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Outsiders Moodboard: Dallas Winston

“Dally raised the gun, and I thought: You blasted fool. They don’t know you’re only bluffing. And even as the policemen’s guns spit fire into the night I knew that was what Dally wanted. He was jerked half around by the impact of the bullets, then slowly crumpled with a look of grim triumph on his face. He was dead before he hit the ground. But I knew that was what he wanted, even as the lot echoes with the cracks of the shots, even as I begged silently – Please, not him…not him and Johnny both – I knew he would be dead, because Dallas Winston wanted to be dead and he always got what he wanted.”

All for the Game

Pairing: Blaise Zabini x Ginny Weasley
Words: 4,409
Soul-Mate AU
Part 3 of my Marked Series on AO3

Ginny Weasley remembered the day she found out soul-mates were real. She heard stories growing up from Bill and Charlie’s late-night gossiping, but whenever her Auntie Muriel came over, she would always attempt to disprove their theories.

“True love doesn’t exist, Ginvera,” she would tell her, “And it’s better to get that in your head now rather than end up disappointed later.”

At first, Ginny didn’t believe her, she wanted to believe in true love. You could say she was a romantic, even if her brothers teased her relentlessly for it. But as her Hogwarts days started nearing, she gave up on the theory and thought it to be impossible. If true love existed, it was between her parents, and they were not marked. Not that she knew of.

It was the day before she was supposed to leave for her first day of school. She walked into her parent’s room to find her mother. She wanted to ask her where she placed her favorite jumper, but she caught sight of her mother slipping on her sweater to get ready for the day. Ginny felt awkward, of course, she should have knocked.

But then she noticed it. She noticed a mark; it was a wildflower to be precise and right above her heart. Amazed, Ginny stood at the doorway gaping.

It took a few moments for Molly to realize someone was there, and as soon as she saw it was Ginny, she begged for her to close the door and come in quickly.

Ginny made her way to her parent’s bed and jumped on top of it excitedly.

“Is that really what I think it is?” she asked, “Are you marked? Are you and dad soul-mates?”

“Keep your voice down!” Molly pleaded, “Let me tell you a story.”

Ginny stopped jumping on the bed and sat criss-cross applesauce. She beamed up at her mother who sat down next to her.

“So is it really true?” Ginny pressed.

Molly smiled and rested her hand on top of Ginny’s.

“It is, my love,” she explained, “The moment I met your father and he shook my hand, we were marked.”

“Then why don’t you prove Auntie Muriel wrong? Why keep it a secret?”

Molly patted her hand, “What you don’t understand Ginny is that a lot of people don’t believe that soul-mates exist. If you tell people, especially in my generation, they scoff at you and figure you are lying. It wouldn’t matter what I tell your Auntie Muriel, she wouldn’t believe us. Especially since she has never found her true love. She will never understand.”

“Why is it so uncommon, mum?” Ginny asked curiously, “Why can’t it be proven?”

“Because most people aren’t lucky enough to come across their true love. Sometimes they are on the other side of the world, but know this: It can happen for you just as easily if you believe it will. However, I don’t want to give you false hope. Please don’t feel like you are guaranteed to be marked, do you understand?”

She nodded but then smiled excitedly at her mother, and she felt so overwhelmed that she hugged her. Molly chuckled and rubbed her back.

It was in Ginny’s nature that she felt hope. If her parents found each other, she would find her true love, too.

Molly whispered, “Oh, my sweet girl. I know you’re excited at the possibility, but can you please do me a favor?”

Ginny pulled back from her mother’s hug and replied, “Anything for you, mum!”

Molly smiled and grabbed her hands again, “You must promise me you won’t tell your brothers. Your father and I have kept it a secret for a reason. The fewer people that know, the better. It’s not that we don’t want your brothers to know, we are just protecting them from possible heartbreak. Do you understand?”

Ginny nodded, but she left for Hogwarts the next day with a lot of hope in her heart.

