blast burn

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(1/2) Hi there, this is sort of a scary-gross question I'll admit that but it's also super specific so there's not much I can do. so I've got a character in the post-apocalypse wearing heavy power armour caught in an explosion from behind at close range. The armour + frame protected him from spinal damage, and the suit he was wearing protected most of his torso from burns, but he's still got a concussion, bruised ribs, broken wrist, arm and leg, second degree burns on his arms and legs

(2/2)first degree burns on his back + one leg that has to be amputated above the knee because there’s not really anything left. He and his friend who’s also a doctor are both on a battlefield. there’s a mechanic who can cut parts of the armour shell off so they can reach his skin. They have access to relatively high-tech treatments (stuff that can instantly heal damaged skin, an electric saw, morphine), how much can be done while on the field as they’re waiting for an evac? What’s recovery like?

Hey there! I like how specific your question is! 

Okay. I’m going to summarize this to make sure I get what’s going on: 

1) Blast injury with a significant amount of damage to the one leg (requires AKA) – this sounds like a traumatic partial or near amputation due to the blast force. 
2) 2* burns on back and leg, which will hurt but aren’t life threats. 
3) Concussion. 
4) Bruised ribs 

So here’s how I would approach this patient as a field medic. 

1) Stop the bleeding. The only thing I care about from the damaged leg is stopping the bleeding that goes with the blast injury. The leg itself can stay attached or unattached, doesn’t matter, as long as I can keep it from actively killing him. 

2) I’m actually more worried about his lungs than any other injury you’ve described. Lungs are sensitive to pressure issues like blasts, even if they’re not directly hit by shrapnel; “blast lung” is a real injury that’s basically diffuse pulmonary edema from the overpressure involved in an explosion. I’m also worried about head injury and concussion, but less so because of the helmet that I’m assuming goes with the power armor. 

2a) No, I lied, I’m concerned about that “concussion” too. Anything that looks like a concussion could also cause a more significant bleed, so my number one priority after stopping the bleeding is getting him to some kind of imaging to evaluate his brain. 

3) IVs, blood products, and analgesia, in that order. For analgesia I’d use ketamine over morphine for an injury like this, simply because it doesn’t tank blood pressure so much. (Also because I’m a ketamine advocate, as you probably know from reading thiis blog!) Burns require lots of fluid, and the hemorrhage from the leg is likely going to need blood products to be given. 

But there’s no way I’m doing surgery on the battlefield, even if I have the tools at my disposal. No matter what technology I have, there’s the issue of sterility, not just of the environment but of the patient himself. He needs to be de-armored, get a better scan of his chest and abdomen and head, and him put in a sterile field, the wound area needs to be sterilized and then I can worry about taking off the leg. Amputating the leg in the field just makes for a happy home for a bacterial infection of his stump, which is never a good idea. 

Tissue below a tourniquet has hours worth of life left in it, so as long as we can get evac within an hour and he’s on the table in three, I’d say we’re pretty happy. 

I hope this helped! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

(Samantha Keel)


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Jessica’s proper legend chocolate cake recipe

Buckle your seat belts kids because we’re about to go on a Willy Wonka-style chocolate adventure.

This is a basic chocolate cake recipe that I’ve used for the past couple years, paired with a recently-discovered chocolate frosting recipe that you’re basically going to want to make by itself and eat the entire thing. And I won’t judge you.

And - get this. The cake recipe uses a premade cake mix. “SACRILEGE!” I hear you cry. “THATS CHEATING.” Well if you’d kindly get down off your high horse a minute, I’m going to teach you how to turn any bog-standard cake mix into the best bloody cake you’ve ever eaten. It takes less than ten minutes.

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40 + magnus/alec

Malec + “I believe you dropped this”

“Look out!”

Narrowly avoiding the oncoming Seraph blade, Magnus sent a blast of burning magic into the Circle member’s gut, screams filling the air. Unconsciously, his magic sought out Alec, fighting on the other side of the darkened alley. They were supposed to go on a date, like they always did on Fridays, but an emergency call had reached them just as they were preparing to leave. Tracking the call to an alley in Manhattan, filled with Circle members, was not exactly how they had envisioned their day to go.

