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consider the following- Altean! Lance taking the bomb for Coran like he does in canon. Only Coran is now actively furious and wants to pummel some galra punks( cause let's face it the only reason he wasn't up in arms was because it was a Pidge episode)

ok so I hc Alteans are a lot sturdier than they look (like coran just had to take a min breath then was up and running, same with allura yo, they tough)

if imagining the scenario of Altean!Lance pushing Human!Coran out of the way of the explosion, then this comes to mind-

he’s still damn ticked off

D&D: Teamup Attacks

A neat way to encourage teamwork and partnership midcombat: get a bonus when you combine your action with another character! You’ve probably seen things like it before in comics and action movies. The “fastball special” when Colossus throws Wolverine at an enemy. Hawkeye firing an arrow with Ant-Man hiding microscopically on the arrowhead. The ol’ one-two.

The mechanic I’m using for this is to let players use a teamup attack whenever two players roll the same intiative result, but you could feasibly let them do it if they ready their actions appropriately and make proper rolls for whatever they are trying to do. But otherwise, you just add some sort of condition or bonus damage to the attack, along with the regular damage from both players’ attacks. It’s that easy! After the first teamup attack, the players resolve initiative normally by figuring out which player has the higher modifier or rerolling.

The fun part of this mechanic is you or your players coming up with a special attack! Check out some examples I came up with below.

Fastball Special

Half-Orc Barbarian + Halfling Rogue: The Barbarian uses their strength to throw the rogue at an unwary enemy! The attack deals the regular sneak attack damage plus the barbarian’s regular attack damage, and then knocks the target prone.


Fighter + Druid: The Druid casts Entangle or Thorn Whip or some such spell to wrap up the target’s feet, setting up the Fighter (or any martial class, really) to knock them down with a heavy blow to the torso or head. This deals the Druid’s normal damage from the spell (if applicable) and then the Fighter’s damage, plus knocks the target prone.

Shadow Boxing

Way of Shadow Monk + Assassin Rogue: Alternating attacks from each player jumping out of hiding and back into the shadows between each strike confuses the enemy. The target has disadvantage on all attacks during its next turn and cannot move more than 5 feet. It also takes the Monk’s and Rogue’s regular attack damage.

Nail on the Head

Great Weapon Paladin + Archery Ranger: The Ranger hits the creature with an arrow, and then the Paladin follows through with their two-handed maul, hammering the arrow deeper into the creature’s wound. This deals regular damage from the Paladin and Ranger plus causes the creature to bleed for 1d4 damage each round for three rounds.

Come to Deity

Paladin + Cleric: One of the players sweeps the target’s feet and the other whacks the back of their head, causing the target to fall into a kneeling position before the two holy heroes. The damage from both players coupled with their righteous auras causes the creature to become Frightened for one round.

Who Turned Out the Lights?

Fighter + Rogue: The Rogue pulls some of the target’s clothing or a bag over the target’s head, blinding them for 1 round if they are subject to such a condition. The Fighter and Rogue then wail on the creature with their attacks, each of which is made at advantage.

Soul Shred

Good Cleric + Fiend Warlock: The two players blast the target with spells of both fiendish and celestial energy, like an Eldritch Blast and Sacred Flame. The diametric energies surge through the target and vibrate enough to damage their very soul. The creature gains 1d2 levels of Exhaustion in addition to regular damage.

Elemental Convergence

Sorcerer + Wizard: The two spellcasters cast spells with different energy types simultaneously. The target(s) are Stunned for one round from their bodies trying to recover from the shock to their system. The creature or creatures take regular damage from the spells.

Harmonic Spell

Bard + Sorcerer: The Bard guides the energy of the Sorcerer’s spell with their musical magic, fascinating everyone who can see the spell (but not the initial targets of the spell). These creatures gain disadvantage on Perception checks and have their attention drawn to the spell’s effect, even if they were in the middle of combat, giving their enemies a chance to make Stealth checks. The Bard adds a die equal to their Bardic Inspiration die to the Sorcerer’s spell damage, without expending a use of Bardic Inspiration.

Arcane Epiphany

Wizard + Wizard of different school: The two Wizards combine the culmination of their studies to reach a magical revelation of sorts. They can each combine a spell from their chosen schools of magic to create a new spell, limited only by the imagination of the two players. For example, a Shocking Grasp and Phantom Steed launches an electrified steed at the target, becoming a regular Phantom Steed after the damage is dealt. The spell combines the damage of both base spells plus 2d6 damage, if either of the spells deal damage.

Rain of Arrows/Torrent of Blows

Ranger + Ranger: The two Rangers barrage the target with either their dual weapons or multiple arrows. The creature hesitates offering each ranger time for an additional attack in addition to their regular attacks, each at -1.

Look Behind You

Archery Ranger + Rogue: The Ranger and Rogue attack from hiding and use each other’s attacks to distract the creature from one another. The attacks deal a bonus 1d4 damage and do not reveal either player’s hiding place.


Bard + Druid: The Bard’s music combines with the Druid’s natural affinity to call a woodland creature to aid in the battle. This round, the Bard and Druid both deal damage from their respective spells or attacks. Next round, between the Druid and Bard’s initiative, a beast of CR 2 or less arrives to make an attack against a target the Bard and Druid agree upon, using the higher of the two characters’ proficiency modifiers to the attack and damage rolls. The beast then retreats back into the wilderness.

Eldritch Infusion

Warlock + Barbarian: The Warlock infuses the Barbarian’s open mind with the force of their patron to fuel their rage. The Warlock can use its action each round to maintain this bond. While infused, the Barbarian’s last attack each round deals damage equal to the Warlock’s Eldritch Blast damage plus 1d10 additional damage.


