blatantly manipulated

lysander-tc replied to your post: “the crytyping meme is ableist”  I mean whats…

whats crytyping ?

Today you gone learn a thing, my guy

Lets pretend for a minute you’re an average tumblr hooligan who likes to treat people like shit in your spare time, bullying over ships, sending death threats, claiming to have mental disorders that literally cannot coexist, whatever tickles your peach, and some Big Meanie comes along and says “hey, you’re a fucking asshole.” 

Now, you COULD take it on the chin like an adult, but who does that kind of thing nowadays? No, clearly the correct answer is [drumroll]…A harassment campaign! 

So you round up your buddies and you all send this guy a bunch of anons telling them to kill themselves. 

But oh, no, oh jeez, oh fuck my guy, you accidentally sent one…OFF ANON

Oh shit man, now YOU look like a real piece of shit! Their followers are talking shit about you! Callout posts are being compiled! They dug up that time you called a black person a coon for contradicting one of your social justice posts! Fuck Fuck FUckity Fuck its all gone to shit! What do you do now?!

This is the moment where you fire up the old Cry-Type, which transforms this boring blatantly manipulative apology

“I’m sorry I’m such a waste of space, I should just kill myself” 

into this heartwrenching plea for acceptance and forgiveness, typed through shaking hands and tears during a panic attack:

“I’m so  ssorrry II’m ss;ucd.h aa  wast;;e of spac,e, I s,h,,o  uld, jus  t kkill mmyse,lf”

and thats what crytyping is. Its blatant emotional manipulation but apparently FUCK anyone who makes fun of the people who do it. 

You know how I made that? Theres a generator for it. That’s how fake this shit is. 

Fuck crytyping, Long Live The Crytype Meme. 

Silver Ravenwolf.

Get ready for a long post.

As many of you can probably tell, I cannot stomach this woman. As I’ve gotten older, I have figured out WHY I cannot stand her.

As a figurehead for Wicca, she has taken it upon herself to “educate” the younger generations about “witchcraft”, even though what she is actually educating them on is WICCA. Due to so many young people buying her books and taking what she says as though it is 100% factual, it has caused for so many people to be inadvertently confused about the difference between Wicca (earth based religion) and witchcraft (practice involving manipulation of energy for desired outcome through any array of outlets and vessels).

To knowingly mislead younger, inexperienced, trusting, and naive minds who are eager to learn is blatantly manipulative and abhorrent.

Let’s start with the popular book Teen Witch. In this book as well as on her website, she states:

“There is no difference between Wicca and WitchCraft. Anyone who tells you there is a difference is experimenting in the theory of Occum’s Razor.”


Ms. Ravenwolf also does a WONDERFUL job of promoting the idea of hiding and lying one’s practice from family:

Then we’ve got the double sneak-attack – working only with angels. Angels, angels everywhere and Mom or Dad won’t even care. Sure, because everyone likes angels. (Page 232.)

Word of advice: Do not lie to your family about what you are doing. As a Mental Health Therapist who works with families, I have seen the first hand effects of how damaging lying can be to a bond between Parent and Child. It is going to cause more harm TO YOU to lie than to tell the truth. If you have to hide what you’re doing, chances are, you’re not proud of it.

Moving on.

To Ride a Silver Broomstick: New Generation Witchcraft? More like “LET’S ATTEMPT TO INDOCTRINATE YOUNG MINDS BECAUSE I LIKE HAVING A SENSE OF POWER”. This book is such a mess. It makes my skin crawl. For starters, this passage actually exists:

Satanic Witch: One cannot be a Satanic Witch because Witches do not believe in Satan. (Page 13)

This exclusion mentality she presents with this statement is misleading on a number of levels. For starters, YES THERE ARE SATANIC WITCHES BECAUSE WITCHCRAFT IS NOT A RELIGION. It implies no other type of witch is valid EXCEPT for the type SHE describes, which is actually a Wiccan. She is also intentionally misleading and misrepresenting (see the theme here?) the many types of witches and witchcraft practices actually exist. I wonder what she would say if she learned that Jewish, Christian, and Muslim witches exist? I wonder how she would feel knowing *gasp* SECULAR witches exist?