Especially when she saw Harry Potter, but the amount of disappointment she felt when she brushed his arm accidentally and was not marked was indescribable. That’s when she decided to keep her mother’s secret, because she truly realized how rare it was.

And if Harry Potter wasn’t her soul-mate, no one could be.

But Ginny was naïve back then. If only she knew her destiny and the game she was about to play.

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#35: if you were given the opportunity, which actors or actresses would you want to meet while cosplaying as their characters?

I’d love to meet Daisy Ridley as Rey, because I feel like I could ask her about the costume and she’d totaly be chill with explaining it to me. And we could both complain about the scratchy chafing those boots give you on the back of the calves. 

And I think Domnhall looks like the type to have a blast fooling around with Sylar as Hux. I think he might be suprised someone would even WANT to cosplay hux. 

Unhappy “Boat Day”, mortal fools!!

While these two mechanically-inclined morons badger each other about cogs and clocks and clanks and clinks…

It’s this blasted “Boat Day”, mortal fools!! So go to this Nyehehillion Needles and stupidly sail around to your half-witted heart’s content!! The Great Nyehehe hates the Nyehehillion Needles, but he cannot stand not viewing all these buffoonish boaters sink!! See all these silly soon-to-be sinkers!! These seaside sods steer a whole variety of schmuck-y ships!!

Silly submarines, for instance!! But It’s not even yellow!! Bah!!

Turtles of titanic proportions!!

The warships of these Orcish oafs!!

This suspiciously not-so-small small mortal!!

Bah!! And pilferous pirates too!?! Dratted fools!! How dare they nab The Great Nyehehe’s spotlight!?!

And these shipwrecked schmucks!! Nyeh? Oh!! Long time nyet see, Theldurin!!

Bah!! And worst of all, these worry-free fools!! Dancing, embracing, and worst of all, partaking in that paunchy past-time of volleyball!! It sickens The Great Nyehehe to the very core to see such yelping youngsters enjoy themselves!!  

Well, at least The Great Nyehehe can see a few of you mortal fools sink!! He’ll be putting the “Naughty” in “Nautical!!”   Nyehehe!! Oh, how evil of The Great Nyehehe!!

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Can I ask for siren! lofties au?

He’s not particularly fearful of coming across to the beach, lured by a soft and saddening hum. He’s surprised at what he’s come across however.

“The night is frail.” Executor hears the wanderer speak, his voice unloving and broken.

Shining a flashlight, he can see the rough state this… ‘siren’ is in. Wounds of a battle puncture its human parts, with strips of blood on his scales, some of which are decorating the beach sand.

“Kill me if you desire,” he hears the lone siren rasp. “I am but a stranded trophy for your friend at this point.”

His friend?


“…he’s not my friend.” No matter what that blasted fool claims, even if he was with him during childhood and onwards, a friend is something he finds hard to quite describe.

Even if Anpassen confessed he felt most comfortable with him the most. Even if Anpassen clung to him when Elsword died. The term ‘friend’ is…

“I guess I’ll treat you instead.” Executor proclaims, rummaging through his backpack for a medical kit. Bandages or Band-Aids would probably work, right? At least, for his human parts.

It was far more work than he first thought, once he realizes the severity of some of his injuries. Flashing over his face, a twinge of discomfort appears on Executor’s. Gashed Eye. Scratched or poked out somehow. Kinda brutal if this is Anpassen’s doing.

It makes him wonder what his 'friend’ really is inside.

“Is it bad…?”

“Um. Just let me put this over your face.” He’s not a doctor. He doesn’t know how to treat sirens. If he dies from an infection because of this he’s not taking the blame. Wrapping the bandages around his face, he stands back with his trusty flashlight. He looks more appealing now. Less bloody on the head. And there’s a Bible themed band aid on the right side of his cheek. Good.

“Thank you…” he hears the soft spoken siren mutter.

“Good. Those bandages aren’t waterproof so I suggest you just wave your tail in the water or something. Something to hydrate yourself.”