Cleric + Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer: Through the Cleric’s exaltation to the draconic deities and the Sorcerer’s draconic origin, the two of you call a dragon to your aid. The Cleric and Sorcerer deal no damage this round. Next round, however, a Young dragon of the Cleric’s or Sorcerer’s choice arrives to use its breath weapon on a 15′ radius area they agree upon, using the dragon’s regular damage and saving throw. The dragon then leaves once its air raid is complete. (this one is a bit of a stretch, but I think that it’s fair if they forego their damage for a round to gain about 16d6 (possibly halved) damage on a small area.)

edit: It was also brought to my attention that Pathfinder’s Teamwork feats are a great example for these! Two I liked were Cover Fire and Harder They Fall. The former lets you use your ranged attacks to also use the Aid action, which i think still works in 5e. The latter lets you help an ally make a bull rush (Shove in 5e) attempt against a creature two sizes bigger than normal, which sounds like something that can be adapted! Even if you don’t use an explicit mechanic, always remember to think outside the box during he game and use teamwork to your advantage!


today, April 19th 2017, has been 22 years since the bombing of Oklahoma City. Timothy McVeigh was convicted of the 1995 bombing and was later executed. the bombing destroyed one-third of the building, killed 168 people, and injured more than 680 others. The blast destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius, shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, and destroyed or burned 86 cars, causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage. (source: wikipedia)

today, in the anniversary of the catastrophe, survivors and the family of the victims will be united in the Murrah Federal Building to remember the tragedy.

So This is Love


Allura shoved her hand up into her hair, pushing away falling strands from her face. She let out a sigh and slumped backwards, leaning onto the wall of the castle. She was so…tired.

“Everything alright, Princess?” Coran asked, his voice holding the care of a father.

“I’m fine, Coran,” she assured him. “The battles just have me worn out.” Allura gave him a smile that she hoped was reassuring, but Coran didn’t buy it. He eyed her warily, opening his mouth to say something, when the paladins came into the control room.

They had just come out of a battle with a particularly nasty robeast, and everyone was looking a little worse for wear. Pidge had a rather large burn on her hand, where her armor had given way. Hunk had bruises forming on his face, and Allura recalled his cry of help during the mission as the robeast struck his lion with some beam, making his head crash against his dashboard. Lance was cradling one hand in the other, his fingers looking like they weren’t quite bent the right way, and Keith had a bloody gash on his cheek.

Shiro…Shiro just looked very, very exhausted.

During the battle, he’d gasped something out about having recognized the robeast before, and Voltron had disbanded soon after, leaving everyone scrambled and worrying for him. Shiro had assured everyone he was fine, but Allura (and everyone else) saw through his lie.

Looking at all of the paladins, Allura realized her qualms would have to wait. She straightened up and folded her hands in front of her, giving her friends a small smile. “I know this mission was a rough one,” she said, “and you came out with trouble, but we succeeded in freeing Xther from the Galra Empire. We should all be proud of ourselves.”

Everyone nodded at her speech, albeit a bit halfheartedly, when Coran let out a curse.

“Quiznak,” he bit. “Princess, paladins, I’m sorry, but we’re going to need to make a stop at the Balmera. Something that blasted robeast did damaged the crystal.” Coran let out another curse, and spoke some colorful Altean phrases Allura was sure a princess wasn’t meant to hear.

Despite Coran’s clear dismay, Hunk’s face lit up. “Can we visit Shay? And Rax?” (Lance smirked at Hunk when he mentioned Rax. Allura wondered why.)

Allura smiled. “Of course, Hunk.”

“Yes!” He pumped his fist in the air, letting out a whooping noise. “This is going to be so great!”

Shiro gazed fondly at Hunk, like a father watching an overexcited child. “We need to go to the infirmary and get fixed up first,” he said. “None of us are in good shape right now.” Then, as a second thought, he said, “Coran, is the crystal operational enough for the infirmary?”

Coran nodded. “Yes, yes. But our shields are severely impaired. We’ll need to arrive at the Balmera soon in case we want to avoid certain death by one of the Galra’s troops.”

Allura nodded. “We leave for the Balmera in the morning. Right now, we rest and heal.”


The next morning, Allura, Coran, and the paladins were gathered in the launch room, ready to go to the Balmera. Hunk looked as excited as an Altean child on Skliftmis, a gift-giving (or gift-receiving, for the younger ones) holiday. He was rambling on about how he couldn’t wait to see Shay and Rax and all the other Balmerans, how he had missed the place, etc.

Allura couldn’t deny that she felt a small spark of excitement as well. It was always nice to visit ally planets, and to see how planets free from the tyranny of the Galra were faring. Allura also found herself looking forward to seeing Shay, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on why. But that didn’t matter.

“Ready to wormhole,” Allura said. The paladins took their seats as Allura placed her hands on the platform, connecting with the energy of the castle and the universe to wormhole away. She focused on the image of the Balmera, inputting the coordinates to the system, and a gaping blue wormhole opened up in front of the castle.

They sped through it, the Balmera appearing on the other side.

Hunk let out a noise of happiness, almost a squeal, but not quite, as they beheld the yellow/green planet. It looked much like Allura remembered it, only more crystals had appeared, giving the planet a sparkling effect. It looked amazing.

Allura couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as they descended onto the Balmera and stepped out of the castle onto the rocky terrain. Balmerans greeted them, with Shay and her family at the front of the crowd.

“Princess! Advisor! Paladins! Hunk!” Shay sounded overjoyed to see them all, a large grin spreading across her face.

“Hello, Shay,” Allura said, stepping forward. Shay enveloped her in a hug as a greeting.

