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Honestly if anyone is proof of Drift compatibility being a real thing it’s the McElroys. Like they are so constantly in synch with their thoughts and humour that you can totally picture them still blasting off one-liners and goofs while simultaneously suplexing a kaiju in their jaeger, Rancho Greatjob

one punch, one kiss

Pairing: Shieldshock
Premise: She throws a punch and that’s it, he’s confessing everything.
Author’s Note: This is based on a prompt suggested by the lovely @glynnisi at @shieldshockfanfic.  I really appreciate you suggesting it! I had fun writing it so I hope you enjoy it.
Warning: Contains references to antisemitism; though it is not specifically stated.

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The Cliche Rain Scene - Lydia Martin

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something mini and happy to fix your hearts after my last imagine

The house was blasting with music, one little pack meeting turning into a Just Dance marathon.  Currently, Malia was kicking Liam’s ass at it.  But Allison still held the high score.  Who knew she had such moves? You turned to look for the brunette, about to congratulate her on her win for the night.  But you found her and Stiles arguring over who ad the better moves, so you decided to just put of your comment till later.

“Having fun?” Your girlfriend asked beside you on the couch.  You smiled, and clinked your juice box with hers.

“Always with you Lyds” You said with a cheeky grin.  She chuckled, swinging her legs over your lap as you both went back to watching Malia swinging her arms and legs around in the dumb dance.

“Liam, you’re way too uncoordinated!” Stiles scolded, flailing his arms.  You guessed he’d bet on the boy, while you and most of the others had bet on Malia.  You chuckled, watching Stiles and Liam argue on how to dance.

“I didn’t know he was so passionate about dance” You said quietly to Lydia.

“I heard that!” Stiles yelled, just as the game ended.

Everyone but Stiles and Liam cheered when Malia had one, seeing that no money was lost.

“Come on Stilinski! Fork over the forty bucks!” Malia demanded, holding her hand out.

“Forty dollars Stiles?” Scott laughed, and everyone was trying to keep in their giggles as he rummaged in his pocket for his wallet.

“Fuck off” The freckled boy grumbled, and gave Malia the money in a mess of tens and ones.  Allison yawned, and made her rounds saying goodbye.

“I’m beat guys, I’m ready to head home and sleep all this ache off”

“Hey, good job on your win” You said, standing to hug her. 

“Awe, thanks y/n” Allison smiled sleepily, and ruffled up Lydia’s perfect hair.


“Love you too, bye guys” She waved, and there was a chorus of goodbyes as she left.

“I guess I better go too.  My mom’s probably gonna be mad, I stayed way past I said I would” You chuckled and shook your head at the sophomore.

“Do you want a ride?” Malia offered.

“Mal, you don’t have a car” Stiles said.

“Yeah but you do” She responded, and Stiles groaned.

“Fine” Stiles cursed a string of words under his breath.  “Come on runt”

More goodbyes echoed in Scott’s living room as the three left.  Now it was just you, Lydia, and Scott who was cleaning up around the living room.

“Want any help?” You asked, but the boy shook his head.

“That’s alright, Stiles is staying the night, I’ll make him help” Scott laughed, and you giggled, helping Lydia up off the sofa.

“Okay well hug me bye then” You said, and Scott sighed, stopped folding a blanket, and hugged you quickly.

“Alright, see you guys” You and Lydia walked to the door, slipping on your flats, her heels, and sliding your coats on.  “Practice safe sex”

“Girls cant get other girls pregnant” Lydia winked.  “Opens many window of opportunities” Scott stared back at you with parted lips and wide eyes.

“O-oh” He said, just standing, frozen and seemingly traumatized.  You burst into a fit of giggles, shaking your head as you waved goodbye again.

“See you later McCall” You said, opening the door.

“It’s raining!” Lydia squealed, and excitedly ran out into the downpour.  You laughed, and followed, closing the door behind you.  “Come on!” Lydia waved her hand, gesturing for you to come out where she was in the driveway.  You laughed when she began dancing around.

“Lyds, what are you doing?” You said, coming over to her.

“Just dance with me!” She said, taking your hands and spinning you both around.  You just shrugged and spun her around eagerly, giggling and singing loudly to a song you practically knew by heart thanks to the radio.

“So honey now!” You yelled, and Lydia giggled, slipping off her heels and stepping her bare feet onto your converse.  

“Take me into your loving arms!” You sang together.

“Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars!” Lydia said, and you leaned forward, capturing her lips in yours in a wet rain kiss.

“Oh darling, place your hand on my beating heart” You hummed, and Lydia linked her hands behind your neck, staring intently up into your eyes, a soft smile on her face.  “I love you” She whispered, and you grinned, heart fluttering as she said the words you’ve been dying to tell her.

“Really?” Lydia nodded her head, biting her lip.  “I love you too” You murmured back, and leaned down, kissing her softly again.  “A lot” You added, and she smiled against your lips.

“Come on” She said, tugging your hand and picking up her shoes.  “Let’s go home and watch Friends and cuddle in pajamas” You smiled big and happily walked to the car with her.