He nods, though in his current state, Executor bets that he probably couldn’t even swim properly. The ends of the siren’s tail is all but ripped up. A bit pathetic, really.

Well, his job is finished. He turns to leave, only to have the lone siren scramble, attempting to crawl over to Executor.

“Wait. I haven’t even gotten your name.”

Seriously? He turns back around. “People call me Executor. And you?”

“I’m just a wanderer, really.” Webbed fingers reach over to braid the siren’s hair. “I…”

“Nice to meet you wanderer. Have a nice day.”

He hopes he never has to see him again.

“Let’s meet again later. I’ll be waiting in the mornings…”

Fuck. Well, he treated him, can’t have him die now that he wasted his band aid on him.


so i decided to contribute something to this fandom because of the lack of fics :) enjoy ^^


“We don’t talk anymore, we don’t anymore, we don’t talk anymore like we used to.” Simon huffed quietly as he strummed his guitar. He sat by the bay window of his new room, his new home. It was still too much to take in.

Raphael had ushered him into his new life relatively quickly, setting aside a room and a tiny fridge with blood bottles for him. He’d even prepared training sessions for him so that he could get used to his newfound speed and senses.

For that he’d been grateful. He intended to thank Raphael by replacing his jacket. At the very least, he knew how much the leader liked his jackets.

But all those thoughts and activities could do nothing to console him. He was still hanging off by a thread from his old life. He thought of his sister and something wet slid down his cheek. When he reached up to wipe away the tear he was surprised to see blood instead and immediately recoiled at the sight. Right, he would never cry the same again.

But at that moment he didn’t care. He just sat there, letting the inevitable set in as he whispered out song lyrics and loosely strummed his guitar.

Raphael was storming down the hallways looking for Simon. Idiota, he had forgotten about practice again. The fledgling was going to be the death of him. And he was already dead.

‘When I get my hands on him, I swear I’m going to -’ his train of thought was cut off as a soft sound, a mixture of what sounded like singing and crying, reached Raphael’s ears. He walked toward the source of it and found himself outside Simon’s room.

He sighed.

Still missing the mortal life, he was. Raphael could understand. He’d been in that position many times over. And it’d taken so much effort not to do something regretful back when he was younger.

Being immortal had its drawbacks. Raphael had already begun to calcify before the whole situation with the Shadowhunters and Valentine’s blasted daughter came about. He was starting to succumb to the inevitability of ‘forever’.

And then everything changed when that adorable dork showed up. He’d never admit it, but he was grateful that the boy was around. It had given him a distraction of sorts. Or rather, someone worth looking at because no matter how hard he tried to deny it, he was slowly falling for Simon Lewis.

Raphael hesitated, all anger dissipating, before knocking his knuckles on the wooden door.

The singing stopped abruptly.

“Simon? Can I come in?” He asked. No response. He took that as a yes and walked straight in to see the figure of Simon curled up by the bay window with his guitar on his lap and red lines streaking his face.

As much as he didn’t want to show his affection, or make his infatuation known, Raphael couldn’t help himself as he walked into the adjourning bathroom, rinsed a wash towel under the tap and returned, waking up to Simon and taking by boy’s face lightly by the chin.

He starting cleaning up the blood streaks gently, the red coming away in dashes as Simon looked up at him, eyes still brimming red.

“C'mon, no more crying.” Raphael whispered quietly, the moment he was done.

“I know how hard it is. I’ve been there but trust me, it will get better. Have a little faith. That was what pulled me through.” He said and Simon resisted a sniffle.

“Why are you being so nice to me all of sudden? When we first met, you hated my guts. When I was mundane, you wanted nothing to do with me. And then here I am, a newborn vampire and you’re coddling me like some child. What is this?” Simon blurted out before he could stop himself.

Raphael tensed up and his anger began to bubble beneath the surface. Dios, why did he have to like this blasted fool?

