Tonight is Thrashin’ and it’s Dan’s VERY LAST time to Thrash for a long time.  Dan, aka Blastercase, is leaving this weekend for a cross-country venture that will eventually end up with him livin’ the dream in LA.  So Dan and those guys in Uncle Jesse are teaming up for one last time to present Thrashin’ in all of its majesticalness.  Apparently Cian is making moo goo gai pan and you might could land yourself a free shot if you bring Dan some moving boxes.  I also heard something about a “Blasterface” drink special soooo my guess is your Wednesday night could get very interesting.  But it’s okay because Dan is going to LA and we’re celebrating.  We’ll write you a note for work tomorrow if you end up sleeping on the sidewalk in front of your crib tonight.  See you at Dionysus. :)

If You're Feelin' a Lil Majestical...

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…Then come out to Dionysus in Baltimore tonight for some moombahton and unicornz…moombahcornz?  (Don’t mind me.)  Anyway, my friends in Uncle Jesse are spinning along with Blastercase, so they’ll give you the right vibez to help you coast through the rest of your week. 

PS - I heard if you come dressed up like a unicorn or bring a crying baby, you’ll be majestically rewarded.  ;)



Uncle Quincy X Uncle Larry-Guntalk by UncleJesse410

Blastercase - “Spun” by Blastercase

It’s the first day of June and it’s like, 100 degrees out there or someshit.  It’s only appropriate that those homies in Uncle Jesse drop a new summertime mix for us.  I’ve listened to it twice already and somehow it’s made me undeniably happy.  I’m threatening to steal my neighbor’s convertible and ride it all the way to the beach while blasting this mix and taking countless watermelon snowballs to the face.  This dream could all be yours too if you head over to Blastercase’s website and download the mix for free.

So without any further ado, “Uncle Jesse Presents:  Forty O’s and Dominoes”:


1. Anaconda intro
2. Do it to the Music – Raw Silk
3. Keep on – D Train
4. A Little Bit of Jazz – Nick Straker Band
5. Walking into Sunshine – Central Line
6. I know you I live you – Chaka Khan
7. Do I Do – Stevie Wonder
8. Nobody can be You – Steve Arrington
9. In my System – The System
10. Over Like A Fat Rat – Fonda Rae
11. Mamma Used to Say – Junior
12. Were Through – James Pants
13. Swagtastic Interlude
14. Do it Anyway You Wanna – Cashmere
15. Keep on Loving Me – The Whispers
16. Brazilian theme – Earth Wind and Fire
17. I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
18. Centipede – Rebe Jackson
19. Call Me – Skyy
20. One Of The Nights You Feel Like Getting Down
21. Is it All Over My Face – Loose Joints
22. Music – D-Train
23. Jump To It – Aretha Franklin
24. Never Too Much – Luther Vandross
25. Found Lovin’ – Fatback
26. Galactic Fun – Dam Funk


Tonight is THRASHIN’!  Uncle Jesse and Blastercase will be joining forces tonight at Dionysus in Baltimore to help turn Wednesday night into your favorite night of the week.  They’re pretty much gonna be playing whatever they feel like from moombahton to funk to whatever beerstep is.  Just come through to find out the answers to all life’s problems.

Also, Dan, aka Blastercase, is leaving very soon to drive across country and move to L.A., so tonight marks the beginning of his going away shenanigans. Make sure you’re involved!

Catch my dudes Blastercase and Uncle Jesse spinning tonight at Dionysus in Baltimore.  Just some chilled out Wednesday night shit.  …Just kidding! - they’re gettin’ all sorts of hype tonight.  Dan (aka Blastercase) is heading out to Indio, CA this weekend for Coachella, so he’s looking for a proper send-off.  Quincy and Cian in Uncle Jesse will be preparing for tomorrow night’s Moombahton Massive Tres, so you might get a few teasers if you buy ‘em a drink or something.  Get out of the house tonight and re-up on your majesticalness at THRASHIN’.

PS - You might be rewarded for proudly stuntin’ your LL BEAN steez.

Still Gone by Blastercase

Uncle Jesse-Brighter by UncleJesse410

For those of you who need to re-up on your majesticalness, you’re in luck.  Thrashin’ is back at Dionysus in Baltimore to help you get your steez right, at least for the next two weeks until the next Thrashin’ event.  Just in case you’re feelin’ pretty down on your glitter glam, both Uncle Jesse and Blastercase have released fresh new moombahton tracks within the past week.  I’m sayin’, some of us need more help in the rainbow game than others, but don’t worry - these guys got your back.  Download and listen to Uncle Jesse’s “Brighter” and Blastercase’s “Still Gone” above. Then, come hang out with these swagged out dudes tonight.  The party starts at 10PM and there’s no cover, as usual.  And remember, unicorns are always on time.

PS - Instructions for free shots:

  1. Come dressed in a bathrobe.
  2. Bring Cian a live turtle.