“Deal” You said.  “But I get to take a shower to get this rain out of my hair” Lydia giggled and nodded.

“We should probably share… I mean, we don’t wanna waste water do we?” You quickly shook your head.

“No no of course not! Gotta do what we can to save those polar bears in the ice caps.  Sharing a shower would definitely help them” Lydia giggled as she got in the car.

You were so easily turned on.

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I’m chasing a ghost
A feeling that’s haunted me for years 
Every time I get close it’s gone

Am I living a lie?
Well, maybe I just expect too much
Maybe it’s time I try for more 

 I will tear my sky
To make it through the night
I will take back my pride
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 

I will move the ground 
I will pull the curtains down 
Wear my fist on my sleeve
And live while I breathe, live while I breathe 



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Jocasta Nu survives that bit with the murder (somehow) and winds up with Rebel Intelligence (where else). Post ANH she ends up teaching Luke and possibly also Leia. Certain truths may get told a sight earlier (cough*Vader*cough). On a completely unrelated note it's not exactly easy for sundry rebels to take Vader seriously anymore due to someone spreading Temple gossip courtesy of the de facto Jedi Grandmother.

Okay but why not go full AU here and drop Jocasta into the Double Agent Vader storyline.

She’s an intelligence agent, of course, and by the time we reach the OT period she’s probably working closely with Mon Mothma herself. And if we assume that Anakin shared a bit of Tatooine culture with her (though far from everything), then she might very well recognize the name Ekkreth. Especially since she already knows that Anakin is Vader.

If Jocasta survived, I think it would be because Anakin failed to kill her in the Temple. Which, realistically, would probably mean he knowingly let her escape. So she knows better than anyone, even Obi-Wan or Yoda, exactly what he did. She was there.

So it’s going to be difficult for her, to say the least. She cared a lot about this kid, and she did what she could to help him without fully understanding the situation and without having regular access to him, and obviously something went horribly wrong. She was there in the Temple. She knows what happened. She knows what he did. It’s not something she can ever forget. Sometimes the thought of it makes her physically ill.

But she also sees what he’s doing now, and she’s perhaps better equipped to work with him than most other members of Alliance Intelligence. When the Inquisitors’ lists of Force sensitive children start coming in, she knows what that means. And when his coded phrases reference Tatooine stories, sometimes she knows what that means, too.

Eventually she sends him a coded message directly. That wouldn’t be completely out of the ordinary - Anakin’s primary Rebel contact is Leia, but sometimes he communicates with Mon Mothma as well. But when he gets this message, he knows it’s not from Mon Mothma. She doesn’t usually send physical deliveries, and she certainly wouldn’t send something like this: a carefully wrapped package of biscuits, with a note included that says “Don’t forget again.” It’s signed “Grandma.”

It’s a pretty big risk, even if there is no directly incriminating information. But Jocasta’s felt alone for a long time now. She has a place in the Rebellion, but most of her life was spent surrounded by other Jedi, and now it’s just her. Just her, and on the rare occasions when they’re stationed on the same base there’s Ahsoka Tano, grown now and insisting she’s not a Jedi. And now Ekkreth, someone she once knew as a boy called Anakin. He’s grown now, too, and it’s no less strange than Ahsoka. She’s used to thinking of both of them as children.

And yes, there’s quite a large part of Jocasta that blames Anakin for the loss of the Order and the Republic. But he’s also the only one left, and sometimes she isn’t sure if she blames him or if she blames the Jedi or even herself. It would be easiest, and maybe best, to simply blame Palpatine, but Jocasta’s learned that logic alone can only get you so far. Her emotions are harder to tame. It’s funny, she thinks bleakly sometimes, that it took the loss of everything she’d ever known and believed for her to start questioning those beliefs.

So she doesn’t know how she feels, really. But a few weeks later, when a delivery arrives for her on the Rebel base on Settra, she lets herself smile about it. There’s a seemingly untouched package of biscuits inside. Beneath every biscuit there’s a datastick. She runs each of them through the decryptions. They’re copies - abbreviated, limited, but there - of the Jedi Archives.

Eventually, she hopes, they’ll meet again in person. She still doesn’t know what she’ll do. But this is something. It’s a beginning.

Act Natural

Cassian Andor/ Reader

Words: 1,033

Summary: You and Cassian find yourself in a predicament: an Imperial officer is questioning why the two of you are hanging around an empty alley. Time to act natural.

Prompt: “Heyy could you write a some Cassian Andor x reader fluff?”

Tagging: @kwaiky, @attentionseekingprincess, @ly–canthrope

Requested by: Anonymous

Author’s notes: Anyone want some fake relationship fluff? I got u, fam. I hope you are feeling much better, anon!! I really wanted a fluff fic done by Valentine’s pero candy is half off today so I mean, technically the 15th is better than Valentine’s Day.

Reconnaissance missions suck.

You run on a gamble of either getting what you need or leaving the planet empty handed. The mission called for gathering intel on the possible Imperial occupation of an Outer Rim planet.

“In and out,” Cassian tells you once you enter the city.

“Whatever you say, captain,” you snort.

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