-hour later-

been following this dude for awhile….Is he really leading me out of here..?” Asa ponders to herself, keeping her distance between her and the human. “I swear if hes leading me so he can catch me, ill blast his head off before-

“…I can hear you, you know.” he says suddenly, Asa raising a brow.

“Psh, he cant understand me hes a-”

“Because im ‘human’?” he chuckles

Asa suddenly goes wide eyed, “W-Wait you can understand me???” 

The human sighs and smiles, “ Well i did say i could hear you. Do i need to repeat you word for word?”

She goes silent for a second, before stepping closer to him, “S-Sorry i said that then……Didnt mean to be so rude…”

“Its alright, i expect that reaction to free pokemon. They arent comfortable around humans, and have good reason to be too….”

“…Y-You know im not domesticated???” she steps next to him, “W-Wait then why arent you catching me?? Why are you helping me??”  she asks curiously.

“….Its odvious, to be honest, no offense.” he smiles and looks back at her, “And i think capturing pokemon to make them fight is, disgusting. Humans are such a corrupt race, forcing pokemon to fight eachother till the other gets too hurt to move, or stops moving forever. I want to make sure you dont have to live through that, better being free, right?” 

Asa stares baffled, but she nods in agreement….She wasnt sure if he was sincere or one of those weird pokemon activists…But he seemed, trustworthy for some reason..

Soon, they near Nimbasas city South entrance/exit. 

“Heres the exit, are you capable of scailing the walls?” he turns his head.

“Nono, im alright, but thanks uh….Heh, never got your name uh, what should i call you?” Asa rubs her crest embarresed.

He simply shakes my head.

 “My name isnt important, just go back to your friends, ok?”

Asa shrugs as she begins to scale up the wall… “Well, thanks Dude…Stay safe!” she waves as she climbs up, and jumps over the wall.

Asa lands in the desert resort, her feet being more than fimiliar with the sands. “Second territory sweet territory….” she walks to try and find her group, that of which she does sooner than she expected. She runs over a sand hill and slides down with ease, “Hey guys im back!!!”

The group looks over to the fimiliar voice as bacon wags her tail happily, “Mama!!!” the salamance runs over to asa, giving her a loving nuzzle. The rest of em go over to her, either angry, concerned or something else.

“Yeah sorry, i ended up running to lookit a store and i met this human who could understand me and-GYACK”

Beck punches asa right on her head, “do you REALIZE HOW OFF TRACK YOU MADE US YA GOD DAMN CHERRY ROUGE” The gengardevoir continues to scold asa before she stops, “Look, we cant waste anymore time now. We gotta go, lets find that damn city before were too late..Lets go in groups.” Beck looks over them all with her arms crossed. “Asa, youre with me. Victor,po, an lil susie, Youre all a group. Then Mariposa,Bolin and bacon will be the last ones, If anything happens,call me through psychics, understood?”

Both mariposa and victor nod in understanding. Bolin odviously looks irritated being seperated from his family, same goes for bacon.

“Good, now lets go.”

-The group has split-


some quick handy advice from someone who has been on the Front Lines when a peaceful protest has turned violent:

  • milk is really good for soothing pepper spray. water is more convenient but if possible rinse with milk to ease the stinging. keep your eyes closed though, as it’s not quite water, and be sure to rinse it all off properly because no one wants spoiled milk on their face
  • there are always “easy” targets in groups that police/aggressors will go for. close ranks around them and make sure they’re in the middle of the group. if you’re white, keep a barrier between the police/aggressors and poc, for example.
  • lining up and linking arms is actually an incredibly strong barrier. if everyone is doing it it’s very difficult to break through. double for multiple layers of people doing this.
  • know your exit routes. if you need to get out fast (and you might) know where you’re going and have multiple routes if you can. never run alone; it’s always best to have at least two other people running the same route.
  • change of clothes in your bag man. new t-shirt, a hoodie, a different jacket, anything to alter your appearance. even changing the colour you’re wearing could throw police off, especially if they’re looking for dozens of people.
  • always know the number of people in your group and have a safe place to fall back on after you’ve escaped. headcount. raise the alarm if someone isn’t there or can’t be contacted.
  • even minor head injuries from thrown projectiles can be serious. if you can, get it checked out.

and saving the most important til last:

  • water cannons/fire hoses are not a ‘soft’ option. it’s high pressure water that can blast off skin, break bones, throw you clean across a road, and even kill. I have seen someone get hit by a water cannon and die. the force of the water threw him down so hard his neck was snapped. if they bring out the water, get out of its range.
letter to the voltron fandom

can we please maybe reconsider the current ship name for shiro/matt


KNOCK FIRST!?! and he prob just wanted to play with em too?

I still firmly believe Baku has as much, if not more all might stuff that Midorya. ;A; Kiri lived to be forced not to tell the tale tho (︺︹︺) . Also inspired by that one chapter?? 100 I think where Midorya was blasted off his feet by Mei??