blatantly manipulated

Last week I said I’d talk more about the fairy Courts, right?

They’re dangerous places, and Courtiers - usually just called fairies - even more so. As much as there are differences in terms of aesthetics, and in terms of the level of malice generally held by those originating from each Court, it’s advised to stay wary of both. Just because a fairy is top to toe in sunshine colours doesn’t mean they’re one hundred percent trustworthy.

It’s just that while Unseelie fae require no offense taken against them to be cruel to mortals for their own entertainment, and will directly, blatantly manipulate them, a Seelie will smile and laugh and generally mean no harm by their potentially dangerous pranks - unless you have in some way wronged them. In which case they’re known to be just as vicious as their winter cousins.

It does tend to be easier to get on the good side of Seelie Courtiers; all it takes is a saucer of milk left out in the garden and a sense of humour in conversation, but they tend to be flighty and often forget individual mortals very quickly. On the other hand, Unseelie fae may develop a strong attachment to a mortal on a whim, or after hard work on the mortal’s end. It’s said they view such ‘friends’ more like pets, though.

Within the Courts, and between the Courts - which have blurred, unsure borders, of course; as blurred and unsure as many things on that plane - politics are complex and petty and personal, and grudges can be held for centuries or dropped in seconds. Working through the ranks to gain as much favour from as many of one’s peers as possible - not to mention the King of the Seelie Court, and the Queen of the Unseelie Court, whose names I shall not list for fear of their bright eyes landing upon me - tends to be the goal of many Courtiers, but the higher one gets, the more difficult this is, and the more unwelcome attention you’re likely to garner. 

So there are certainly many of those fairies that choose not to chase such ambitions, comfortable with where they are in life. It might mean occasional worse treatment by those more well-favoured, but it reduces the chance of betrayal or scandal. 

And the Courts really do run on rumour, after all. Anything that can be turned into a scandal absolutely will be. The land provides all the shelter and nutrition they could need: short of coming to this plane and messing around with mortals, fairy entertainment is for the most part each other’s suffering.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but should you find yourself there, in the colour and glitter and magic of the Courts, don’t eat anything.

so I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why Tony Stark tends to get a lot of hate

like, I get he’s made a lot of mistakes. I understand that, accept it - I embrace it, because it’s nice to be able to relate to an imperfect character- a canonical PTSD sufferer, someone who is mentally ill on screen! He wasn’t always a good guy either, but he changed, and pulled himself up from rock bottom. 

But I’ve always wondered why people talk about AoU, and how Anthony Stark Is A Villain™, yet don’t mention Wanda, and her role in Ultron. How what happened in Siberia is All His Fault, despite the fact Zemo blatantly manipulated a man who was clearly on the edge of an emotional breakdown.

I worked out why this has always bothered me, other than just being a decent person.

I was at a family get together once and my little cousin, who’s autistic, got so frustrated that he knocked over a table of food. He struggles to express things, and the number of people there made me and his parents concerned, but he usually retreats instead of lashing out. My aunt sat down and told him off - quite rightly, because he does know better. But I also noticed that the kid who had been teasing him and stealing food off his plate got away with it? Despite the fact that this kid had been the one bullying my cousin, and had caused his outburst.

Taking this back to Tony Stark’s treatment in fandom, I noticed the pattern. Sure, Tony should know better. So should my cousin. Does that mean that all the blame lands on either of them? 

Wanda knowingly used Tony’s PTSD against him. Zemo used Tony’s already fragile emotional state against him by showing him something he should have been told. I’m not excusing his behavior, however, I’d like people to acknowledge he wasn’t completely at fault.

I could go on to discuss how fandom’s treatment of non-neurotypical and mentally ill characters is symptomatic of society as a whole but I’m not really qualified to talk about it. I just wanted to get this out there.

|| Miscalculated Mainipulations and Smoke + Shadow ||

Måi is manipulative, self-serving, exploitative, and cruel as a character, and particularly in Smoke and Shadow. This META explores how. Anti-måiko, somewhat anti-Måi, Bryke/Gene Yang/A:TLA comic critique/criticism. You’ve been warned. Continue at your own risk. Will contain spoilers

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It actually scares me that the voices of mentally ill people can be silenced and disregarded as invalid and untrustworthy so easily.  It scares me that all it takes to effectively silence us and cause people to not believe our words is for someone to say “well they’re not right in the head so you cant trust that anything they say is true an accurrate - they could even be blatantly lying to manipulate us!” 

It scares me because it puts us all into such vulnerable positions where people with power over us can more or less do what they like and get away with it by using the excuse that the words of mentally ill people cant be trusted. 

I have heard people say that excuse to my face after I have told them about accounts written by neurodivergent people about ableism,  saying that they must be wrong and/or just trying to manipulate people bc they are mentally ill so cant be trusted at all. 

It really scares me. 

