blasted frank ocean

isak doesn’t have to ring the bell when he goes to even’s place, simply lets himself in and goes to his room, climbs up the ladder of his loft bed and by then even will have moved to the right side of the bed to make room for him. and they greet each other with whispered hey’s and then isak’s forearms are on each side of even’s face and when he leans in and kisses him, he sighs audibly through his nose and it sounds like a mixture of eagerness and the relief of coming home after a long day. and they make out slowly while even’s laptop blasts his frank ocean playlist. they make out like they’re building something great, like they have time, because they do. have time 

and then isak lies on his stomach next to even. well, half of him lies next to even, the other half on him, isak’s face and arm resting on his chest and the tip of his fingers tracing the contours of his collarbones. and when even strokes isak’s arm, he teasingly asks “have you been working out? look at you, biceps and all” and isak lets out a chuckle, flexes his bicep as even has his hand wrapped around it and replies “three times a week at the gym” and even gasps exaggeratedly, squeezing his arm gently and says “without me?” pretending to sound betrayed and isak chuckles again. he doesn’t actually go to the gym, they both know that. isak props himself up on his forearms and smiles at even, playfully says “last night was a work out, wasn’t it? and, well, we did that together” and even raises his eyebrows and then his face breaks into a smile and he lifts his chin up and places a kiss on isak’s lips, says “yeah, you could say that” against them

“you know, i was only saying this for you, isak, if you get all muscly, there might not be enough room for both of us in this bed”. and isak rolls his eyes because. first, that’s never going to happen. and second, isak would have to be the size of three current isaks to not be able to fit in even’s bed. but he can’t help but smile when he looks down at even who is now grinning again because even truly has the most contagious smile he’s ever seen. and isak says “then i guess you’ll have to get a bigger bed” and he rests his head back on even’s chest 

even lets out a little laugh, runs his fingers through isak’s hair, gently rubs little circles on his scalp and says “nah, you know there will always-” and the thing is that at first he says the words playfully, but then they’re barely whispered and there’s tenderness and love in his voice. and when he adds “there will always be room for you in my bed”, it sounds like what he actually means to say is there will always be room for you, anywhere