Another misleading and factually wrong statement is:

Another name for a solitary Witch is a “Natural Witch”. (Page 14)

No. No it’s not. A solitary witch is someone who works alone, without the support of a coven or community. I don’t have any idea where or why the term “Natural Witch” is used. It was as if she was thinking “Hmmm…how can I confuse everyone even more? I know! I’ll create a new phrase”.

Now…now we get into more promoting of lying to new witchlings (Wiccans but at this point, it’s all the same, right?!):

I personally don’t recommend telling your friends or distant family members with the first year of your study of the Craft that you have taken on a new reality. (Page 32)

First of all, no one asked your opinion on when to share anything. This false sense of entitlement and arrogance is appalling. On top of that, stating one has taken on a new reality sounds cultish with a twist of “us vs. them”. “They don’t get me”. “They are beneath me”. “I am so much more enlightened than them”. This is potentially dangerous thinking.

Then, the Christian bashing begins:

If you intend to grovel before a God form, please stop here and throw this book away…The common act of sniveling at their feet is unacceptable. If you truly want that type of relationship with “higher-ups”, there are plenty of well-cultured religions that will gladly open their arms to you. (Page 43).

What’s that, Lassie? A lure to hook people into thinking she has something BETTER to offer than those pesky monotheistic religions like Christianity? That’s not manipulative AT ALL! Does not have a single hint of a cult-like mentality AT ALL.

Next Emmy award winning statements goes to:

There are two kinds of [divinatory] readings, those for magickal people and those for “once-borns”… Once-borns belong to other religions that do not believe in reincarnation or magick…A once-born will get “hooked” before a magickal person, because they are totally unfamiliar with the intricacies of magick and divination. (Page 158)

Essentially, she is implying that non-magick practitioners are INFERIOR to magick practitioners, so they need special tarot card or divination readings that are simple enough for their non-magickal simple minds to comprehend. This is so absurd, I can’t believe this is someone’s thought process.

Then, there’s this gem that features even more Christian bashing:

I believe one of the biggest problems Witches face today is the influx of Christianity and its “turn the other cheek” melodrama. More and more individuals are leaving the Christian Kingdom in favor of ours, but they bring with them brains that have been hammered for years with another philosophy. (Page 270)

If you’re going to bash Christianity, AT LEAST understand its basic teachings first. The meaning of “turning the other cheek” is about forgiveness. I have no idea why that is such a terrible lesson to learn. On top of that, there’s a made up phrase (Christian Kingdom? Where the hell is that, exactly? Is it a secret location?) included. The ultimate irony is “they bring with them brains that have been hammered for years with another philosophy”…Silver, hunny…Isn’t this what you’re also doing through this very book targeting young and impressionable minds?

I almost laughed out loud at the absurd “special snowflake attention seeker” admission she makes in this statement:

I began by telling my father [that I was a witch], then my children and my two best friends; I went on to others that had known me for several years, and progressed to those who did not know me well at all. I told my new employer before I even accepted the job. (Page 277)

Word of advice: DO NOT EVER VOLUNTEER PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOURSELF TO A POTENTIAL EMPLOYER DURING INITIAL INTERVIEWING AND HIRING PROCESSES. It is NONE of their business what your personal beliefs are, and if anyone during an interview asks you any type of question that fishes to finding out personal information (if you’re married/engaged, have children, religious practice, any plans to move, etc.), respectfully state you are legally not obligated to answer that question. After the interview, contact your local Department of Labor to report inappropriate questioning during an interview. By law, a potential employer cannot ask about personal information.

Overall, this woman, in my opinion, has done far more harm than good to the Pagan community. If you agree, wonderful. If you disagree, let’s have a discussion.

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I kinda thought they made it really obvious it was cliff idk but hey what's your opinion on Veronica and Archie

I like the chemistry of Veronica and Archie, I think there is really nice potential there, I just think they are rushing it (as they seem to do a lot with storylines in this show, hopefully next season they will pace things out a little slower). 

I think moments where Veronica says Archie is “boyfriend material” when he literally has done nothing but prove he isn’t boyfriend material (at least for the time being, or at least up until this episode, respectively) are really out of left field and seem blatantly writer manipulated. I think other moments, however, are perfectly placed, like their interactions after the house party, or them embarking on sleuthing detail. Those types of scenes are a really good way to start up a romance, but there’s no need to jump into it so quickly. I’m also not a fan of keeping it from Betty. Regardless of her devotion to Jughead, just because of past events and their dynamics as friends, they should be honest with her, I mean she would be if it were the other way around. Not to mention Veronica and Betty are canonically written to be this epically great friendship that “will never again let Archie between them” so, they should be focusing on that female friendship (if they aren’t going to take it romantic) and let actions speak louder than words. Practice what they preach, if you will. 