DR3 Zetsubou Hen Episode 10 ‘Smile At Despair In The Name Of Hope’ Impressions

No easy way to put this: I did not like this episode. At all. All my worst fears about this arc have been confirmed by this episode. In a sense, I knew this was coming, judging from past episodes. So I was prepared. But this somehow exceeded all my expectations for being predictable, cliché and blatantly manipulating the audience’s reactions. Despair Arc is kind of… badly written, at this point. I can’t really say it any kinder. Does anyone really argue that Despair Arc is better than Future Arc, at this point? The latter is leagues above the former. Spoilers under the cut.

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me making aus like: let me take this thing i like…….. and put it with…………………… heathers………………………… the musical…………

but itd be like if jd wasnt just a blatantly evil manipulative shitbag and actually thought what he was doing was for veronicas own good

I have no words for how I feel about what Sasha said, I really don’t know if I can keep watching a show where they blatantly manipulate fans emotions to increase ratings and give empty promises. We were promised Emison in 5B and all we got was a 30 second phone call about fuck all, we were told they would talk about the kiss and it’s not going to happen, and now we have Sasha saying that Emison is toxic when we are supposed to support one relationship where we have a predator stalking a young girl, another relationship where we had the guy start dating her for money, taking her virginity whilst still lying to her and then leaving her for another girl and the third relationship where he let her believe he was dead which led her to be institutionalized, and then spent all of this season acting like a prick. You would prefer us ship Emily with a girl that tried to drown her and tried numerous times to distance Emily from her friends. Emison is the least toxic of the relationships and I don’t know if I can sit back and pretend it’s not the case. It is absolutely your decision and right to not give us Emison, but don’t you dare bash the ship which is keeping the shows ratings out of the fucking toilet, we keep your TV show trending on twitter every week, so don’t you dare bash your most loyal and passionate fans for publicity. Emison fans have stuck around despite the limited screen time, we stayed when the girls were treating Alison like dirt and we stayed while Emily dated A FUCKING MARRIED WOMAN, we do not deserve for you to call our ship toxic and we do not deserve for you to get our hopes up time and again without you following though on your promises.

some counterpoints: 

  • not all character development is good 
  • vriska being nice to some people does not say anything pleasant about her character, nor is it indicative of change; she’s always had people she was nice to when she wanted to establish alliances (see also aradia and equius right before the game) 
  • “actively works toward the benefit of everyone”?? so i guess jake and tavros aren’t people now? tavros didn’t even get assigned his mission; tell me how that is beneficial to the whole party. jake is a god tier and his powers could be extremely useful, but he’s being put aside because vriska doesn’t happen to like his class. how is any of this “useful”?
  • i will commend character growth as i see it, and i’ll give you credit: vriska has grown as a character. she used to be blatantly manipulative, whereas now she’s more covertly manipulative. leaps and bounds, friends, leaps and bounds! 
  • vriska being “an asshole to somebody” isn’t a problem. her abusive behavior being lauded within the narrative and not critiqued IS a problem. put your strawman away, it’s not even autumn yet. :)

“‘Das heißt in den Lebensbedingungen der Rolle des Rollens in völliger Übereinstimmung mit der Rolle dem Rollen auf der Bühne der Straße logisch, folgerichtig, menschlich denken, wollen, streben, handeln. Hat der Schaupieler Radfahrer das erreicht, nähert er sich der Rollengestalt und beginnt, analog mit ihr zu empfinden.
In unserer Sprache heißt das: die Rolle das Rollen erleben. […]’“

intetionally misquoted from Stanislawski - Die Arbeit des Schauspielers an sich selbst

They say not to believe what you read on the Internet but with the media blatantly lying and manipulating the narrative it’s fair to say that the Internet is the only option other than word of mouth by a witness.

like honestly though the “anyone can die and we’ll kill a character here to prove it + introduce tension” thing doesn’t work so much anymore cuz people are aware of that too, and unless you straight up kill the lead character, and do it fairly early, nobody’s gonna buy it. there’s no surprise there anymore. everybody reads the walking dead knowing full well that kirkman will kill off some well-loved supporting cast member long before he blows rick grimes’ shithead brains out and you gotta pretend it’s still surprising instead of just tiredly frustrating and a blatantly emotionally manipulative tactic that has long since run out of juice.

the trick of tension and drama isn’t in actually killing characters off, but in the text, whatever it may be, subsuming you into the moment and making you feel the tension right then, even if the character’s survival is inevitable. it’s about pulling you in.

The interrogation of Brendan Dassey and his "Confession" on Making a Murderer is one of the most disgusting and blatantly manipulative things I’ve ever seen in my life. Those detectives are vile human beings.

And I’m one of the ones who thinks Avery is probably guilty

But there was no excuse for what they did to that kid.

My favorite part of job applications these days are the blatantly manipulative personality quizzes they make you take.

Which would you prefer:

  • A high-stress, fast-paced job?
  • A job that pays you well?



around the Vierwaldstädtersee
(hope I managed to make a bit of virtue out of lo-fi necessity)

Ljuset har blivit allt tunnare
och är snart
bara ett återsken
som en sliten drömslöja
över jordens utvakande ansikte.
(Henry Parland)