“We are a clan. We all care for each other. But if you’re so against my help, then I won’t ever bother you again.” He replied tersely, feeling slightly offended. Stupid sonofab-

“Wait, no I didn’t mean it like that. I appreciate it. Really. Please, stay.” Simon said hurriedly, grabbing Raphael by the wrist. Raphael eyed the hand on his wrist. If he still had a heartbeat, his pulse would have quickened at the touch. Simon made to retract his hand when Raphael twisted his wrist around to hold him in place.

“Okay.” He replied.

And so he stayed.


When Simon trained previously, he’d always seemed distracted. As if there was something else on his mind, or somewhere else he’d rather be and that pissed Raphael off. He couldn’t get the fledgling to stay put and listen and often ended up venting his frustration out on the poor lad himself during mock-fights.

But after Raphael had stayed with Simon, he’d changed.

Raphael had simply held his hand and sat across from the lad at the bay window, his boot-clad feet kicked up as he silently watch the world go by outside, often stealing glances at the boy across from him. They stayed like that until night fell and they left to hunt.

Training sessions after that seemed to go smoother. Simon focused perfectly and he was slowly learning to gain control over his new abilities, slowly gaining the upper hand in most training exercises and pinning Raphael under him. He had to admit, it felt good to finally be able to hone all his new gifts. Raphael had rarely said much on his improvement but had let a small smile slip once or twice and that was indication enough of how well he was doing.

One time, when Simon pinned Raphael to the ground with a loud thump, he’d let out a sharp hiss and scrunched up his eyes as a hand shot up to the back of his head.

“Joder! Hijo de puta!” (direct translation : f***! sonofabitch!) Raphael growled out and Simon had been around for long enough to understand that he was being cussed at.

“Shit, Raphael? Are you okay? Oh go- ugh, I’m sorry, are you hurt?” Simon rushed out in a flurry of phrases. He began to get off of the elder vampire when suddenly he found himself pinned to the hardwood floor with a yelp and a grinning Raphael, fangs out, sitting on top of him.

“You forgot the first rule, don’t show any sign of weakness.” Raphael taunted and Simon would have blushed had he still been human.

“Hey, you were the one that toyed with my feelings.” He tutted like a child and huffed to which Raphael froze slightly.

They had a brief staring contest before realising what an awkward position they were in and Raphael scrambled to get off the younger lad, quickly straightening out his jacket as he did.

“Er, training’s over for today, you can go.” He said and left the room in a flash, leaving a very bewildered and confused Simon behind to wonder what the hell had happened.


Simon left the hotel with his ears ringing from a whole load of nagging from their one and only Raphael. For Chrissakes, he was just going down to see Luke at the restaurant. No big deal. But remembering how Raphael reacted the last time to him being simply shoved by one of the wolves, he decided to just assure the leader of his safety and return before the sun was up.

Which didn’t really happen.

Since he kind of got caught up in a whole situation with helping Luke get his job back, being the fake ‘Demonic Murderer’ and getting shot a least twenty times, not that it hurt but it had been a strange experience.

By the time he left the station it was inching towards morning and he’d broken into a sprint to get back to the hotel before the sunlight touched him. The moment he walked into the hotel, the sound of Spanish cussing reached his ears.

“Raphael calm down, he’ll be fine he’s not some child.” Simon faintly heard Lily’s voice.

“Idiota! I’m going to look for him myself!” Raphael’s voice was louder that time.

“You’re gonna get yourself burnt.” A third, calm voice replied. “And Simon’s back already.”

“WHAT?!” Lily and Raphael chimed.

“…Hey guys?” Simon stepped out into the main hall with a small sheepish wave, unsure of what to do.

“Are you okay? Why are a you covered in bullet holes? Who did this to you? I swear I’m going to-”

“Raph, I’m fine, just some favour for Luke, I’m still here not dead see?” Simon cut him off, gesturing to his still standing form.

