Isa x Reader- When Am I Ever

After all the fun that occurred concerning the Portal Hallway, the Admin, and whatnot.. You had returned to the world of Sky City. That wasn’t the best decision. At all. The mobs had been out of render distance for some time, so they were all still alive- and ready to kill.

“Oh, son of a-!“ You darted, narrowly avoiding a ghast fireball. The explosive went off, throwing you into the sky. “WOAH!!!!“ You felt your back smack against the ground, pain inflaming it. “HOLY SON OF A-!!“ A creeper walked up, hissing. You felt your (e/c) eyes go wide as you scrambled away, the creeper going off and blasting you into a wall.

The wall cracked, blocks breaking around your body as you fell back to the ground. You let out a small groan, raising as a murderous anger filtered into your eyes.

“WHO THE HECK‘S NEXT?!“ As if on cue, three skeletons spotted you. They knocked arrows into their bows, sights on you. Your eyes narrowed, glitch abilities activating. Before they could process it, you had ran from where you were previously standing, little more than a blur in the air. They let out confused clacks as you seemingly vanished to them.

A creeper nearby let out a hiss, having found you. You silently smirked, letting the creeper trail you back to the skeletons. They didn’t turn around before it went off, killing them. You poked your tongue out, glaring at the smoking ground.

“Don‘t take on a glitch, kid-!“ A fireball phased through your chest, exploding against the ground to your left. You flew into the air, feeling a burn appear on your side. This probably wouldn’t end well. The air whipped around you, the scent of smoke still as fresh as if it had been only an hour since the city was obliterated.

Ghasts let out their distinguished cries as your form soared through the sky, falling to the cobble streets below. You let out a grunt of pain, feeling something in your shoulder pop. The grunt turned to a silent scream, hidden behind clenched teeth. The midday sun struck through your closed eyes, forcing you to turn your head to keep from the source of pain. Several spider hisses rang out.

“… B-bring it on…. S-spiders…” You managed, using your good arm and hand to stand up.

… There goes the whole idea of seeing Isa on this trip, I guess…‘ Something fast and uncatchable shot out of one of the alleys, the spiders all hissing as they died. You stared, eyes wide as the entity stopped. When you could make it out, it was revealed to be Isa herself.

… (Y/N)?! What are you doing here? Sky City isn’t safe for anyone, even a glitch!“ She ran over, her eyes cloudy with worry. “And you’ve been hurt, no less! We need to get you to Terra City, now!” You spotted five skeletons, aiming at Isa behind her. Your (e/c) eyes dilated as you grabbed the female before she could protest. “(Y/N)?!?!?!“

The skeletons fired, five arrows slicing through the two of you. Thanks to your glitch abilities, they phased through your forms and left not one mark… However, you felt yourself blacking out. Dots appeared in your vision.

“I-Isa… RUN.“ You stated, feeling yourself losing the battle to stay conscious. Isa’s pupils remained on you for a moment before she darted away. You fell backward, into the waterfall that would lead to the surface. A few dying skeleton noises rang out, followed by something grabbing hold of you.

“(Y/N), you idiot…“ Isa muttered, holding on to your form. With that, you lost consciousness while you both began to fall.


You woke up, groaning out when you felt the burns and bruises that had formed on your body strike out with pain. Somewhere nearby, the sound of someone stirring sounded out. You turned your head, spotting Isa as she walked up to where you were laid down.

“…. Isa…. Holy Hera….” You muttered, grimacing. “…. How‘ve you been?….“ Isa glared.

“… Better than you, apparently…. (Y/N), you knew that coming back here would take you to the abandoned city!” Isa admonished, her eyes cutting into you. You sighed shakily, trying to keep the pain back.

“…. So?…. What if I wanted to see someone?…“ You responded. Isa raised her eyebrows, a look you couldn’t help but find adorable on her.

“…. That makes no sense. Why risk your life for someone? They‘re probably worried sick, (Y/N)!“ You laughed slightly, smirking towards Isa. Her look changed to one of confusion as she kept her eyes on you. “…. What‘s so funny?“

“I know they‘re worried sick… I’m just happy I get to see them again…“ Isa sighed exasperatedly. She took a potion out of her inventory, uncorking it.

“If you want to see them, you better drink the health potion.“ She spoke softly, but her tone was still somehow firm. You took the potion, mentally laughing at how non-perceptive the leader could be sometimes.

Man, when she finds out..’ You kept your eyes on the leader as you drank your health potion. She had green eyes, pale skin, and long, silky black hair. A dress like gold hung on her form, perfectly framing and complementing the minecraftian’s skin. ‘Yep, just wait till she finds out..‘ You finished drinking the potion, holding on to the empty bottle.

“… Who is it you wanted to see, anyways?…“ You chuckled a small amount, glancing to Isa.

“I‘ve already seen them, you know…” She stared.

“But… You‘ve been unconscious since you came down to Ter-!“

“It‘s you, Isa!” You laughed at the female’s shocked expression.

“…. Visiting was not a good idea.” She commented. You grinned.

“Visiting was a brilliant idea!” She shook her head, eyes losing their glazed shock.

“… Be more careful, please, (Y/N).“ You laughed.

“Careful? Me? Not a chance, Isa! Especially if being careful means I don’t get to see you!“ Isa blushed slightly.

“…. Be careful.“ You smiled.

“When am I ever?”




Requested by: Petra,,,,,,, 🥕🥕 (Elle/She) (awesome Discord person).

some quick handy advice from someone who has been on the Front Lines when a peaceful protest has turned violent:

  • milk is really good for soothing pepper spray. water is more convenient but if possible rinse with milk to ease the stinging. keep your eyes closed though, as it’s not quite water, and be sure to rinse it all off properly because no one wants spoiled milk on their face
  • there are always “easy” targets in groups that police/aggressors will go for. close ranks around them and make sure they’re in the middle of the group. if you’re white, keep a barrier between the police/aggressors and poc, for example.
  • lining up and linking arms is actually an incredibly strong barrier. if everyone is doing it it’s very difficult to break through. double for multiple layers of people doing this.
  • know your exit routes. if you need to get out fast (and you might) know where you’re going and have multiple routes if you can. never run alone; it’s always best to have at least two other people running the same route.
  • change of clothes in your bag man. new t-shirt, a hoodie, a different jacket, anything to alter your appearance. even changing the colour you’re wearing could throw police off, especially if they’re looking for dozens of people.
  • always know the number of people in your group and have a safe place to fall back on after you’ve escaped. headcount. raise the alarm if someone isn’t there or can’t be contacted.
  • even minor head injuries from thrown projectiles can be serious. if you can, get it checked out.

and saving the most important til last:

  • water cannons/fire hoses are not a ‘soft’ option. it’s high pressure water that can blast off skin, break bones, throw you clean across a road, and even kill. I have seen someone get hit by a water cannon and die. the force of the water threw him down so hard his neck was snapped. if they bring out the water, get out of its range.
letter to the voltron fandom

can we please maybe reconsider the current ship name for shiro/matt


KNOCK FIRST!?! and he prob just wanted to play with em too?

I still firmly believe Baku has as much, if not more all might stuff that Midorya. ;A; Kiri lived to be forced not to tell the tale tho (︺︹︺) . Also inspired by that one chapter?? 100 I think where Midorya was blasted off his feet by Mei??