Scientists Have Now Quantified Mountaintop Removal Mining’s Destruction Of Appalachia

It’s long been known that mountaintop removal mining, which involves blasting the tops off of mountains to get to coal underneath the surface, is a highly destructive process. But just how much the practice has altered the landscape of Appalachia hasn’t been quantified — until now.

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"How about you actually fight like a cog and throw away the silly little gags? Then let's see who the victor would be." (Spakletoons | and Anna is just probably blaring the John cena theme bc pepper jack will dUNK)

[Your time is up, my time is now!]

“How about no?”

[You can’t see me, my time is now!]


“Let me down right this instant!”

“… and turn off that blasting song, it’s giving me a headache!”

[If they hate, let ‘em hate, I drop ya whole clan!]

I’ve probably made mistakes all over the place but whatevs they’re rough n’ SMOL.

These positions are according to the AU of RP mush Lost and Found, so things are a little different, with the inclusion of a few decepticons. And I seem to have made all of the decepticons so tired of this autobot shit.

Security was the only semi concrete division that had the most members I could find via MTMTE. It’s got Red Alert, Trailcutter, Deftwing, Powerflash, Aquafend, Dogfight, Strafe, Boss, Streetwise, Groove, and now Kindle and Fervor, I thiiiink? So far anyway.

Anyways, pictured in command - Drift, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, Megatron

Security - Powerflash, Breakdown, Tailgate (in this AU!), Aquafend, Dogfight

Medical - Ratchet, Knock Out, Ambulon, First Aid

Engineering - Brainstorm, Highbrow, Nautica, Perceptor

Navigation - Mainframe, Blast Off

Communications - Blaster, Soundwave, Siren

Logistics - Swindle, Fulcrum

Combat - Whirl, Grimlock, Fortress Maximus, Arcee

Sry I didn’t include maintenance :( :( :(

James Buchanan Bucky Barnes IS OUT THERE and he is not only wearing a rED heNLEY but is standing nExt to STEVE and he is tryING to SHOoT tonY in the faCe ??? and he is hOOkEd up to a machiNE !!!! AND HE IS you know what I don’t even know what else I just know I am a actual flaming corpse and Bucky Barnes is pretty and I am READY TO DIE gotta blast off y'all bye now ✌🏼️🚀

The Martian 2015 full movie Online

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► The Martian Movie Storyline
When astronauts blast off from the planet Mars, they leave behind Mark Watney (Matt Damon), presumed dead after a fierce storm. With only a meager amount of supplies, the stranded visitor must utilize his wits and spirit to find a way to survive on the hostile planet. Meanwhile, back on Earth, members of NASA and a team of international scientists work tirelessly to bring him home, while his crew mates hatch their own plan for a daring rescue mission.

► The Martian Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-09-30
Casts : James Fred Harkins Jr., Dilyana Bouklieva, Jonathan Aris, Sebastian Stan, Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Kate Mara, Gruffudd Glyn, Aksel Hennie, Jessica Chastain, Nick Mohammed, Shu Chen, Yang Haiwen, Szonja Oroszlán, Sean Bean, Donald Glover, Eddy Ko, Björn Freiberg, Mark O'Neal, Sam Spruell, Nikolett Barabas, Michael Peña, Benedict Wong, Mackenzie Davis, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lili Bordán, Brian Caspe, Naomi Scott, Karen Gagnon, Narantsogt Tsogtsaikhan, Enzo Cilenti, Geoffrey Thomas

Matsu Doodle Dump

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Jean-Ralphio Reference

My biggest weaknesses are giant monsters and other supernatural creatures. And since those AU doodles could technically be “Jyushi’s Brothers 3” here are the others:

Jyushi’s Brothers 1 , Jyushi’s Brothers 2