blasts from the pasts

Just had to turn off Grand Designs New Zealand because the host had an identical accent to an ex. Blast from the past and plenty of memories I didn’t want to remember. Isn’t it great that our brains file all this stuff away until there’s a reminder like a sound or smell and then the most obscure things come to the surface.

I don’t regret a lot but I regret that relationship and the fact I stayed in it as long as I did.


I love that Breath of the Wild adds in details like this that make this version of Hyrule really feel alive. Do we need to know who Link hung out with 100 years ago? No, but it gives Link ties to the world from before he was asleep that extend beyond Princess Zelda and the quest to end Ganon. He has a history. He has friends and people who miss him.


My first oc was made 10 years ago during 2007. I was 13, I made a DeviantArt and I made my first original character, Homocidal Penguin. I still love him but last time I drew him was in 2011.

All these pieces are still treasures and I look back at them fondly. My only source of inspiration at that time was Garfield and Xiaolin Showdown. I’m still proud and don’t have any shame or think these are bad. They helped me grow as an artist and any progress is good.

Some 90′s kids! They’re very rowdy boys.

Yusuke’s outfit was a given before I even knew what I was gonna draw, but I had to do some digging to find stupid clothes for the others. Kurama was actually the most difficult! He just objectively doesn’t have as many dumb 90′s outfits as the other boys. Except like, one of the music CD official artworks has him in The Worst outfit, but I couldn’t bring myself to draw that one.

Also, no headband for Hiei, because I wanted to draw his third eye.

I’m trying to remember what
falling in love
felt like
without the anxiety.

When butterflies
didn’t feel like bricks
and when the thought of us
was enough to convince
me it could happen,
ya know?

And now I’m not so sure.
I’m praying instead of daydreaming
and I don’t know if that’s a sign
that I’ve matured, 


if I can make you smile
it still drives me wild,
not necessarily romantically.
I want your face creased with laughter
so fiercely I want to see 
a sliver of teeth.

And if it so happens
that you live a life full of contentment
and joking,
and it doesn’t involve me,
I think,
this time,
because it’s you,
I’ll still be happy.
—  Getting Back into the Habit of This “Friends” Thing