A Reblog of a Question from the Gospel Blog

 Tch! That’s an Easy One,Pardner..You don’t think Lord Wily keeps Spares round? He’s smarter then a rattlesnake in a summer rodeo.He knows when things are goin’ more southern then a good ol’ hootnanny on Sunayama’s Party.

 Gok Gok Gok , Gok. (Although I question why Lord Wily would need us..)

 Maybe he grew a heart somewhere down the line? 

…Gok Gok Gok Gok. (I’m glad your still a moron,regardless.)

Great Adventures of Blasterman

Artist : Jak A. Khampadith.

I don’t really have much of an eye for color but my best friend Ivan helped me out and coached me alittle on what color to use and expanding my mind. I owe him greatly for that. But this was just me doodling in my sketch book and him encouraging me to color it. Used markers, paint markers, and pens.