Allura felt something in her heart begin to overflow, causing a tingling sensation in her chest. Shay pulled away and went to hug Hunk and the others, but Allura still felt the phantom of Shay’s arms around her, her cheeks beginning to heat up.

What is this? Allura thought, though she already had an inkling of the answer.

“What brings you here today, Voltron?” Rax, Shay’s brother whom Allura always thought of as a bit cruel, asked.

“Our crystal is damaged,” Keith said. “We need to repair it or get a new one.”

“Only a repair will be necessary.” Coran launched into an explanation as to what had happened to the crystal and how to fix it, but Allura was distracted.

Shay was listening intently, leaning forward just a bit as if to hear Coran better, nodding along, and looking eager to help. Allura had to admire her.

Lance nudged her arm, causing Allura to jump. “Lance! What is it?”

He gave her a knowing smile, then pointed at Shay. “You’re staring.” (God, he was just like the annoying little brother Allura never had.)

Allura elbowed him in the gut, taking pleasure in the surprised, “Oof!” that came after it.

So what if she was staring? Allura was a princess. She could do what she wanted, and that included admiring Shay in all her beauty.

Shay was quite lovely. She was big and muscular, and her glowing eyes reminded Allura of the stars. Allura loved the stars.

After Coran finished his explanation with a few interjections from Pidge, a few mechanics from the Balmerans, Hunk, and Coran went inside the castle, discussing new ways to fix the crystal and how they could even improve it. Pidge raced after them, shouting, “I can help, too!” making Allura smile at her.

Lance, Keith, Allura, and Shay were the ones left. Shay was smiling after Hunk and her family in the castle, looking proud. Allura went over to her.

“So, Shay,” she said, “why aren’t you helping with the crystal?”

“I’m not much one for mechanics. I suppose I’m more of a nature person, or maybe an artist.” Shay looked around the Balmera, a small smile gracing her lips. (Lips Allura felt oddly attracted to). “I suppose there’s not much difference between the two.”

“Nature and art?” Allura asked.

“Yes,” Shay said, “they’re very connected.”

Allura nodded. “When I was little, and Altea was still around,” she said, “I would go into the gardens of the castle with my mother, and I would paint her with the junniberries, which are - were - a type of pink flower. I don’t think I ever painted her very well, because I was so small, but she would always put my pictures up all over the castle, as if I were some esteemed artist.” Allura smiled at the memory. Her mother had been the kindest woman she’d ever known. Allura hoped to be like her, one day.

Shay seemed to read Allura’s mind. “Your mother sounds like an amazing woman,” she said softly.

“She was,” Allura replied, voice equally soft.

Shay’s eyes widened. “Princess, I’m so sorry.”

Allura smiled, a bit sadly, and said, “Do not be sorry that she is no longer with us. The loss was a hard one, but…her life was well-lived. She loved unconditionally, and with everything she had. I think you would’ve liked her.”

Shay laughed. “If she was anything like you, I’m sure I would’ve!”

Allura felt her face heat up at that comment. “W-well, I’m- I’m flattered.” She resisted the urge to smack herself. “I’m flattered”? Who said that?

Shay looked amused at Allura’s response, laughing out loud when Allura covered her blushing face in her hands. The laugh wasn’t malicious at all - Allura didn’t think Shay could do anything malicious - but rather wholeheartedly pleased by Allura’s reaction to her flirting.

Once Allura recovered from embarrassment, and Shay stopped chuckling every time she saw her, Allura straightened her back and looked Shay in the eyes. “I do think my mother is far more like you than me.”

Shay didn’t get these words at first, but after a minute, she was the one hiding her blushing face in her hands, and Allura was the one laughing.

“You’re too nice, Princess,” Shay kept repeating, mumbling into her hands. “Too nice.”

“You are as well!” was Allura’s continuous response, which only made Shay blush more.

Allura wondered where her sudden confidence in flirting had come from. She had never had the courage to act like this back in the old days of Altea, when suitors were always trying to gain her affections. Allura thought maybe Lance had gotten to her.

Speaking of Lance, he and Keith had disappeared off somewhere. Allura didn’t dwell on what that meant.

After a few more minutes of excessive compliments, Shay turned to Allura. (Yes, there were most definitely stars in her eyes.) “Come on, Princess,” she said, “I want to show you my favorite place on Balmera.”

Before Allura could respond, Shay grabbed her hand and led her to a giant, rainbow colored crystal.

“Wow,” Allura gasped, eyes wide in awe. “I had no idea crystals could look like this.”

“Oh, neither did anyone else, before this crystal emerged,” Shay said. “But this isn’t even the best part. Come with me.”

Shay took Allura’s hand again, leading her around to a small hole in the crystal, just big enough to climb through.

“You- we can go inside the crystal?” Allura asked.

Shay nodded excitedly and pulled Allura in after her.

Inside the crystal, it was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Thousands of different colors bounced around and sparkled, mixing together to create an indescribably amazing effect. Allura was reminded a bit of space, only with far more colors. She was in awe.

“Shay, this is amazing,” Allura said, wonder in her voice. She finally ripped her eyes away from the crystal, the sparkles looking like stars, only to be confronted by more stars in Shay’s eyes.

Shay was looking down at Allura with so much emotion that Allura was taken aback. Tentatively, slowly, yet with no reluctance, Allura took Shay’s other hand in hers, realizing she had never let go of the one Shay had led her by.

“You’re amazing,” Shay breathed.

Allura met her eyes, and, between them in that moment, there was an unspoken connection.

The air was filled with a soft electricity as Allura stood on the tips of her toes and Shay leaned down, their lips connecting, Allura finally realizing why she had admired Shay so much.

The admiration she had felt was the allure of love, the pull to Shay drawing her closer, closer, closer.