The emotions that flickered through Raphael’s eyes whirred by terrifyingly fast and Simon was worried that he was having a mental breakdown. Instead, the leader spun on his heel and stormed off without another word or backward glance.

“What’s gotten into him?” Simon asked and Elliot, the owner of the last voice, chuckled.

“Boy are you oblivious.” He snickered, clapping his hand on Simon’s shoulder before walking off. Lily offered a bemused smile before following suite leaving him wondering why had Raphael acted in such a way.

He looked down sadly at the bag in his hand. It looked like he was going to have to give it to him personally.


Even though vampires didn’t sleep, Raphael felt exhausted as he lay down on his bed, something he hadn’t felt in a while.

Stupid Lewis, making him feel this way.

It was completely illegal for him to be so dorky and yet so adorable at the same time.

He groaned into his duvet.

“Idiota…” He mumbled under his breath, he’d been using that word very frequently ever since Simon came.

Suddenly, there was a knock.

“Raph? You in there? Can we talk?”


“Go away Simon, I’m not in the mood.” Raphael replied, not wanting to have to face the very problem he had been trying to deal with.

“Alright, I’m coming in.”

“What do you not understand about -”

“I bought you a new jacket.”


“I said, I bought you a new jacket. I had to help Luke with some stuff and I picked up a jacket before I went over.”

Raphael sat up and stared dumbly at Simon.

“You, bought me, a jacket? Why?” He asked, suspicious.

“Because I’ve already ruined two of yours. And I felt bad. And itssortofathankyouforbeingreallywelcomingandhelpful.” Simon mumbled and Raphael could barely catch the last part of what he had said as he watched the nervous brunette run a hand though his hair.

“What’s it look like?” Trying to stall, he decided to see how Simon would react. The lad seemed slightly shocked, a little deflated before he covered it back up with a nervous grin.

“It’s leather, a few embroidery details. Thought you might like this.” Simon said sheepishly. Raphael felt something bloom in his chest despite the absence of a heartbeat. He got up and walked over to take a closer look at the jacket. Simon was right, the red embroidery was really quite appealing.

He stole a glance at Simon from under lashes and decided, screw it.

Maybe it was the way the lad was so nervous and he wanted to take away some of that tenseness, or maybe it was just him seeing red and going a little crazy, but he leaned right in and captured the fledgling’s lips in his.

At first nothing happened and Raphael was starting to deeply regret his existence as tens of thousands of profanities started running through his head when Simon heaved in a breath he didn’t really need and leaned into the kiss.

The jacket fell to the floor, forgotten amidst the innocent, intimate moment.

When Raphael pulled away, Simon still had his eyes closed and he blinked them a couple of times before looking Raphael dead in the eye.

“So that’s why you were acting to strange.” He smiled softly, like a child who’d discovered a secret.

“Idiota…” Raphael couldn’t help but chuckle, not with venom but rather affection this time and he wrapped Simon up in a hug. It lacked warmth and everything that a human hug had but it felt right. And at that moment, that was all that really mattered.




Repost by @theyachtguy:
THIS IS DISGUSTING‼️ The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission have been alerted about the video and are attempting to identify the people involved and where exactly the incident took place.
They have stated it is currently to early to talk about what, if any, violations occurred.
Anyone with information is urged to contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922.
Thank you @marktheshark for putting these fools on blast!! @peta @flwildfed (at Florida)

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What do you think of the episode with Ikra (Aku's female form)? It was one of my favorites when I first saw it, and I thought it was pretty brilliant on Aku's part ^^

Yeah, that was a really dick move on Aku’s part. He didn’t need to disguise himself as a hot woman to accomplish his goal, but he definitely had a blast fooling Jack.

P.S. I’m probably gonna get hate for this, but in my opinion Jack developed more believeable romantic chemistry with Ikra in one single episode than he did with Ashi over the seven episodes they were together.

