EVERYONE WAS SO SWEET OMG. We chatted about Turps’ newfound fame, Kim played with my corset, Caff was super sweet despite having already met him Friday and Lewis was so excited about my blast off cup which he not only signed but had to take a selfie with on his phone <3

Plus I got to chat to Katy about high rollers while we were waiting! <3 What an absolutely lovely bunch.

(Also omg my face in the picture with Turps I’m dead)


Hole N’ The Rock, Utah

Some dads build their kids tree houses, but in the treeless desert of southeastern Utah, Albert Christensen’s only possible alternative was a cave. A badass dad that he was, Christensen blasted the rocks off a sandstone cliff face near U.S. Highway 191, so that his sons could sleep at night. He continued drilling and expanding the cave for 12 years until it was large enough for both him and his wife to move in in 1952. 

The 5,000 square foot subterranean home is equipped with 14 rooms arranged around huge pillars, a fireplace with a 65-foot tall chimney and a deep bathtub built into the rock. Albert was building a 100-foot tall staircase when he died. The stairs would have cut up to the top of the rock, where his wife would have arranged a rock garden. After her husband’s death, Gladys continued to develop the property, opening a gift shop and giving tours of her home until she passed away in 1974. (Source)


Charge Now, Doctors!!

An MVM fanart I drew for when I played duo medic with my friend, where we were left to fight against all the robots while all other classes were off blasting tank somewhere. Dammit lol. Back when my doctor was still that guy with a Mann-Co cap…

I don’t get much chance to draw fan art nowadays because I finally have a full-time job. Kinda sad TT ^ TT I miss all the fun.

nikriz: For over 3 years I have been involved with this show. I watched it grow from a couple of songs to the epic masterpiece today. From the very first reading where it was a handful of us in a room confused by the concept to staged readings to the fully staged version today I have watched this phenomenon blast off like a bullet. Not only have I been able to watch this show grow but I have also seen my own growth over the past 3 years. Today I get to taste the fruit of that growth and labor as I make my @hamiltonmusical debut as George Washington. I am vibrating with excitement knowing that I am not throwing away my shot and that history has its eyes on me as I step foot on stage at the Richard Roger’s theatre today to tell a story of an immigrant from a small island who has been able to succeed because of big dreams hard work and a lot of generous help along the way. Today I tell my story, the story of America and fulfill this island immigrant’s American Dream. #WhatIsALegacy


The great lie of the American fallout shelter has been exposed

These shelters were supposed protect inhabitants from blast pressure, radiation given off by the blast and extreme heat and fire. The reality is that they wouldn’t do a goddamn thing to protect people from a full-scale nuclear attack. The shelters were actually used for something completely different than defense.

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I just had my first DMT trip. It was incredible. At first I was petrified that my breathing had stopped and I thought I had died. As soon as I calmed down, I awoke inside of an egg. The interior was brilliant yellow, orange, and gold. I was nestled on what felt like a warm tongue; a soft network of nerves that served as a nest inside of my egg. I could hear a world outside of my egg, I was an embryo, not even born yet. I wanted to crack out of my egg, but as soon as I realized this I woke up. The people in the room said I looked at peace while I was out. This was a wonderful experience, I can’t wait to do it again and finally break out of my shell. :)