After what felt like an eternity, the two girls pulled away from each other and stared, reverent in each others eyes.

Yes, Allura decided, this was love.

All exhaustion she had ever felt was cleared away by the exhilaration of that realization, by the touch of her lips to Shay’s, by the way Shay’s hands slipped from hers to settle on her waist and pull her even closer.

Allura’s hands moved up to Shay’s neck to pull her down a little more (wow, she was tall) to let Allura kiss her more.

This woke everything in Allura up, cleared away every tired cell in her body, replaced them with something so awake it took her breath away.

This was love.

Blast Damage Days - Jeff Rosenstock

whenever we feel ashamed being alive and awake
in such an era of hate and military police.
These are the mass murder days. We are the blast damage age
where we can’t love anything because they keep us afraid,
oh, I will be there kicking, fighting, beating, screaming,
“There’s no fucking way I’m ever letting go of you.”

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I don't know if you're still doing the microfic thing (I somehow think you've already been overrun by prompts), but if you are: Lance and Keith - bonding?

(Still going, no worries!)

“I need you to teach me how to shoot.”

Lance nearly chokes on his food, and breaks into a set of hacking coughs as he tries to recover. After a moment he finally manages to breathe deeply, and stares at Keith. “Sorry, what was that?”

Keith scowls for a moment, until he realizes Lance isn’t trying to rub it in, or anything. He really is actually surprised by the request. “I need you to teach me how to shoot,” he repeats, a little slower this time. “Better, anyway. I know the basics, but…” he shrugs.

Truth be told, he doesn’t really want to fully admit it out loud to Lance, but after the assault on Zarkon’s ship he’s been painfully aware of exactly where he’s lacking in combat skills. In hand to hand he’s unrivaled by any of them but Shiro, but when it comes to shooting…well, he’d been more than a little disappointed in his aim while covering for Thace. He’d known how to properly hold the Galra blaster, but it had taken three or for shots for every single sentry he’d managed to bring down, and most of the time he’d just hit the walls around them.

He’d never bothered with ranged target practice in past training sessions, really. He’s always had a sword bayard, and close combat suits him and his combat style best anyway. Lance and Hunk have always been there for the range. But that mission made it painfully clear that sometimes Lance or Hunk won’t be around, and sometimes he’s going to have to go outside his own comfort zone to get the job done.

Besides, fighting is one of the few things he’s good at. He’s not tech-savvy like Hunk or Pidge, and he’s not really good with people like Shiro or Lance. He doesn’t want to leave any weaknesses in the one area he considers his major strength.

If it means biting the bullet and asking Lance for help, he’ll do it. He’s not to proud to ask for help where it matters, even if Lance will probably be obnoxious about it.

Lance is regarding him suspiciously now, like this is some sort of trap. “Why are you asking me?” he asks, looking disbelieving and uncertain. “Why not ask Hunk? He uses a cannon. That’s ranged.”

“Hunk’s is more like a machine gun,” Keith says. “Lots of blasts, lots of damage, but not a lot of accuracy. It’s dangerous because it just chews up anything in front of it. I need better precision. That’s your specialty.”

Lance still looks partly suspicious, but Keith can see him preening a little under the attention, too. Keith’s he’s gotten better at noticing the teams’ strengths and weaknesses, and figuring out how to work with them better ever since his temporary stint as leader. Lance always did best with praise, and Keith had been genuinely shocked the first time he realized Lance’s bravado and constant needling had been the result of insecurities rather than genuinely being a self-absorbed ass. He’s tried to work around it a little better since, and there’s mostly no harm in admitting when Lance is genuinely good at something, or even better than him at it.

“Well, I am the team sharpshooter,” Lance drawls after a moment.

“Right,” Keith agrees, since that’s not exactly wrong, and adds quickly, “So. Will you help?”

“Help you what,” Lance asks, with a wide grin, and okay, this time it is definitely to be annoying.

Keith sighs. “Train in sharpshooting,” he repeats, trying to keep the annoyed edge out of his voice.

Lance smirks. “Well, I guess I can,” he agrees. “Since I am the best at it, after all. Even better than Keith.

His expression grows more serious then, though, right before Keith throws up his hands and decides to fight a training gladiator instead because it has to be less obnoxious than this. “But you gotta actually listen to everything I say, okay? Shooting’s dangerous. If we’re gonna make you a better sniper I want you getting the right habits so you don’t get yourself or anyone else killed. I’m not going to teach you anything if you’re gonna use it to just rush in like you do with swords.”

“As long as it’s related to the shooting training, that’s fair,” Keith agrees. He can tell that for all Lance’s fooling around, this is definitely something he takes very seriously, and Keith can respect that.

“Great.” Lance pauses. “Do you even have a firearm to practice with? I’m not sure you could use my bayard.”

“We’ve got a couple captured Galra blasters,” Keith says. “And I think there’s some Altean ranged weaponry in their armory somewhere.”

“Awesome.” Lance shoves the rest of his bowl of food goo to the mice waiting on the table, and grins. “Then let’s get sharpshooting, yeah? As long as we’re aware I’m always going to be the best at it.”

He probably will be, actually; Lance very rarely misses. “You’re throne’s not in danger,” Keith promises, with a roll of his eyes, but also partly to assure Lance that he’s not out to oust Lance from his “thing” on the team. “I’m just learning so I can make decent backup if needed. Clear?”

“As crystal,” Lance agrees.

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“Battle Magic” - LokixReader

Prompt :: You hold impressive power on the battle field, besting other warriors of Asgard. Loki, your friend, decides to offer his assistance in training you to enhance your magic proficiency.

