hey so like, a heads up since ppl don’t seem to get it

having ppl enter into a romantic and/or sexual relationship under abusive context is, in fact, romanticizing abuse. trying to bring a “misunderstood, just needs someone to love them” quality to an abusive character is woobification.

and doing both of those things, on top of the intense hints we have right now that rey is a skywalker (even if in the future it turns out to not be true somehow) is why ppl are grossed the FUCK!!!!!! OUT!!!!!! by reylo.

y’all saw a grown man (kylo ren is around 30) destroying computer consoles in fits of rage, say to this significantly younger woman “i can take whatever i want” while she is strapped down and about to have her thoughts violated by him and was in clear distress, and thought, “ah yes. perfect. clearly, these two together will be on equal footing in a relationship. a beautiful pairing. OTP!”

stop pretending like you “just don’t understand :’( all the ship hate!!!” and get a clue about all the reasons why so many real people would take issue w/ this

Fushimi Saruhiko - Episode 1