Strangelove (Depeche Mode)

There’ll be ⏱🕰⏰ when my crimes 🚷🚯🚳🚱📵🚭
Will seem almost unforgivable ❌❌❌
I give in to ⚡sin⚡
Because you have to make this life liveable 👄

But when you 💭 I’ve had 🙅🏻 from your sea of ❤💖💘
I’ll ✋🏼✊🏼 more than another riverfull
Yes, and I’ll make it 🙌🏽 worthwhile
I’ll make your ❤ 😃

Strange 🛫 and strange 🛬
That’s how my 💕 🚶🏻
Will 👉🏼👩🏻 👈🏼give it to me
Will you ✋🏼✊🏼 the pain
I will give to 👉🏼👩🏻👈🏼
🅰gain and 🅰gain
And will you 🔁 it

@blasphemousheaven sorry i don’t have enough patience to emojify the rest of the song