Features :: Asgardian reader, Pre-Thor? / AU, peaceful Asgard

Warnings :: Minor violence, suggestive language

Word Count :: 1328

Additional Notes :: This started as a short imagine, so it is in a generally less in-depth style, hence the length.  Sorry if it is super wonky!  I’m still working on getting back into writing.

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The most spectacular attempt on the tsar´s life took place in February 1880. In a daring move, Stepan Khalturin, a terrorist who had insinuated himself into the Winter Palace in the guise of a carpenter, slowly smuggled in over a hundred pounds of dynamite for the sole purpose of killing Alexander II. The explosion was set to go off at the moment the imperial family was to sit down to dinner. On the appointed day, Khalturin detonated the charge and escaped. But because tsarina´s brother and nephew arrived late, none of the imperial family was injured or killed by the powerful blast. The damage created was devastating. Grand Duke Vladimir rushed to the dining room, which was enveloped in smoke. Broken china and glass were strewn all over, windows blown out, and a large gaping hole in the wall attested to the explosion´s force. The area below the dining room, which housed Finnish sentries, bore the brunt of the blast. Over 125 pounds of dynamite destroyed two-foot-thick walls and extensively damaged the large guard room, which measured sixty feet by twenty feet. There, the powerful explosion killed eleven guards and wounded forty-four. Sasha [Tsesarevich Alexander] and Vladimir hurried to help the sentries picking their way through blood and debris. “It was a heartbreaking picture,” recalled the tsarevich, “and I will never forget that horror in my life!”

…  “A poisonous gas filled the room, suffocating us, as well as adding to our horror … How can I possibly describe the agony of mind we suffered, expecting, as we did, at any moment another explosion beneath us! It is impossible - impossible for me to tell or for you to conceive. The impending fear almost made our hearts stop beating as, silent, and motionless, we awaited our doom,” [Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna] recounted. “When the echoes of explosion died away, a dead silence succeeded, which, united with the darkness prevailing, so dense as almost to be felt, conduced to render our helpless position still more painful and unendurable. We dared not move … Out of darkness came the clear, calm voice of the Czar,” who said, “my children, let us pray!” Hearing his voice also “relieved the awful strain on our nerves, and brought comfort to our hearts.” The family sank to their knees sobbing. “How long we remained so, I really don´t know,”noted Miechen. “It seemed an eternity of anguish before the guards appeared with candles, little expecting to find us alive.”

Julia Gelardi: From Splendor to Revolution

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this was during my first campaign ever. I was a big noob and didn't understand a lot of stuff. There was this plot important magical stone we found and my idea was to try and activate it by shooting magic at it. I was a warlock so I used eldritch blast on it. I forgot that eldritch blast is force damage. We were on a boat and I launched it into the water. Our DM was not happy with me that day

“Fuck, now I gotta write an underwater adventure for y’all.”

I-I just beat Primal Dialga in three turns?

Hollow Chapter 7

Description: When a mysterious Feral Monster shows up in New Home, things start to get a little crazy for royal guard Cadet Sans.

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Chapter 1

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Chapter 6

Sticking close to the tunnel wall Papyrus moved swiftly. Undyne’s phone call had given him a buzz of adrenaline, enough to manage a teleport but he knew he was pushing it.  ‘It would really suck to hit my limit now but I have to risk it.’

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Phantasmal Pirates

What you need to know:

A pirate ship of phantom pirates is sailing through the clouds over land instead of water looking for adventurers to attack and steal their treasure.

Note: this is for any DM who wants to do a short pirate or sea adventure but the campaign makes this option inconvenient.

How it began:

In front of an incoming storm, a pirate ship with black tattered sails rides the clouds like oceans waves and descends towards the players. When only a few meters above the ground, ropes sling over the side of the ship and skeletons dressed as pirates slide down.

The skeletons have the stats of undead but can have added levels for challenge.

Most of the pirates are armed with clubs, swords and axes but a few have special attacks:
Anchors: a small anchor the size of a rock is hooked to a chain. The skeleton swings this weapon overhead and throws it at a player. If the player is hit, they must roll a save or become anchored to the ground as if under the effects of a hold spell.
Peg leg morning stars: a large spiked ball is attacked to an iron peg leg. The skeleton kicks the spiked ball into a player’s face dealing 2 D6 damage plus 1 CON loss. This represents the player’s body being crushed by a giant iron ball.
Hooks: a large 30 centimeter serrated rusty hook is attatched to a skeleton’s arm. If a player is hit by a hook, they suffer 1 D6 damage plus 2 damage a round from bleeding for D6 rounds only prevented by bandaging or a healing spell.

Note: After the battle, the ropes can be climbed up to board the ship.


The deck is typical of a galley except the floor is covered in oil and pitch. One hatch in the center of the ship leads below deck and a door near the back of the ship leads to the captain’s quarters. Near the back of the ship is the ship’s wheel locked into place with a rusty iron chain. A 3 meter plank extends outwards from the center of the deck over the air. A monkey can be seen with a key around its neck sitting atop the crow’s nest.

