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A Long-Term Saiyuki Anime.

Many of you know what my Idea Saiyuki Anime would look like. 

However, now I have to say that this latest episode of Saiyuki Reload Blast, Episode 4, “Nataku,” has given me more hope than I could have imagined. The animators are clearly taking this story seriously, and have chosen to redo the entirety of Saiyuki Gaiden, without cutting corners, and from the beginning of the arc (whereas the OVA started from the middle of the arc, and had to retell the beginning as flashbacks and a tacked on 4th OVA). 

What I am hoping for… hoping beyond hope…. is that this is an indication of the studio’s commitment to Saiyuki. That if Saiyuki Reload Blast goes well, the studio might consider going backwards, and animating the entire series from the very beginning (even if it’s framed like a flashback). 

I have no idea how likely this is, and I have only my own gut to go on, but the dedication and care that is being shown to the Saiyuki Gaiden arc is filling me with real hope for a long-term Saiyuki anime.