This is a long winded way of saying I like the two of them together, I want to see the relationship develop but that’s just it…I want to see it develop. I don’t want to see them in love when Archie was with Val 3 episodes ago I want to see a build up. It doesn’t need to be an epic slow burn as there were clear sparks between them from the first moment they met, but make it believable and take your time, you know?

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Okay but what if Jim and Bones were actors and shooting a movie together and their characters have to kiss and when they kissed on screen they realise they're actually in love off screen too?

  • Most of his acting career, Jim Kirk has played the boyfriend to a female protagonist in Hollywood RomComs. It’s fine; most actresses are likable and kissing is great anyway. Though eventually, Jim just wants to be more than the boyfriend. He wants to explore his own characters, and when he gets cast as the main character of an upcoming sci-fi drama, he’s all for it. He’s going to play one of the survivors in an underground bunker while a nuclear war destroyed most of the planet. It’s extremely interesting to think about, and during a table read session, he’s given the freedom for feedback and input. One thing that really intrigues him is the fact that he’s supposed to kiss a guy. That’s  a real difference from usual, too. 
  • He meets Leonard on the first day of shooting. Jim’s sipping coffee quietly. They’re filming in an actual bunker, and it’s extremely creepy. They’re not technically supposed to wander off alone, but Jim already knows he’s going to be exploring that anyway. Leonard is sitting by himself in his chair, huddled in a warm jacket and reading through his script while the stylist fixes his hair so it looks extra messy. The skin around his eye is darkened, and a few ugly bruises and cuts are skillfully drawn on visible skin. He’s supposed to be a survivor from the outside who joins the group later, and his very presence is supposed to create tension and raise questions among the others. “I liked you in Blues,” Jim says, sitting down next to Leonard. “Thanks,” Leonard replies, shrugging it off rather casually. “I saw– what was that called again? The wedding one?” “Black Wedding, yeah,” Jim laughs, rubbing the back of his neck, “not great.” “Hey, not even your decent acting could save that film from being a disaster,” Leonard replies, and Jim huffs out a laugh. “Thanks.”
  • The first few scenes take forever. Everyone needs to get in character properly, the set directors make a few final changes. Jim runs through his lines a few more times, drinks more coffee, and rehearses with Spock and Uhura. Then finally, they get rolling. They start with the scene where Leonard shows up at the bunker, and Jim argues to let him in rather than let him stay out to die. Leonard is a terrific actor. Genuinely scary when he needs to be, and though Jim knows from the script that Leonard’s character is blatantly manipulating Jim, he plays it so convincing that Jim actually feels it tug his own heartstrings when the other characters try to get Leonard kicked out again– to no avail.
  • But for all Leonard plays this quiet, confident, yet reserved character, Leonard himself is quite the opposite. Sure, he’s often grumpy because of their irregular sleeping schedules, but so is Jim. In their free time, Leonard is on snapchat and Instagram pretty much all the time, recording small videos mostly for his daughter, but also for his fanbase. Jim starts showing up in those videos too. They often hang out in each other’s trailers, either both falling asleep on the couch, or watching TV together. While the others are filming their scenes, Leonard naps in the bedrooms of the bunker. Jim often falls asleep right next to him.
  • There’s a scene where Jim watches Leonard walk out of the shower. And honestly, none of his impressed expression is in any way acted. Leonard may not be Ryan Gosling ripped, but he’s pretty close - and much better to look at. “What is it like out there?” Jim asks, fully in character, but a little distracted by how Leonard’s body tenses after Jim asks him that question. “Dead,” he replies shortly. “Everything?” Jim continues. “Enough of it is,” Leonard says. Jim watches Leonard’s tense shoulders as the other has his back turned to him, putting on a t-shirt before turning around to face him. Jim gets up from bed on cue, approaching Leonard and resting a hand on his shoulder. Leonard shrugs that hand off, also on cue, and the eyes trained on Jim are so intense that Jim remains speechless for a few seconds. “Stay,” Leonard mutters under his breath, and Jim frowns. “Huh?” “That’s your line.” “Oh,” Jim grins, even wider when Leonard breaks character, too, and shoots the camera a laugh. It looks too cute, and Jim has trouble focusing after.