  • -A- Once the players all board the ship, it begins to move flying into the storm heaving side to side as the wheel bangs against the chain. The thick rolling clouds pound against the side of the ship like ocean waves and a heavy rain pours over the deck.
    Note 1: While the ship is out of control, each player loses D6 DEX as they try to keep their footing on the deck. The loss represents the player’s focus on keeping stable rather than rolling a check each round. This effect is similar to writing or tying a knot in a moving vehicle, should a player argue their case.
  • This loss of DEX will effect a player’s armor class, climbing rolls, lock picking and any DEX based abilities or skills.
  • Every 10 minutes the players are unable to take control of the ship, they lose another DEX point. Once any player reaches 0, they fall off the ship unless they are strapped in or held by another player.
    Note 2: The players will regain full dexterity the moment they are on stable ground.
  • -B- Any player attempting to catch the monkey must first roll a climb check to reach the crow’s nest.
  • Once in arm’s reach of the monkey, the player and monkey have a DEX roll-off. If the player does not win, the monkey leaps away, climbs higher or dodges. If the player wins the roll-off, they can make one attempt to grab the monkey or the key with an attack roll.
    Note 1: Each round the players must roll climb to keep from failing off the rigging, regardless if moving or not. This represents the players being tossed about by the storm or their attempts at holding while chasing the monkey.
    Note 2: The key around the monkey unlocks the chain to the ship’s wheel.
    Note 3: The monkey stats can come right out of the book or be increased for added difficulty.
  • -C- The door to the captain’s quarters is locked but can be picked or brute forced to open.
    Note 1: The door is trapped and once opened, a clay pot of greek fire falls to the floor from the other side igniting the entire deck in flames.
  • The effects lasts X rounds till the rain puts out the fire.
  • Any player on the deck receives D6 fire damage a round till the fires are extinguished.
    Note 2: The fire does not burn the wood or sails as they are both technically ghostly and unaffected.
  • -D- The hatch to below deck is magically sealed and can only be opened with a captain’s key.
  • -E- The ship’s wheel is locked into place with rusty chain.
  • The lock to the chain is magically locked and only opens with the monkey key.
  • The chains and the wood it’s bolted to is magical and cannot be destroyed or cut by normal means. If a player insists on destroying the wood or chain, allow them to deal 1 damage a turn with magic weapons and 1 damage per dice for magic spells, but give the wood or chains dozens of hit points. Describe their first few attempts as leaving only dings and dents.
    Note 1: Once the chain is removed, any player can take the wheel and stir the ship.
    To regain control of the ship, a player must roll a DEX check, the challenge is based on how far out of control the ship has become at this point. If a player succeeds, the ship no longer heaves violently and the players regain their full DEX.
    Note 2: The wheel will not let player descend or ascend. To go back to the ground or leave the storm, the players must fight the captain first.
  • -F- Any player who walks the plank and jumps off gains flying as per the spell for X rounds.
  • This spells only effects each player once.
    Note 1: Any player who is flying regains full DEX as they are unaffected by the ship’s movements.
    Note 2: This is a Peter Pan reference for when he walked the plank and flew above the water.


A shelf of books is built behind a large wooden table of charts, navigation equipment and one empty bottle. Near the edge of the table is a globe, or any world shape, with a red parrot perched on top and near the back wall is a simple bed and chest.

  • -A- The shelf of books contains stories of pirates and tales of the ocean.
    Note: they can be worth a few coins or worth nothing at all.
  • -B- The charts on the table consist of several ocean maps and a few Xs dotting some islands.
    Note 1: The Xs can represent places of buried treasure, dungeons or ruins luring players to their next adventure.
    Note 2: If any player with navigation charts a course using the ink and quill pen, the paper will burn away and in its place a scroll or scrolls of the players choosing will be revealed - the scrolls were disguised as maps and the ink magically used for scribing spells, so when a player charted a course, they unknowingly created a spell by mistake.
  • -C- The chest is locked and needs to be picked or brute forced to open.
  • The chest is trapped with poison needles dealing stat damage.
  • The chest is empty. This is a red herring.
  • -D- The globe, if broken, contains a silver key.
    Note: The key does nothing and is only a red herring.
  • -E- The parrot keeps repeating over and over, “The world only knows where the captain’s key is hidden.”
    Note 1: If any player feeds the parrot a cracker, it transforms into a genie and the empty bottle on the table transform into a lamp. The genie states, “This ship is cursed. Any who board the vessel are transformed into a cliché pirate crew till replaced by someone else.”
    The genie will assume since it is free, the players are now cursed, but in truth has no idea. The genie knows little else of the crew or ship as once it was brought aboard, it turned into a parrot.
    The genies homeland can be from anywhere fitting and from any time point you desire as this ship could have been in flight for 100s of years. It may not even be of this world or plain should you choose
    Note 2: The genie in return for its freedom will grant the party one wish before departing. After the wish is granted, the genie and the lamp disappear in a wink of white light.
  • -F- The sexton if broken apart will reveal a small slender brass key.
    Note: This is the captain’s key and used to open the hatch on the deck.


At a random point in flight, a giant Kraken that surfs the storm attacks the ship. It latches onto the bow and swings its tentacles, attacking the players. Instead of the players having to fight off an entire kraken, they should only do battle with the 8-12 tentacles. Each tentacle will have a set of hit points and one attack. Each time a player is hit by an attack, it deals 2 D8 damage and requires one roll on the chart below:

  • 1-50: Nothing happens.
  • 51-75: The player gets caught on the suckers of the tentacle. Next round, while the player can still attack as normal, they are automatically hit as they are pounded against the boat. The player must then roll on the chart and add 10 to the roll. If the player rolls below 40, it is assumed they have fallen off the suckers and can act as normal next round.
  • 76-95: The player is caught in the tentacle suckers and tossed overboard. A player can roll a climb check to hang onto the tentacle, but is auto-hit next round and adds 20 to their next roll on the chart.
  • 96-100: The player is caught in the tentacle suckers and eaten whole. The player can either die outright or suffer 2 D6 damage from being digested as they fight their way out.

The sky kraken releases the ship and flies away once all its tentacles have been destroyed.


The hatch opens to a set of wooden stairs leading into a hall. The players are assaulted with the smell of mead, sweat and powder.


At the foot of the stairs is a long hallway. As the players walk the corridor, sounds of the cannon fire and yelling come from beyond the walls emanate. The hall then opens into a room with several doors.

