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Mercy Graves and Lex Luthor from BvS

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I’ve been growing a little fond of the idea of Sapphire have been some kind of celebrity songstress and that her songs could’ve inspired the Homeworld Gems’ armies, before Rose Quartz’s rebellion. And after that she’d inspire Rose’s army.

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Steven Universe © Rebecca Sugar

And of course Ruby’s reaction first time she saw Sapphire and heard her sing…

(Garnet says that love at first sight doesn’t exist, but what about feeling some kind of “attraction at first sight”? There must’ve been something to make these two want to talk with each other in the first place, right?!)

Who Blast might be...

I’ve been toying around with the idea that Blast might be Sai’s older brother. It seems out of left field, but what if Sai and his family went through an event like the mad cyborg deal and wound up either dead or seperated. If Sai lost his memories of the event and memories of his fam, it would make sense that he wound up living alone with no one to claim him as their child and no memories to go in search of them with. Maybe Blast the reason Blast has been absent is that he is still looking for Sai, and became a hero because of kid!Sai’s love for them.

Family and social connections are a huge part of One Punch man’s themes. Maybe Sai reconnecting with Blast will be One’s way of exploring how to rekindle or build relationships with family or friends we’ve grown apart from.

I could be absolutely wrong, of course, but who knows.

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Blast Theory Intern - Week Two

This weeks Johns been off on a site visit to Germany luckily he left me various fun tasks to get on with in his departure.

I’ve been continuing with the safehouse videos, although I’ve stopped listening to most of them, as I’d probably go a bit loopy if I watched all 80. I do however now pick people who I think look interesting – how this is based is entirely subjective of course [ahem.] I also found Matt, Ju and Nick’s which I’ll defiantly be watching soon.  

I’ve imputed the last of the audience data and made a nifty little spreadsheet where all the data now lives. Now I get to analyse it all and make totals, percentages and pie charts. I’m a bit rusty on excel but I’m learning again fast. I’m going to eventually compile everything I’ve found out into some nifty report along with my results for the audience survey.  

We’ve been toying with the idea of what I can do while at Blast Theory that makes use of my writing. We thought about facebook posts, blogging or twitter. As they’re thinking about incorporating a blog into the future website, we couldn’t do that. It was decided that I’d make facebook posts, giving an insight into what I’m doing at Blast Theory sort of like a really, condensed version of this. A micro blog if you will, I’ll post on their Facebook page once or twice a week.

As John was away I also got to take over daylight duties in the weekly meeting. This was a slightly traumatic experience as Macs are still continuing to confuse me, and my spelling can be pretty poor at times, however once you get going its not too bad. I’ve also been finishing off compiling the research document I was working on last week. I think that’s the main tasks for week two.

The idea of doing a Yoga taster session has also been mentioned this week. Most people in the office are giving it a try so I agreed to give it a go. I’m all for it. However I’m pretty clumsy and uncoordinated so I’m sure it will be interesting (something to laugh about.)  


Posting on “Sleep No More” tag because it seems like this app interests all of us.  This has the feeling of a very intimate Punchdrunk experience that you can have in your own home.

I can’t wait to meet Karen!!  I could certainly use some life coaching.

Here’s a link to a NY Times article about it (her).  Available on April 15th.

Ok so I’ve had this GF thought for the last few days.

If Stanley does end up dying ( by fire or what have you ) Then Ford ( assuming HE doesn’t die ) could try winning a time wish to get him back.

But wait! Psychic, Bill killed time baby! How could he get a time wish?

Well, Blendin is still alive. No, I don’t think he can grant a time wish ( pretty sure time baby is the only one who can do that ) but the important thing is he’s still alive, and i’m pretty sure he still has a time traveling measuring tape, couldn’t they use that to travel to a point in time where time baby is alive? And if not, and time baby exists at a specific point in time, then what?

Well Ford could then try finding a way to find a, lets say dimension where time baby ( or a race like him ) exists, spending all his time trying to find a way to save Stanley, doing anything and everything he could think of to try and get an item like the time wish, or just anything, to save him.

I think having him go through time and space itself would be enough of a challenge for Ford to prove if he really truly cares about Stanley.