  • Then comes the one scene Jim is surprisingly nervous about. He’s never really been nervous about filming a kiss before, but something feels different. Leonard spends almost the whole night with him, coincidentally. They were going to run lines, but they end up mostly talking about everything and nothing. They Snapchat with Joanna for a while. Leonard puts Irish liquor into their coffee, and suddenly they find the energy to stay awake all night. So they’re very tired on set. Leonard naps on the floor just outside frame,  and after Jim wraps up his individual scene, he naps right next to Leonard for a while. When they’re both up, the scene is a little sluggish at first. Leonard’s just woken up, he’s not playing angry enough, and Jim can’t really remember his lines. They’re supposed to have a big argument, Jim’s questioning Leonard’s real reasons for entering the bunker with only a few scratches, and in the heat of that argument they’re supposed to just make out. It takes a while to really get that argument going, continuously pacing down the room. Jim’s following Leonard - who clearly doesn’t want to talk, and when he grabs his arm, Leonard spins around to kiss him. Leonard’s lips against his own is surprisingly soft, but it still knocks the breath out of him. Jim reaches out, cupping Leonard’s cheeks and kissing him back. He almost forgets to pull away when he hears a distant “cut!” from the director. “Again,” the director concludes, “a little less soft. You’re arguing, this isn’t a happy ending kiss.”
  • And so they kiss again. And again. And again. Different positions, too. Leonard pushes him against a wall before kissing him. Jim pulls on to Leonard’s shirt to keep him closer. They stumble around and kiss until Jim nearly trips over a desk. And finally, they have the right scene. By that time, he’s so used to kissing Leonard, it feels weird to stop. 
  • Leonard meets him in his trailer to go through more lines, and he’s sitting closer to him than usual. “We’re gonna be almost done,” Jim says, “what are you gonna do after shooting’s over?” “I’m taking a holiday with Joanna,” Leonard says, “we’re going to Hawaii. I’m supposed to shoot there soon, too.” “That’s awesome, Hawaii?” “Yeah, a family drama set there.” “I’m still in LA,” Jim says, “CIA agent saving his girlfriend.” “Ah, at least you’re not playing just the handsome boyfriend this time,” Leonard says, and Jim huffs. “You been watching my movies?” “Yeah,” Leonard replies casually, “I wanted to see the movies you’ve played in. Looked real handsome in 10 First Dates.” Jim smiles at that, then turns his attention to the script. Leonard, instead, reaches out for Jim’s arm to grab his attention. “Want to rehearse the kissing scene again?” “We don’t have another kissing scene,” Jim points out, a little confused, and he looks through the script quickly. Leonard nudges even closer. “I know,” he says, and Jim’s attention is instantly back to Leonard instead. “I was thinking,” Leonard continues slowly, “if you have some time left, I was just wondering if you wanted to join me to Hawaii for a week.” “With Joanna?” Jim asks. “Yeah,” Leonard says, frowning a little, like the whole thing makes him a little insecure. It’s odd, because Leonard plays a confident - though somewhat broody character. Jim smiles, leaning in to press a kiss on Leonard’s lips. Softer this time, like the first time on the set. Leonard smiles, too, when Jim pulls back. It’s just that confirmation that Leonard has been feeling the same, and that makes all those late nights rehearsing and talking together absolutely worth it. “Okay,” Jim says, “yeah, I’ll absolutely join you.”

me making aus like: let me take this thing i like…….. and put it with…………………… heathers………………………… the musical…………

but itd be like if jd wasnt just a blatantly evil manipulative shitbag and actually thought what he was doing was for veronicas own good

like idk I’ve only just recently come to terms that the way a certain significant figure in my life treated me was wrong and has done huge emotional damage to me and then to like

Sit there and read over old posts where people had blatantly manipulated me

And the anon hate too, sweet Jesus

I just want to go back and hold young me and tell her it’s going to be okay because nobody else did and nobody does now but

|| Miscalculated Mainipulations and Smoke + Shadow ||

Måi is manipulative, self-serving, exploitative, and cruel as a character, and particularly in Smoke and Shadow. This META explores how. Anti-måiko, somewhat anti-Måi, Bryke/Gene Yang/A:TLA comic critique/criticism. You’ve been warned. Continue at your own risk. Will contain spoilers

