corner of fandom is super supportive. 

Come on guys, write me some fucking fics, I can’t write them all. Go write and get my eternal gratitude & also everyone else’s.