  • -A- One door leads to the crew quarters.
  • -B- The other doors open to a small chamber thick with smoke. A cannon head peaks through the smoke with the sound of burning fuse.
  • Any players standing in front of the door must roll a save or be hit by the cannon blast for X D10 damage and lose X points of CON as their body is crushed by a cannon ball.
    Note 1: The CON can be restored with rest or healing.
    Note 2: The room is only large enough for the cannon and contains no visible way for it to be loaded and fired.


Several glowing blue pirate phantoms laugh and drink while playing music and rolling dice. They are sitting on several sacks of potatoes near a few barrels of mead.

  • -A- The pirates are friendly and insist the players share a drink and play some dice.
  • They share tales of time aboard the ship and have grown quite fond of the raiding. Technically they are required to trade places with the players and go free, but are willing to stay in the players stead on two conditions:
    1- The players out-drink the pirates.
    Each round players roll a CON check starting at 2, but the challenge is rising by 2 each round. Failing a CON check results in D6 CON loss. Any player who reaches 0 will pass out and be out of the game.
    2 - The players win a game of dice against the pirates.
  • Players each put in up to 100 gold, then each round  roll an INT/WIS or gaming check starting at 2, but the challenge is rising by 2 each round. Failing a check results in 2 D6 gold lost. Any player who reaches 0 will be out of the game.
  • If the players fail any challenge, they will receive no experience for this encounter. The pirates will then still offer to stray in their stead but at a steep price. This should require 25% or more of the players’ wealth.
  • Once the players either win both challenges or pay off the pirates, they fade away and a door appears.
  • -B- The door leads to the captain.


The door opens to a chamber of chests overflowing with gold coins, jewelry and magic weapons. Upon a throne sits an ethereal pirate captain. He will look similar to Blackbeard or another cliché type.

  • -A- The captain greets the players and engages in idle chitchat, even sharing tales of plunder and conquest. With each attack his fortune grows more massive.
  • The captain has no intention of attacking the players, noting their strength of surviving this far and even offers to land the ship.
  • At this point the players have two options: to leave or to attack.
  • -B- If they players leave, they let a villain escape and suffer all the consequences that implies.
  • If they attack, the captain has the stats of a ghost plus several character levels.
    Note: the treasure can be entirely real or part of the ship’s illusion or even large amounts of fool’s gold. Tailor it as needed for your player’s level.

Once the captain dies, the curse of the ship fades. All the remaining pirates transform back to the people and races they once were, including the monkey outside. The ship will then land as the storm dissipates and breaks apart into dust, leaving only the treasure, or does it?

Maybe the ship crashes to the ground and the pirates are not released, instead they are cursed to remain undead forever and attack the players in hatred.
Maybe one of the players becomes the captain instead and the cycle starts again forcing the players to find a way to end the curse.
Maybe the ships returns home to some far off place before turning to dust.

Either way, have fun and hope to see you again.

Arctic Invasion

What you need to know: An ice elemental/demon/spirit has become trapped, no longer able to return home and has built a den in a cave. Its presence is creating powerful winter storms, turning everything in the countryside to ice and frost.

Premise: During a season in which it should be warm or mild, huge snowfalls and large areas of frost are spreading across the countryside, burning entire villages in snowfall.
Locals are desperate to find a way to stop the snow from taking over and although magic has proven to halt the advance, in some places they need adventures to find the source and put an end to it before all the livestock crops die, sending the region into starvation.

To make the cave easy to find, it should become colder the closer the players reach the epicenter.

Example: a light frost develops on the ground, a chill hangs in the air and only a few flurries occur, but close to the den is a full on blizzard, whiteout with temperature reaching the negatives.

1 - in the hills at the epicenter tucked between large snowdrifts is a cave entrance, completely iced over.

  • A - the entrance is blocked X meters deep and the players need to brute force or melt their way inside.
    Note: give the ice block a set number of hit points that regain X hit points a round as new ice forms in the deep cold.

2 - a long caverns slopes sharply for X meters, the longer the better. The floor is layered in slippy ice and large icicles jut of the rocks like spikes.

A - As players travel through the tunnel, they must roll to keep their footing or otherwise slip and impale themselves on the ice spikes. For added difficulty, you can have a large ball of ice fall from a sub tunnel and roll after the players forcing them to run down the tunnel, making it much harder to keep their footing or rush being crushed.

3 - a huge caverns extend further than the players’ vision. There appears to be no ceiling as a large cloud mass hangs in the air, a few dozen meters above the players’ heads. Icy winds blast across the caravan and the storm is pumping out heavy snowfall, creating a white out.
Note: you can have a ceiling of rock or ice above the clouds cover or have an illusion of more sky.

A - when players enter the caverns, vision becomes difficult from whiteout and can only see a few meters ahead of them and movement is slowed as snow is a meter or more deep.
Note: every round out in the storm, the players must roll against frostbite and the deep cold failing will result in X D6 cold/frost damage or loss in dexterity as their limbs freeze. This should force players to come up with a creative solution for crossing the cavern.

B - in the center of the cavern upon a hill of ice, stand a lone cabin, made of wood frosted over with ice. A sweet smoke pumps out of the chimney and the yellow frosted glass windows glow with a fire from inside.

Cabin - a one room wooden cabin. A fire roars in the fireplace, there is a table, chair, a bed with moth eaten blankets and a few clay pots around the room along with a stack of old wood in the corner.
Note: it’s an old cabin from when this place was mined out and occupied by a hermit now dead and buried somewhere in the hills.
The fire is for the players to get warm. Maybe the inhabitant of the cave lit it, maybe it’s magic, but if you want a more realistic approach, have there be no fire and let the players make one themselves from the wood in the cabin.

