I feel bad about the four cats that sank…

  1. Last day. LAST DAY. I think I might be able to push myself all the way till noon. Maybe. I was planning on going to my favorite raw/vegan restaurant for lunch, but ended up eating breakfast out and right now I never want to eat again so…
  2. Fast day. I could use a bunch of those. My clothes are all getting subtly (and not so subtly) tighter, and as some of these were clothes I bought when those at the last fat-boy size I’d been wearing became too tight to wear…ugh.
  3. Blast day. (Imma run out of rhymes before the end of this list, damn it!) Um…maybe this is for blast off? No? Oh hell, I’m stopping this schtick now.
  4. I’m still obsessing over weirding out over nothing last night. I’m such a frakin’ jackass sometimes.
  5. Except for the parts where I can’t sing and I’m bald and I’m so fat that a costumer would develop carpal tunnel making me chain mail, I was born to play Arthur, dontcha think?

OK but I saw this post on my dash again: (on mobile, sorry) and I thought:

What if there are ghosts like that? Like, ghosts that for whatever reason had difficulty absorbing ectoplasm into their body so they had to leech off other things that could do it fine? They’d attach themselves to other ghosts, except that’s so difficult bc they’d just be blasted or knocked off so instead they attach themselves to ghost animals or to trees and plants,

So no ghost likes going into a dense nature area in the Zone, because they know there’s a lot of these types of ghosts around.

I dunno it was just a thought that suddenly came to me, it’s too early in the morning for me to properly think most of this out.

anonymous asked:

It always amuses me that pro-lifers don't give a shit about a person once they're born. Before that OMFGYOUCANTDOTHAT but after its born, they don't care what happens.

Like I said. Cartoon characters. 

Like, I don’t mind chill pro lifers. I know plenty of them who are just like “eh, I don’t support abortions but if you’re gonna go get them, it’s whatever. I just don’t personally agree.” 
But the cartoony ones who are just like “OH MAAAH GAAAHH you are KILLING BABIES. You shouldn’t be HAVING SEX IF YOU DON’T WANT BABIES. Life begins at CONCEPTION! MURDERER!” make me want to like… blast off into space or something and hang out with the astronauts. I bet they’re chill. 

i just realized that james & sirius’s friendship mirrors ron & harry’s:

  • the dursleys abused harry
  • the blacks abused sirius
  • the weasleys loved and cared for ron
  • the potters also loved and cared for james
  • harry runs away from privet drive hoping to never return again
  • sirius runs away from grimmauld place hoping to never return again
  • harry basically moves in with the weasleys after his fourth year
  • sirius moves in with james sometime while they were still in school
  • whalburga black blasted sirius off the family tapestry
  • all the dursleys ever wanted was to erase harry from their lives and memories
  • ron comes from an old pureblood gryffindor family, there was never any question about which house he would be in
  • same with james
  • harry didn’t want to be in slytherin and was instead placed in gryffindor
  • same with sirius
  • harry and sirius were like the lost boys
  • james and ron were their anchors and support systems