Jakarta blasts: Explosions and gunfire in Indonesian capital

At least two people are reported killed in a series of blasts in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, with gunfire breaking out afterwards.
The explosions happened outside the Sarinah shopping centre, close to the presidential palace and UN offices, say reports.
A UN official close to the scene, Jeremy Douglas, told the BBC that gunfire was ongoing.
More to follow.

USA vs the world

Did you know that during the Boston bombing there were also bomb blasts in regions of India. All together, 50 people died and no one heard about that.

3 people died in the Boston bombing and whole world feels pitty and remorse for those three people. What about the 50 or even more in the world?

It was tragic what happened in Boston, but don’t forget that there is a whole world of poverty and violence.

It’s hypocritical to see remorse for one country and have your backs turned on another or even your own.

2 bombs kill at least 25 in Kaduna, north Nigeria

Police say at least 25 people were killed Wednesday by two bombings in the northern city of Kaduna.

Police Commissioner Umar Usman Shehu said the first blast came after Sheik Dahiru Bauchi gave an annual Ramadan speech for thousands of faithful in an outdoor service. Sheik Bauchi is known for preaching against the violent extremism of Nigeria’s Islamic militants, Boko Haram.

The police commissioner said the second bombing came two and half hours later and killed dozens more. He said the bomb exploded in a crowded marketplace and witnesses saw dozens of bodies scattered in the rubble after the blast.

Kaduna is outside the region in Nigeria that is under emergency rule but it has been frequently targeted for violence by the Boko Haram militants.


Alex Jones Blasts at the BBC One Sunday Politics

This is what happens when people are so ignorant that they can’t grasp the truth. It takes a “crazy” man to expose the truth while people are living so normal being brainwashed. And then these interviewers purposely provoke you to make you look “crazy” so the public can dismiss your statement. “Oh! He sounds crazy so don’t listen to him!” Guys, Alex Jones is right, and he’s helping us fight for our freedom. The reason why he didn’t get killed yet is because if he was to mysteriously get “killed,” the millions of people watching his show will witness and the whole world will FINALLY wake up and realize that he was right all along and that they would kill him to shut him up about their NWO agenda. I don’t know how people can be so close-minded but like they said, I guess the fluoride is working to stop people from thinking for themselves and waking up.