He doesn't give a damn

A drabble based on an imagine on imaginexhobbit 

Part 2

Not really a pairing, but Thorin and reader as the main characters

(It’s the first drabble I’ve written for this universe woo)

He doesn’t give a damn

Based on: this imagine

Written by me hoho

After a long and exhausting day, you wanted nothing more than to, when the dwarves ofthe company were all snoring in sleep, slip away for a bath.

Thorin had stalled the pack to stay the night in an empty cave. After eating and sharing stories by the campfire, the men began to prepare for sleep. One by one they took their places on the hard and dirty floor of the cave. You were the last one to stay up, but unlike you told Balin, who told you to get some rest too, you weren’t about to put to sleep. The case was, travelling with a pack of dwarves, well, one can only imagine the time they spend on thinking about the hygiene. Let alone bathing and such. But while you had been riding your horses earlier today, you had passed by a lake, hidden in the peace of surrounding trees. The cave was not located far from it, so you didn’t even need to take your horse when you slyly headed your steps towards the lake.

 You walked through a mellow flower field, the nice warm wind blowing on your back. You felt like it was pushing you towards the waited change to get rid of all that dirt covering your skin and it made you smile. Picking up your pace you jogged to the lake. Stopping by the last tree parting you from the water, you gently rest your hand on it and took a moment to breath. God it was lovely. All that stress and fear, all forgotten for a short moment. The moon was beautiful that night as it lighted up your nightly adventure. You had to hide your true curves, such a silly thing really. But none of the dwarves, you thought to yourself, could ever take you seriously if they knew the truth. The fact that you were not a man, nor a son of your father, but a woman, a daughter. You’d had to hide your true gender to be taken seriously as a member of the pack. But now was the time to leave all that behind, because for a second, you allowed yourself to let go.

 You opened the strings of your gear, pulled them over your head, let them fell to your ankles, leaving you naked. Taking a glance at your surroundings, and finding it still peaceful and safe, you head your steps, again, towards the waterline. The water felt so fresh, so cold, on your toes. You kept walking further, up until the surface was just about to reach above your thigh gap. You had to force yourself take the next step, after all, the water was nothing but warm and you remembered well the times when cold water had came in touch with your sex. Grimacing at the familiar feeling, you tried to think why you had come here in the first place. Closing your eyes, you kneeled down and water swallowed you whole.

 Gasping for air you rose from the depth and heard a deep voice clear their throat behind you at the beach. “I gotta say, if you and I both declare to be called men, I have a completely wrong idea what is the difference between men and women.” You turn around, taking a quick breath as your body responds to the revelation in shakes all over you body, and cover you breast by crossing your arms around you. Thorin kept his eyes fixed on you as he walked a bit closer, a few inches further and his shoes would’ve gotten wet. “Those look like breasts to me.”

 You swallow slowly. The panic your feeling is evident on your face. “Thorin I-“

“Can explain? I’m sure.” You kneel your body so that only your head stays above the surface, the rest of your body hidden from the look of your serious leader. “How you’ve had a blast fooling us all? Taking us for fools-“

“No!” You cut him short. “It’s not like that, Thorin, you must believe me!” You are red from embarrassment, from head to toe, but you stand up and look at him straight in the eye. “I had to. I needed you to take me with you. This task is as important to me as it is to all of you, damn me for being born as a female but I’m a great warrior! You know this, Thorin!” The water is touching your navel as you plead your king for forgives of your fraud. You now notice how you’d waved your hands in frustration while speaking up and quickly re-cover yourself.

 Thorin hasn’t budged from his position. He looks at your direction, but you think you saw his eyes wonder your moon light naked body up and down. It was hard for you to tell from this distance though, after all, you preferred close combat for a reason.

 “And you’re telling me,” Thorin said after only staring at you in the silence for, what felt like over several minutes, “you felt like it was necessary to hide your character in hope to avoid prejudice,” he took another pause. Keeping his eyes still on you, he took steps to his left, the shape of coast affecting him to be closer to you, without him still touching the water. “From men of this particular group? Or is this something you’ve always done? Fool those around you, trusting their lives on your hands, thinking of you as one of them?”

