Eater-of-Souls Style

Eater-of-Souls Style – Pathfinder Mythos Kineticist Feat / Family Trait

Your fierce brilliance hides blasphemous secrets, profane studies and the cruel heart of a stone-cold killer: by the power of unspeakable blessings and grotesque sacrifices without number, you have forged yourself into the most terrifying of unarmed combatants: capable of breaking the body of your opponent utterly with fist, claw & occult thunder … and then of rending their tortured soul apart to feed.

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Prerequisite: Elemental Ascetic archetype, see Special, below

Benefit: You may freely gain the Dark Elementalist archetype despite losing the Elemental Overflow class feature to both archetypes.

You may choose to use either your Intelligence score or your Wisdom score, as you desire, to determine your damage with wild talents, the DCs of all Constitution-based wild talents, the durations of your wild talents with Constitution-based durations, your bonus on concentration checks for all wild talents, and any other class-related effects.

This choice is not set in stone, and may be changed at any time without requiring an action: if you possess an Intelligence of 18 – and a Wisdom of 16 – and you are the target of an effect that increases you Wisdom by +4, for example, you automatically use your Wisdom score until such time as the effect is removed.

Special: If you are the worshiper of an evil deity, you may gain this ability as a Faith Trait rather than as a Feat. If you do so, all abilities granted this feat and all of your wild talents become divine in origin just as much as they are psychic; any effect or special ability that resists either form of magic — such as History of Heresy — is applied to all supernatural, spell or spell-like effects you create. In addition, you cannot use any divine or psychic abilities unless you are in direct possession of your deity’s favored weapon or an unholy symbol specific to your dark faith. You are always considered to have your hands free for purposes of Kinetic Blast, Gather Power and all other kineticist class abilities as long as you are only holding the favored weapon of your deity or an unholy symbol of your deity.

In addition, you may never refuse any direct order from any higher-level divine caster in service to your evil deity, up-to and including such suicidal orders as performing a coup de grace upon yourself and then voluntarily failing the Fortitude save.

You may not directly harm any divine caster who serves the will of your dark god; if ordered to do so by a higher-level divine caster in service to the faith, you may instead take your own life. In addition, you may not deliberately speak any lie to a higher-ranking divine caster in service to your god, including bluffing, stating half-truths with the intent to deceive, exaggerating, telling white lies or practicing any other type of intentional misdirection; this restriction applies to all forms of verbal, non-verbal, magical and written communication.

If you knowingly and willingly break this restriction, you lose access to this Trait and your antipaladin abilities until such time as you receive the benefits of an atonement spell cast by a worshiper of your deity.

Designer’s Note: This ability is especially popular amongst those who also gain the Wind From the Black Stars and Down the Seven Hundred Steps of Deeper Slumber feats – especially worshipers of the King in Yellow (pictured above) – and by those with the Howling Empty Void Style who serve Szuriel, the Horseman of War.


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I love Easter… I think it’s important to celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Courier 6, who rose from the grave after three days to deliver the city of New Vegas from the threat of Roman cosplayers.

check please dialogue that still gets me every gd time

  • “BITTLE HEADS UP…or get into fetal position at center ice…that’s an option too”
  • “what’s your type?” “MEN.”
  • “your butt can be anything it wants to be!” “even secretary of state?” “e-SPECIALLY SECRETARY OF STATE”
  • “then stop singing justin bieber or whatever DON’T SPLASH ME WITH WATER” “JACK LAURENT ZIMMERMANN DO NOT BLASPHEME”
  • "you were in town zimmermann. DWEEB-TOWN.”
  • “bits. there are no pies in hazing.”
  • “summary: it’s not that jack wasn’t into relationships, it’s just that jack wasn’t a relationships kind of guy.” “3000 words. coffee shop verse. incomplete since 2010.”
  • “holy hell, shitty’s so elle woods right now.”
  • “jack, surprise me and DON’T join the nhl. surprise me and do, like, competitive fucking horticulture.” 
  • “…i’m sure you’re wonderful at curling”
  • “it’s another place to call home.” “but with more dongs.”

TAKE ME {to church} | a jaime & cersei altar!sex fanmix

01.PURIFY placebo | 02.SUPERVIXEN garbage | 03.CLOSER nine inch nails | 04.STRANGE DESIRE the black keys | 05.HYSTERIA muse | 06.SKIN ON SKIN queens of the stone age | 07.TAKE ME TO CHURCH hozier | 08.REV 22:20 puscifer | 09.BEDROOM HYMNS florence + the machine | 10.ANGEL massive attack | 11.HEAVEN depeche mode | 12.I AM YOUR SKIN the bravery | 13.MERCY iamx | 14.DARK DOO WOP ms mr | 15.SUGAR kitten | 16.SPREAD YOUR LOVE black rebel motorcycle club | 17.CULT OF LOVE dum dum girls | 18.SACRILEGE yeah yeah yeahs | 19.YOU radiohead | 20.AVA ADORE the smashing pumpkins | 21.I’LL BE YOURS placebo.

LISTEN & DOWNLOAD(alt. link) (single links and lyrics under the cut)

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top check, please comedic moments in no particular order:

•sriracha cupboard
•"pies just…appear" “we’ve only been here five minutes”
•lardo’s boob art
•"e-SPECIALLY secretary of state"
•ugly baby jack
•roach vs attic discourse
•no pie in hazing
•look at him, sitting on that nhl bench like a pro
•jack catching rans/holtz staring at his ass
•fry guy

and of course, my personal favorite


feel free to continue this list

My typical Modern!Older!Hiccup I draw for all of my Hijack AUs, but I wanted to give him some more detailing in his jacket. It’s still cropped trash that doesn’t fit him but he doesn’t care. Also it is the return of the cuffed watch.

I did make a hoodie version of the jacket I usually draw for him for myself irl and it’s pretty great.

He looks happy but he’s a college kid. Just wait until you’re where I’m at, Hiccup. 4 Months to grad and I’ve never been more confused in my life.