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some counterpoints: 

  • not all character development is good 
  • vriska being nice to some people does not say anything pleasant about her character, nor is it indicative of change; she’s always had people she was nice to when she wanted to establish alliances (see also aradia and equius right before the game) 
  • “actively works toward the benefit of everyone”?? so i guess jake and tavros aren’t people now? tavros didn’t even get assigned his mission; tell me how that is beneficial to the whole party. jake is a god tier and his powers could be extremely useful, but he’s being put aside because vriska doesn’t happen to like his class. how is any of this “useful”?
  • i will commend character growth as i see it, and i’ll give you credit: vriska has grown as a character. she used to be blatantly manipulative, whereas now she’s more covertly manipulative. leaps and bounds, friends, leaps and bounds! 
  • vriska being “an asshole to somebody” isn’t a problem. her abusive behavior being lauded within the narrative and not critiqued IS a problem. put your strawman away, it’s not even autumn yet. :)

so I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why Tony Stark tends to get a lot of hate

like, I get he’s made a lot of mistakes. I understand that, accept it - I embrace it, because it’s nice to be able to relate to an imperfect character- a canonical PTSD sufferer, someone who is mentally ill on screen! He wasn’t always a good guy either, but he changed, and pulled himself up from rock bottom. 

But I’ve always wondered why people talk about AoU, and how Anthony Stark Is A Villain™, yet don’t mention Wanda, and her role in Ultron. How what happened in Siberia is All His Fault, despite the fact Zemo blatantly manipulated a man who was clearly on the edge of an emotional breakdown.

I worked out why this has always bothered me, other than just being a decent person.

I was at a family get together once and my little cousin, who’s autistic, got so frustrated that he knocked over a table of food. He struggles to express things, and the number of people there made me and his parents concerned, but he usually retreats instead of lashing out. My aunt sat down and told him off - quite rightly, because he does know better. But I also noticed that the kid who had been teasing him and stealing food off his plate got away with it? Despite the fact that this kid had been the one bullying my cousin, and had caused his outburst.

Taking this back to Tony Stark’s treatment in fandom, I noticed the pattern. Sure, Tony should know better. So should my cousin. Does that mean that all the blame lands on either of them? 

Wanda knowingly used Tony’s PTSD against him. Zemo used Tony’s already fragile emotional state against him by showing him something he should have been told. I’m not excusing his behavior, however, I’d like people to acknowledge he wasn’t completely at fault.

I could go on to discuss how fandom’s treatment of non-neurotypical and mentally ill characters is symptomatic of society as a whole but I’m not really qualified to talk about it. I just wanted to get this out there.

Thread Wishlist

1. NH being a clone of the real Prompto and all the angst these two meeting would entail. 

2. Someone being taken prisoner/kidnapped and Prompto being the worst guard ever.

3. NH squaring off with a Glaive (or Cor) only to realize who it is and book it the other way, and the confusion/aggravation that follows

4. MT with no concept of crushes/romance being a crushing machine. 

5. Being taken prisoner after it’s out that he’s not 100% robo. 

6. NH being blatantly bribed/manipulated with cameras/chocobos/cute animals/sweet stuff/ect

7. NH being the worst guard ever (x2) but to Prompto when he’s being held captive. 

8. NH wandering around and terrifying the good, law abiding citizens. 

DR3 Zetsubou Hen Episode 10 ‘Smile At Despair In The Name Of Hope’ Impressions

No easy way to put this: I did not like this episode. At all. All my worst fears about this arc have been confirmed by this episode. In a sense, I knew this was coming, judging from past episodes. So I was prepared. But this somehow exceeded all my expectations for being predictable, cliché and blatantly manipulating the audience’s reactions. Despair Arc is kind of… badly written, at this point. I can’t really say it any kinder. Does anyone really argue that Despair Arc is better than Future Arc, at this point? The latter is leagues above the former. Spoilers under the cut.

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Um you made a post about Crowley being stabbed in the heart and I agree but I don't know how so I was wondering if you could explain it to me? If you're not busy, I mean...