“Thorin please-“

“Save it. I don’t give a damn of your sex, can’t you see that this is ridiculous?! We have not stopped for three days for a longer period, this might be your only change to get a good night sleep, possibly in who knows how long time, and you spend it on fooling around in the water?!” Thorin yells this to you with a tone he had yelled at you times and times before. He is talking to you like times before this, before he knew the real you. He is thinking of your wellbeing, and this confuses you.

“I, Thorin, I don’t understand. Are you not mad at me?”

 You shiver, the cold water is really starting to make you uncomfortable and you tighten your grip on your arms around you. Thorin notices your discomfort, and turns his back to you. “Stop standing there and get your damned body covered! The last thing we need is you falling ill, we need the strength of every men. Or, women. Look, son, I’m not mad at you. I admit,” Thorin glances at you but when he sees your naked butt only about to be covered by a cloth, he turns his head away, now a new small hint of colour on his face.

 “I admit that I might have not allowed you to join us when we started our journey, but we’ve experienced a lot together.” You tug the oversized shirt over your heard and hear a small chuckle live your king’s mouth. “And like you said lass, you’ve proved yourself to be a reliable swords man, I’ll be counting on you in future too.” He turns to face you and there’re only few meters between you and him. You swallow the gulp in your throat and stutter, “I-I will b-be more thoughtful from no-now on!” an evident blush still covering your features.

“Yes yes, now get to the others! We can’t stay here for long anyways. And dry your hair properly for gods sake!” You look at him amazed and let out a little laugh.

“…What?” Thorin asks obviously a little uncomfortable with the situation as you two began your walk back.

“Nothing,” you smile and try to rub your hair a bit with your sleeves. “Will I have to tell the others?” You ask when you two are almost at the camp.

 Thorin stops on his tracks and gives you a look. “When you’re ready, I think you should. Have a little more faith in us, will you?” He pats your shoulder and walks pass you. “Good night, lass.”

“Y-yes, good night.”

You watch his back for a second and then follow him in, settling for a sleep, a little cold from the swim but with a smile on your face. It felt like a huge rock had been lifted off your heart.

Part 2

Hidden Depths

Dr. Watts strolled down the path. Salem had communicated to him via Cinder’s Scroll that Tyrian had failed in his mission to stop the silver-eyed girl, and now she was heading towards Haven. That blasted fool, failing a job so simple. At the very least, he simultaneously revealed and eliminated a variable in the shape of Qrow Branwen, as well as acquiring data on the targets: a slow boy with a sword, shield, and a formidable Aura, a martial artist with blade pistols, a girl who wielded a hammer and was strengthened by electricity, and the silver-eyed girl who wasn’t aware of her own powers. The Aura boy and perhaps Ruby Rose aside, the other two were completely unremarkable. None of them had posed a threat to Tyrian, and they would be much less so to him. His chance of defeat was 1%. Realistically, it was much lower than that, but only a fool dealt in absolutes. He was a professional.

As he walked down the path from the Academy, he noted four people walking up it. As predicted, the poison Tyrian left in Qrow’s system made them hasty, and they had hurried to the city of Haven as quick as possible. Presumably they had left him in the hospital and gone to take care of the matter themselves. A poor choice. Before Haven Academy there was a plain. No chances for any pesky birds or anyone else to sneak in on the battle. Chance of defeat: .5%.

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Stress Relief

So my muse won the battle of writing vs. productivity and out popped this little fic. There is basically zero plot, just some ust and a sprinkle of fluff. Probably sucks because wow am I bad at writing kisses, but hey practice makes perfect and all of that. 