Still, watching the blood drip off his knuckles after punching the approaching man in the face, Magnus couldn’t stop the satisfaction from spreading through his body. Just yesterday, there had been an attack on warlock children not far from there, and now he had no doubt who had been the offending party.

Bringing his hands up to his chest, he felt the red strands of his magic curling into a ball, moving from his body to his fingers. He slammed his arms forward, and his magic was unleashed. The red blast crashed into his opponents, knocking them off their feet. Not a second later, Alec appeared in the fog, finishing them off. One more glance to the other side of the alley, and he turned to Magnus.

“Are you alright?”

“Of course I am,” Magnus answered, his magic checking Alec for injuries, “ready for another round?”

“Always,” Alec said, voice playful.

Taking off his blazer and banishing it back to the loft, Magnus noticed how Alec’s eyes lingered at the shirt straining over his arms. “Is this our idea of date night now?”

“What, you’re not having fun?” Alec quipped, striding forward again, only to be met with a few dozen Circle members rounding the corner.

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DannyMay Day Twenty Three: Forgotten/Remembered

He was very doubtful that she was sane. Hell, she was practically foaming at the mouth talking about being best friends and fighting ghosts. He’s never met her before today, and he’s terrified of ghosts. There’s no way he would go anywhere with this crazy Goth girl.

But a part of him says otherwise…

This is so stupid. Why would he listen to her. All she’s proven is that she’s crazy enough to break into his locker and photoshop herself into his pictures. Then again, he has this feeling that he would trust her with his life. He goes along with it.

It’s strange. As he’s putting on the jumpsuit, there’s this sense of deja vu that won’t leave him alone. Like he’s already done this before. That everything worked out in the end. He’s always been curious about the portal. Maybe now he’ll get to see what it’s like. Though something tells him he already knows, and it sucks.

She’s messing with some dials on the control panel. Muttering under her breath. As he’s about to go in she replaces his dad’s face with a wispy looking letter D. When he asks what it’s for she asks him to trust her. Shrugging his shoulders he steps into the would be Ghost Portal.

It’s dark, and a little musty. Making his way further in he trips on a cable. In an attempt to catch himself, he slams his hand on the portal wall. Under his palm he feels a button. The pain is instant. A light as bright as the sun blasts his entire body, burning him from the inside out. His skin is melting and reforming. He can feel his organs shifting. His head feels like it’s gonna explode. Then it all stops.

He stumbles out of the portal. Black spots dancing in his vision and collapses. He can faintly hear her cheering. Was she actually trying to kill him? Looking at his hands he’s stunned as they flicker in and out of existence, giving him a clear view of his bones. She tells him it’s his ghost powers. Oh my God! He has ghost powers!? at that moment his dad is making his way downstairs. They panic.

She’s yelling at him to change back. How’s he supposed to do that!? His dad is less that ten steps away from discovering them. He doesn’t have a good excuse why they would be down there in the first place. He looks at her. He notices she’s actually quite pretty. Beautiful even. Something stirs in his chest. A weird feeling, but a nice one. He knows what to do.

Changing back, he reaches out to her, grabs her wrist and pulls her in close. Dipping her back he plants his lips on hers right as his dad steps off the stairs. It was the best kiss he’s ever had. Her lips were so soft, albeit a bit tense from the surprise attack. She smelled like lavender and clean laundry.

He’s not sure what possessed him to kiss her. This strange Goth girl he’s never met. But it feels so right. Like this was meant to happen. Like they were destined for it. He actually might like to get to know her better. Something tells him he already does. They part for air.

“I call that a fake-out make-out”

“Yeah, I know”

ok but when i first heard blue diamond speak it put me off in the best way possible. it reminded me of movies i watched as a kid, where the villain was kind of creepily calm and whispery and then would YELL and the voice would become mangled and the face would distort and it would give me all the night terrors

and i just.

it couldve been really cool, but nope.

