A Reblog of a Question from the Gospel Blog

 Tch! That’s an Easy One,Pardner..You don’t think Lord Wily keeps Spares round? He’s smarter then a rattlesnake in a summer rodeo.He knows when things are goin’ more southern then a good ol’ hootnanny on Sunayama’s Party.

 Gok Gok Gok , Gok. (Although I question why Lord Wily would need us..)

 Maybe he grew a heart somewhere down the line? 

…Gok Gok Gok Gok. (I’m glad your still a moron,regardless.)

Great Adventures of Blasterman

Artist : Jak A. Khampadith.

I don’t really have much of an eye for color but my best friend Ivan helped me out and coached me alittle on what color to use and expanding my mind. I owe him greatly for that. But this was just me doodling in my sketch book and him encouraging me to color it. Used markers, paint markers, and pens.

Sleep time.....

Just spent an hour creating this custom theme for this blog, looks okay but will add and change layout over rest of weekend.

Will do some more of level 1’s modelling as well and get some concept art done to enable me to model characters. Once modelling for characters are done can put something together to run, will have to test build on the Nexus 7 as it has similar specs to Ouya games console which launches in April this year.

Ouya Official Homepage

If you want to see more on Ouya please go to official developer forums

Ouya Dev Forums