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I pity the sweet summer children who have yet to meet the Reclaimers and yet think they're the coolest people ever. Immune to thrall? Sick (illegal) battlewagon stunts? Bringing back 5 Grand Relics? Sure, that's cool and all, you know what's not cool? Waking up to Gogurt shoes. Wake up to Gogurt shoes, and then we'll talk about how cool the Reclaimers are.


Hidden Depths

Dr. Watts strolled down the path. Salem had communicated to him via Cinderโ€™s Scroll that Tyrian had failed in his mission to stop the silver-eyed girl, and now she was heading towards Haven. That blasted fool, failing a job so simple. At the very least, he simultaneously revealed and eliminated a variable in the shape of Qrow Branwen, as well as acquiring data on the targets: a slow boy with a sword, shield, and a formidable Aura, a martial artist with blade pistols, a girl who wielded a hammer and was strengthened by electricity, and the silver-eyed girl who wasnโ€™t aware of her own powers. The Aura boy and perhaps Ruby Rose aside, the other two were completely unremarkable. None of them had posed a threat to Tyrian, and they would be much less so to him. His chance of defeat was 1%. Realistically, it was much lower than that, but only a fool dealt in absolutes. He was a professional.

As he walked down the path from the Academy, he noted four people walking up it. As predicted, the poison Tyrian left in Qrowโ€™s system made them hasty, and they had hurried to the city of Haven as quick as possible. Presumably they had left him in the hospital and gone to take care of the matter themselves. A poor choice. Before Haven Academy there was a plain. No chances for any pesky birds or anyone else to sneak in on the battle. Chance of defeat: .5%.

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Hey Cinder, Emerald, Mercury. I truly appreciate what you did at Beacon. But, and this is a big but, you managed to piss a LOT of people off. Ruby and her friends are coming for you, and after Tyrian getting his ass kicked, do you really think you stand a chance? You could always surrender or run away. (Asked by fallentitan88)
  • Cinder, shaking her head, scowls in disgust, her voice low and gravely: Do you really say that as if that blasted fool Tyrian is my equal? Or even worse...that I stand below him...
  • Mercury, nonchalantly shrugs: That old lunatic doesn't have the power of a Maiden, and on top of that, I'm pretty sure even I could take him.
  • Emerald, smugly: Says the one who couldn't even win against the bimbo.
  • Mercury, stammering with a burst of rage: HEY! IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER THE PLAN WAS WE /HAD/ TO LOSE! YOU GODDAMN-
  • Cinder, stomping her foot down, silencing her underlings: Enough. The answer is we will not run, and certainly not surrender. We will fight and win. Simple as that.
  • Cinder, her face twisting into a maddening smile, causing Mercury and Emerald to glance fearfully at each other, her voice twinges with bloodlust: This little red...her fairy tale will have no happy ending...

When the sketch looks cute but you know you’re gonna kill it when you try to clean it up -__-

Ok so imagine Alya dragging Nino and Marinette to some dancing event, and Nino of course drags his best bud along to suffer with him. But joke is on them, because despite having no idea what they’re doing Marinette and Adrien have a blast making fools of themselves while trying to dance :)

I was this close to giving Adrien suspenders for some reason.