I am definitely going to fail my psych presentation tomorrow. *throws glittler*

Probably a T rating on this one? IDK 

Being queen was a stressful, time consuming, pain in the arse job that never ended, Merida grumbled to herself one night. She was locked up in her private study, reading over missives from different nations wanting to work out trade agreements with the small country. She had spent the better part of the evening scanning through them; the candles on her desk were burning low and she had long since sent her ladies maid to bed, saying she could take care of herself for one night. The price of being a queen, so it seemed. It was at times like these where she wished she had someone to help her shoulder the burden of ruling; to have a companion on the long, unending nights where she would be lucky if she saw her bed for more than a few hours.

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My bad, wrong room

Or, my random 3 a.m attempts at writing smut.

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The mistake, Hawke thought, had been to try to climb to Varric’s suite through the window. There had been an unfortunate misunderstanding last week, involving a few harmless explosions, and serah Liam had gotten into a regrettable habit of waiting for Hawke in the joint every evening to… presumably not make friends over a cup of tea. This had left Hawke with very few options, if he wanted to see his best friend and fellow conspirator.

However, his spatial recognition skills had apparently not extended to being able to correctly identify Varric’s window. Hawke stared, cross-eyed, at the blade of the greatsword that lingered precariously against his throat.

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anonymous asked:

Mom, you look super uncomfortable in this week's untucked when you were sitting alone with Kennedy and Ginger. What were you thinking about to get yourself through?

Okay, a few things.

I was so disappointed in this Untucked because what you didn’t see was Ginger, Kennedy and I rolling around on the floor, screaming, laughing, carrying on and having a really fun time. We were reading each other, we were reading ourselves, we were reading the camera crew, we were having an absolute blast and acting a fool. When I saw the “Unhinged” promo with Kennedy on the ground I got so excited at the thought that they would include all of this light-hearted, joyous, romper-roomery, but alas, what we got was mostly shade-throwing. (So glad they kept my burp though, and the bit about the porn.) This moment was one of the best memories that Ginger and I have from doing the show, and we were both very bummed out that we couldn’t see it on tape. 

It’s worth noting that when I mentioned Violet, I went on to say that her look was incredible. In fact, for what it’s worth, I think Violet Chachki has the best runway looks from ALL seasons, especially considering that she is only 22. Now, I am NOT trying to excuse myself or back-pedal from what anybody might consider shady behavior on my part. I kept mostly quiet, because I actually enjoyed most of the girls’ looks from that day and in general. Fame’s makeup was particularly breath-taking this episode. I remember she was blabbing incessantly about something and I wasn’t listening to a word–just staring at her gorgeous paint job. 

I don’t regret my comment about Max. I was sincerely curious about why it took her so long to paint her face, because her paint is always so soft and minimal (and yes, flawless–I guess I just answered my own question lol)  I’m curious why people are so upset that drag queens are acting shady toward one another? It’s a drag queen competition show, and that is literally the only thing we are encouraged to do there when we are sitting in Untucked! If there was no shade, bitchiness or calling out, people would say it was too boring! 

I wasn’t uncomfortable. I just don’t like reading all that much, and I’m not particularly good at it. I’m not going to drag someone unless I can make it funny, and the other queens on the show are a lot better at it than me.  I really enjoy being around Ginger and Kennedy–I love them, and especially in that moment because we were celebrating our win, and the three of us have really awesome chemistry together, regardless of anybody’s views on what is and isn’t good drag. I find myself kind of caught in the middle on the show at this point.  I want to align myself with G & K, not only because I like them, but because I want to do well in the challenges. The runway is not a team sport. And I was very self-conscious of my runway looks and my makeup on the show, considering Fame, Max, Violet and Pearl are so damn proficient in that arena. I mean, look at Violet on the runway–that is her STAGE. It’s breath-taking to watch. I made friends with just about everybody, not out of any strategy, but it was what I had to do so that I wouldn’t go crazy. And I connected with Ginger particularly well, not only because we both chain-smoke, but because I recognized her insane talent as far as the challenges were concerned, and that is what excites me most about the show. We had so much fun working together in our scene this week, I just wish that had come across more on the episode, but oh well, that’s television. 

TL;DR – c’est la vie! My videos tomorrow are going to be so good!