decided to watch the transformers age of extinction movie and godzilla cause i had mad free time and shit and let me tell you, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

i thought Godzilla died at the end so i literally stopped the movie cause i refused to believe they did my nigga the kaiju king dirty like that. Glad i unpaused it cause that was a perfect ending to the one true lord of the lizards movie. he hit that nigga with the fire breath straight down his esophagus and my nigga i lost my shit

wasnt really fucking with transformers cause i dont fucking with mark wahlberg and i was really lookin forward to A$ap Shia but I couldnt handle when my nigga OG Optimus rode into battle on a fucking dinosaur bot. like WHAT? who the fuck read that script and was like “this is EXACTLY” what we need. cause him and the nigga that wrote it in both need a pay raise cause they saved the whole movie. Then this nigga blasted off to space like goddamn superman with a sword and shield talmbout some “stay away from earth because im coming for you” how you gonna ruin a cool ass moment like that optimus huh? how you gonna come for them when they coming for earth optimum ya big ass coulda just stayed on earth for that

whit-tay13 asked:

Neesy!! ARE YOU ALIVE?? I was just scrolling through Tays likes and saw that she liked Kingston's pictures!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

I’m tumbling from the afterlife. But I’m great lol! My husband was like NO WAY SHE DID NOT! Then we started jumping up and down and blasted shake it off and danced lol!

dungeontraverser asked: Prepare for trouble! And make it double! To protect the world from devastation! To unite all peoples within our nation! To denounce the evils of truth and love! To extend our reach to the stars above! Jessie! James! Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light! Surrender now, or prepare to fight! Meowth, that’s right!

no are you just know it or do you joke skylar big small friends of me nature i bee would you making you many bees color green or being anything exciting right to party. denounce? evils? surrender?

‘Home’ Blasts Off for Massive $59 Million Weekend

“DreamWorks Animation’s family film defied expectations, to say the least, opening to $15.6 million on Friday, which set it on course for just under $59 million this weekend. This could be the best debut of all time for DreamWorks Animation, outside of the “Shrek” franchise. However, the studio has a more modest estimate of $55.5 million.” Read More 

The animated comedy “Home” is headed for a box office home run. DreamWorks Animation’s family film defied expectations, to say the least, opening to $15.6 million on Friday, which set it on course …

Whether Home is good or bad to some people, I’m just glad DreamWorks finally has a good opening weekend for something! Suck it, critics and naysayers!


Gem-invasion by TovioRogers

based on the jailbreak special. i had a blast drawing this! hats off to rebeccasugar and the team behind the episode. i felt like a kid watching dragonball again. i actually cheered for the gems. and thanks to the people who maintain the steven u wiki page. i would not have gotten any of the details right with out checking that page constantly lol.

tools- photoshop cc2014, wacom dtf 510 tablet, lazynezumi pro