Short answer: Crowley is terribly, wholly infatuated with Dean in a way that’s unbefitting any demon, much less the King of Hell, but Dean does not reciprocate the feeling.

Long answer: Here follows a lot of rambling about Crowley’s developing relationship with the Winchesters and me trying to unravel some of the nonsensical turns it’s taken.

His fixation on the Winchesters has been haltingly growing since season 5. In the beginning they were a means to the end of defeating Lilith and Lucifer so that he could a) not be smished by his vengeful archangel boss and b) become first in line for the throne. They were a natural choice for the job since they were the ones who created the power vacuum that allowed Lilith to rise to power when they killed Azazel.

Working with them personally to capture the demon inhabiting Tyson Brady was a means to an end too, and he clearly enjoyed fucking around with the boys along the way. Most of 5.20 was Crowley jerking the Winchesters along on a leash, dancing one step ahead of them, and occasionally reaching back to backhand them just to see the looks on their faces. Things got muddled up from there, though. They’ve gone back and forth between being outright enemies and reluctant allies of convenience for a few years now; the Winchesters have worked with Crowley against other demons and with other demons against Crowley. There’ve been a lot of game-changers along the way, but I think the biggest one so far was 8.23 when they nearly succeeded in making Crowley human. He might have kicked the human-blood-and-feels habit but Crowley hasn’t been the same since his “I just want to be loved” meltdown.

Now season 9 was a bit of a clusterfuck. Wasting Abaddon’s potential by not introducing her soul-milling operations early in the season left a lot of us wondering why in the fuck the Winchesters were still rolling around with Crowley and why Crowley was still cooperating with them — but both those things happened, so here we are. Crowley’s had ample opportunity to kill the Winchesters. It’s not like he has a hard time finding them or that humans are hard to kill. Of course he’d have a grieving seraph and his buddies storming Hell all over again for it but Heaven has been pretty well decimated so that’s not as big a threat as it used to be. By the same token the Winchesters have had ample opportunity to kill Crowley, and through most of the time they’ve known the guy that’s literally been one of their top goals. Yet they keep sparing him. Why? Dean had the First Blade in hand, power coursing through him between it and the Mark of Cain, and Crowley was stuck to a chair or something — but in spite of their explicit intent to kill Crowley too, Dean did no such thing. Why?

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like honestly though the “anyone can die and we’ll kill a character here to prove it + introduce tension” thing doesn’t work so much anymore cuz people are aware of that too, and unless you straight up kill the lead character, and do it fairly early, nobody’s gonna buy it. there’s no surprise there anymore. everybody reads the walking dead knowing full well that kirkman will kill off some well-loved supporting cast member long before he blows rick grimes’ shithead brains out and you gotta pretend it’s still surprising instead of just tiredly frustrating and a blatantly emotionally manipulative tactic that has long since run out of juice.

the trick of tension and drama isn’t in actually killing characters off, but in the text, whatever it may be, subsuming you into the moment and making you feel the tension right then, even if the character’s survival is inevitable. it’s about pulling you in.

“‘Das heißt in den Lebensbedingungen der Rolle des Rollens in völliger Übereinstimmung mit der Rolle dem Rollen auf der Bühne der Straße logisch, folgerichtig, menschlich denken, wollen, streben, handeln. Hat der Schaupieler Radfahrer das erreicht, nähert er sich der Rollengestalt und beginnt, analog mit ihr zu empfinden.
In unserer Sprache heißt das: die Rolle das Rollen erleben. […]’“

intetionally misquoted from Stanislawski - Die Arbeit des Schauspielers an sich selbst

It actually scares me that the voices of mentally ill people can be silenced and disregarded as invalid and untrustworthy so easily.  It scares me that all it takes to effectively silence us and cause people to not believe our words is for someone to say “well they’re not right in the head so you cant trust that anything they say is true an accurrate - they could even be blatantly lying to manipulate us!” 

It scares me because it puts us all into such vulnerable positions where people with power over us can more or less do what they like and get away with it by using the excuse that the words of mentally ill people cant be trusted. 

I have heard people say that excuse to my face after I have told them about accounts written by neurodivergent people about ableism,  saying that they must be wrong and/or just trying to manipulate people bc they are mentally ill so cant be trusted at all. 

It really scares me. 

