MOECOM LYNX (NORcal STYlez MIX), official remix of an image song from Princess Soft’s “Moekan”. Released in Comic Market 79.
Composed by Blasterhead, originally sung by Haruko Momoi, remixed by me.
Synthetic vocals & arrangement done in Famitracker v0.3.5 (2A03 + VRC6).
©(P) 2010 Blasterhead.

Epic Japanese galge trance… morphed into a romantic nod of mid-90s Bay Area Fil-Am freestyle electro – with a touch of duty cycle vocal magic.

The original version being a trance song sung by no other than Momo-i, I decided to turn it toward a different direction and change the genre into one of my guilty pleasures: Latin freestyle dance. Yes, a majority of the remix is a nod to one of my favorite dance producers during my teen years: Glenn Gutierrez.

I felt like I was doing a desecration at the time, but Blasterhead personally insisted that I remake Momo-i’s voice into the synthetic duty-cycling & pitch-bending NES PSG vocalization that I’m arguably most well known for.

Momo-i reportedly liked it. (in fact, I got to do another certain related project with her a few years later… :) )

I figured I should return to this in the eve of the release’s 5th anniversary in memory of Blasterhead (who was the first composer from Japan whom I ever personally collaborated with – and was one of a handful of people responsible for kickstarting my career in Japan)… especially considering the CD is now long out of print and will probably never resurface in any other form again.

Into The Sky, BH-san. Rest in peace.