blast from the past

Okay, so for today’s Throwback Thursday I was unable to find a picture of me with my bad Rogue (from Xmen) hair (I’ll have to dig around my parent’s house when I see them tomorrow) BUT I did find this gem. MY VERY FIRST SELFIE CIRCA 2003!!! Everyone made fun of me for asking for a digital camera for my 13th birthday, but I am so glad I did - for posterity, y'know? Pretty sure I am wearing a West 49 hoodie and a hat that my mother crotcheted, because I’ve always been a hat girl. Enjoy!

how one of my friends met my boyfriend
  • friend:that boy is so cute
  • me:yeah but is he a feminist
  • friend:who cares
  • me:I do
  • friend:okay then, let's ask him that
  • me:wait, what
  • me:...
  • me:no seriously, wait
  • friend:*walks over to the boy*
  • friend:excuse me, are you by any chance a feminist?
  • boy:sure, equality is good
  • me:*heart eyes*
  • friend:unbelievable
  • me:you know this is my boyfriend, right?
  • friend:believable