I guess it comes down to that I just…don’t understand. I don’t understand how writers and showrunners could blatantly manipulate a group of people into believing that for once, they might see themselves portrayed in a good, HEALTHY light. That for once, this group of people - young women - would get to see themselves portrayed as NORMAL. That they’re not a gimmick, or an explosive twist, or a filler until the guy gets the girl. That seeing themselves portrayed this way matters to someone else. I don’t understand how the makers of this show could look these women dead in the eyes, say ‘We see you. We get it.’ And then do this.

It’s not about killing a beloved character. We understand the world. We just believed you when you said you were different.

I guess we should have trusted our instincts.

They say not to believe what you read on the Internet but with the media blatantly lying and manipulating the narrative it’s fair to say that the Internet is the only option other than word of mouth by a witness.

I didn’t want my first post following a three week hiatus to be like this, but… sorry, I just have to.

If you’re going to make a scene comparison post, then show what really happened. Don’t cut scenes, don’t mess up sequences, don’t twist events just to suit whatever point you’re trying to get across. 

You know what happens when you do that? You lose something called INTEGRITY. And if integrity is not important to you, then maybe it’s time you evaluate just what kind of person you are.

This is how I’d compare the 4x23 Klaroline and 6x22 Steroline scenes. 

From the moment they began, where you can see clearly how Caroline smiles at both Klaus and Stefan’s arrivals.

To how they start to talk. Klaus teases Caroline about the graduation invite she sent him and Caroline laughs, teasing him back by suggesting he get her a mini fridge. Stefan says he understands Caroline’s list of bad things that’s happened to her since she fell for him and admits that he hasn’t been easy on her. She swallows wordlessly as she listens to him.

To how the conversation turns serious. Klaus tells Caroline that he wanted to offer her tickets to New Orleans - she shakes her head and looks away. But then he says he knows what her answer will be, so he decided to give her something he knows she will accept: Tyler’s freedom. She’s stunned and stammers “W-what”. Meanwhile, Stefan tells Caroline his own list of the ways his life has changed because of loving her - she was there when he needed a friend, she made him laugh and dance and told him that he’d find love again. You see in her eyes that Stefan’s words affect Caroline, but she keeps silent.

To the part where they kiss. Klaus says that Tyler is Caroline’s first love, and that he intends to be her last, making Caroline look at him again. He adds “No matter how long it takes”, and there’s a wistful expression on her face. He kisses her on the cheek and she doesn’t move. Meanwhile, Stefan says that he understands if she needs time to heal, and that he’s willing to wait for her. When she’s ready for him, he’ll be ready for her. Caroline looks at him, purses her lips lightly, and he kisses her cheek. She doesn’t move.

And finally, after the kiss. Where you can also see clearly that Caroline smiles. Again. In both scenes. 

Those are the entire scenes, in the sequence which they happened, nothing more, nothing less. I dare anyone to find any scene that I cut out or sequence I messed up, save for the Delena dance scenes which are utterly unneeded in this post, and this handful of frames from the fourth Steroline GIF which I had to cut to get within the 2MB limit gif size. Here, for anyone who wants it. Because I don’t need to manipulate anything to make it look like Klaroline is better than Steroline. 

There are a lot of things I want to say to defend 4x23 from all the Steroliners who’ve said so much shit about Klaroline to glorify 6x22 Steroline. But that’s for another post. Right now, I just want a post that shows the two scenes side by side, presented in a complete, truthful, unmanipulated manner. Because I can’t stand doing nothing about the fact that there’s an incomplete, dishonest, blatantly manipulated Klaroline/Steroline comparison post out there shitting on Klaroline to glorify Steroline. You can like your ship better than ours, no problem - but really, you’re stooping so low as to manipulate a comparison to turn the tide into Steroline’s favor?

Why? Because if you were to be completely honest, then you wouldn’t have anything to support your argument?

People are free to ship what they want to ship, to promote what they want to promote, to express whatever opinion they want to or to disagree with other people’s opinions, hopefully having extended the courtesy to tag their posts appropriately. 

But when it gets to the point where you trade your integrity and intentionally manipulate facts in order to glorify someone or something and get a handful of tumblr notes - or when you defend people who do that, or when you think that defending your ship matters more than the fact that your friend is all too willing to trade moral principles for ship promotion - then you have a problem. The kind that doesn’t end when you log off tumblr.