blathering blatherskites


If you’re a fan of how animation is done, then this video is a must-see. AnimatorIslandTV recently took the 15-second, Donald-centric DuckTales trailer and broke it down frame by framer. Blathering Blatherskite, is it fascinating and worth the 10 minutes! You’ll also see a few of the clever Easter eggs that were hidden in those 15 seconds, and you’ll learn a bit about motion in 2D animation…

universeal-yahoo-1  asked:

Here's a good one, Fenton has dual security for the gizmo duck suit where he can say blathering blatherskites in either English or Spanish so that someone can't steal it and use.

I have a feeling that an episode might be some crazy buisnessman (maybe glomgold?) trying to sell action figures of Gizmo duck and then try to copyright the saying. (I’n which Gizmo would do as you said)