  • A - in the floor board are the remains of the hermit’s treasure stash: gold, silver, jewelry, maybe a magic item or two. For added excitement, the hermit can an ex-adventurer with her/his accounts in a book buried with treasure. Inside the pages are maps, locations, legends of other dungeons and other treasures. You can use this hook to setup another adventure for your players after this one or combine it with something you are already doing.
  • B - on the other side of the cavern is a tunnel, a few dozen flights up the rock face that the players must climb to get into. They will still have to keep warm or roll against frostbite and the chill. Failing will result in X D6 cold/frost damage, or loss in dexterity or attacks as their limbs freeze.

4 - a small tunnel of compacted ice, the players must crawl through. The wind from room 3 has mostly stopped and the players no longer have to roll saves versus the cold while in the tunnel.

  • A - as the players move through the tunnel, the snow and ice crack and shift as if always threatening to cave in or collapse under them.
    Note: if you choose to have a cave in one of two things can happen:
  • the ceiling collapses and players must get out before being buried under tons of ice and snow
  • the ice on the ground cracks open, sending the players into a pit of ice shard or jagged rocks
    Note: if players ally with the creature at the end, it can help reform the tunnel so the players can leave.

5 - the tunnel opens into a chamber of large icicles 1-2 meter wide and up to 5 in length, growing stalagmite and stalactites. They glow and hum with energy. If touched, they flash freeze a player’s limb for X D6 cold damage.

  • A - a circular seal of thick ice blocks the entrance to another chamber. A dozen icicles from the chamber form into the sides of the seal

  • B - the crystals act as an energy field sealing the passage closed
  • The ice is harder than steel, being close to the epicenter and is drawing its power from an elemental plane/god/or powerful spirit through the crystal
  • The players must destroy the seal to advance
  • Give the seal a set number of hit points, but have it regenerate every round for X damage plus reduce any damage the players do with weapons by X amount to represent the hardness of the ice
  • Example: seal has 100 hit points, regenerates for 20 a round and all damage with weapons is reduced by 10 - scale yours how you see fit

  • C - the crystals powers the seal and attacking them is no different than shattering glass, they should only have a few hit points each
  • When a crystal is destroyed, it sends a blast of cold damage throughout the chamber for X D6 damage and chills the rooms by several degrees doing an additional X D6 damage a round as the energy contained within the crystal now pumps out into the chamber
  • For each crystal destroyed, lessen the regeneration of the seal by X amount till it reaches 0 regeneration

6 - beyond the gate is a chamber of ice cut with deep chasms of flowing ice at the bottom. In the center of the chamber across a chasm, an elemental/spirit/devil resides frozen in an ice block.

  • A - when players enter the chamber, the ice block shatters and the creature will act
    Note: ice block should protect it from players’ attacks, acting as a wall of force till creature is ready to fight

  • B - you have two options: either the creature is hostile or its is friendly

    If the creature is friendly, the players have to convince it to leave, but it can’t because it’s cursed/home was destroyed/doesn’t know how to get back and players must help find a solution
    Note: possible solutions can be find the creature a new home, remove its curse, retrieve an item it needs to return home that is hidden in another dungeon all together.

    If  the creature is hostile, it fights immediately
  • The creature should have all the abilities it would normally have, plus a few extra themed abilities: summoning polar bears/tundra wolves etc, cast ice storms that can freeze players for X turns, creating ice shards that rise from the ground, impaling players, reducing their movement or dexterity from foot injuries.
  • For added difficulty you can have the chamber break apart, falling into the ice flows below forcing the players to roll saves to keep from plunging into the water. If players do fall into the ice flow, use same rules as lava except instead of fire its cold.

End: If the creature is friendly and the players agree to help it, leave, it should be a race against time at this point. Ice will continue to spread, killing more crops and live stock and players must find a solution to protect the towns and villages. Maybe the townsfolk hires another group of mercenaries to kill the creature, impatient with the players and the players have to make a choice: fight off the mercenaries or side with the creature. This can lead to trouble with the law or the guild the mercenaries were hired from.

If the players killed the creature, the ice and snow should start melting immediately, returning to normal in hours or days. If you want to give your players more of a challenge, make it weeks or months forcing players to again find solutions to protect farms and livestock. Maybe elemental wizards come to study the effect, making the situation worse causing more creatures to show up, drawn to the increased energy. Maybe the crystal in room 5 continues to pump out cold and players have to close it from the other side or find a mythical item. Maybe the entire weather pattern of the regions is now put off, creating server storms and drought for years after forcing the players to find a long term solution.

Regardless, enjoy and have fun.

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 6

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I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do more–wait for Feyre’s reply, or go to sleep and hope to see her in my dreams. I was back at the townhouse, where I’d brought Nesta and Elain before allowing Mor to show them to another home where they could wait for the right time to leave. Nesta had expressed boredom with the mountain cabin, and I was frankly glad to get them both out of there.

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shit and shine - chklt shk

Doe - Why Are You
The Cherry Wave - Michinoku Overdriver
charly bliss - glitter
jeff rosenstock - pash rash

Cold Beat - Don’t Touch
doe - basement
Supermilk - Shoryuken

Nevers - Lover’s Embrace
Nevers - Quicksilver
the new year - recent history
BB Eye - Big Cicada

Hunx & His Punx - Baby of the Band
Doe - Julia Survived
jeff rosenstock - blast damage days

Agent bla - Derogatory Embrace
Cold Beat - Chainmaille
doe - avalanche
Doe - No Wonder
juana molina - paraguaya
jeff rosenstock - festival song

doe - monopoly
Jane Weaver - Slow Motion
Slowdive - Slomo