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Do you think we'll have some blood in Voltron? Like not like oh gosh so much, but like??? Nose bleeds level of blood?

I don’t know tbh.  It all depends on the rating on the show (which I think has changed so maybe?) 

I know at least season 1 wasn’t allowed to have blood, that’s why when Keith got blasted they made his burns a purple-ish color instead of red. Although that just ended up being mistaken for “OH SHIT HE’S GALRA”.   they just weren’t allowed to show blood so that purple/pink color was the closest they could get 


Just since coming to Virginia, he’d seen what he called home ransacked and burned and blasted wide apart no less than thrice. He’d fired an RPG at a gas-filled lake, only half-certain that the flames would not engulf him as well as the walkers that circled the pond. He’d sprinted into a clutch of enemy soldiers, fully expecting to be outflanked the second his fist connected with Dwight’s scheming chin, only to find Jesus Rovia bounding into the space at his side, fighting off dead and living alike in his aid.

This should be a piece of cake in comparison. So why did his mouth feel so dry, and his stomach like it was tied in a thousand knots?

Illustrations that go with my fic, “Everybody’s Gotta Start Somewhere”, on ao3❤

ok but imagine post canon yami bakura hearing that the holidays are a time spent with family

so he spends Christmas Eve in a graveyard, as spirits are the closest thing he has

(and then Marik finds him and takes him home ‘cause he’s a big dummy that forgot that friends are family too)

get rid of him. i mean it. you will absently check your phone without meaning it, so leave it behind and go sit outside. stack rocks on each other and pretend you’re burying your love alive. leave it there. be sad, but don’t listen to adele or you’ll take him back. blast breakup music. burn your hair with bleach, cut it, whatever. revel in the fact nobody asks you “but will he like it?” who gives a shit. know when you’re overdoing it. know that it’s not a race and some people don’t heal as fast as others, maybe you’re a turtle kind of person, keep your insides soft and when something gets in that shell it fucking hurts. get rid of him. sew up the missing parts with better things. they’ll feel empty at first. that’s okay. that’s okay. empty doesn’t mean endless. it means more room for new things. you’re okay if you’re still upset a year later about things. you’re okay if when you think of him you’re on the verge of crying. just don’t think about him. delete him from your phone if not only to be able to say “sorry who dis” if he ever texts. it’s not about winning the breakup, fuck that, just come home when you can. if he burned everything of course he’s going to win, he fucked you over to begin with; so don’t worry he’s got a new girlfriend and a new job and a nice car. you had to start from scratch. had to plant trees in ashes. if you’re alive that’s a good thing. he tried to kill the loving parts of you and you’re still growing. get rid of him, don’t worry that when you saw him you were in sweats and a dirty shirt. you’re a person who has been entirely hurt. you don’t have to prove you are doing better. you just have to exist without him. my mother always said being happy is the best revenge. so get rid of him. be happy. know that you had literally nothing and you still made it out in the end.

Never-ending (Fields of War)

The fields of war are stained with red
Roses growing from hollow heads,
The stench will make your stomach churn.
When will we soldiers ever learn
To properly bury the dead?

Our crimson tributaries fled
To flood the broken riverbed,
Beyond the reeds one can discern
The fields of war.

Once upon a time, I heard said
The bride donned black when she was wed–
Up came Johnny groom’s G.I. turn,
The blasted draft card wouldn’t burn.
No marriage bed, there lay instead
The fields of war.

lessons urinetown taught me

nothing can kill a show like too much exposition

the cry of freedom sounds like rollicking country gospel

free people are free

large monopolizing corporations can be such a force for good in the world


no one’s sorry till they get to urinetown

laws can come from muscular, blood pumping organs

freedom is literally a cool blast of wind that burns your face to wake you up. literally.

my soul burns hot, yeah– hotter than a Blast Burn, even!

i think these little things get around faster than bigger promos.

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