I’ve just come to the realisation that Hermione Granger probably memory charmed her parents and packed them off to Australia long before she told Harry and Ron she’d done it at the beginning of Deathly Hallows.

She literally never goes home from Goblet of Fire onwards, spending her summers with the boys instead. In GoF she’s remarkably blase about her teeth, something her dentist parents would have noticed and felt hurt about. 

If I were to guess, I’d say she probably did it after the wizarding world cup when she’d seen exactly how the wizarding world treats muggles and decided not to let that happen to her folks. Hermione knows which way the wind is blowing and gets in early. She’d be more than capable of doing it. 

the moon has many disguises 
inside the valiant and protective aries moon is a vulnerable child, fearful of abandonment and paralyzed by confusion 
inside the grounded taurus moon a roamer really has nothing to stand on 
an incessant gemini moon chatter conceals an innocent need to be heard and acknowledged for being aware and existing 
an aggressive cancer moon veils the screaming child who is unable to cope with such powerful sensitivity 
inside the proud and performing lunar leo is a baby cub who truly craves acceptance from one true love 
inside the internalized and intellectual virgo moon is an obligated healer who longs to help but doesn’t feel good enough
inside the gracious libra moon there is a hollowness that could swallow the universe
inside the intimidating scorpio moon is a wounded child who won’t stop screaming until she figures out why she was born at all
inside the carefree sagittarius moon is a wrestle against reaction, rage, and restlessness
inside the sturdy lunar capricorn is a frightened child in the body of a full grown man
inside the blase lunar aquarius is an empty scream at the condition of human existence
inside the sensitive pisces moon is an essence that generates the highest octave of motherly and maternal love, a ledge of the moon that touches the sea, all life, love, and suffering is born and dies here. in the moment that the moon rises, they see their reflection in the night. this is not all suffering but a true portrait of godly poetry 



I had ‘bad girl’ Charlotte Pudding sketches stored in my hard drive for so long  I was about to give up on finishing them until the latest OP chapter.  I mean she was just so SUSPICIOUS when she made such nice convenient promises to the strawhats that she never seem to keep??? Drawing out a ‘safe’ map for Luffy and the gang? Puh-lease, when things are that easy in enemy territory, there’s something fishy going on. 

Thanks Oda. You almost got me. But now things are finally getting interesting again. 

there’s something that i’ve been thinking about, that i’m sure someone somewhere else has already vocalized better but…

let’s talk about how much of a hero zevran is, and how much he doesn’t realize it.

in dialogue with him, he mentions that the crows bought him as a child to start training him. and later, if you take him into the fade his dream is of him being tortured as a part of his training. now, while zevran processes his own trauma by being very blunt and blase about it, there’s no reason to believe that this wasn’t the status quo for most of the crows. 

in fact i imagine they have a habit of recruiting elven children in particular, because elves are so often looked down on and ignored in most cities. makes it a lot easier to hear things they’re not supposed to, and get close to people. 

but zevran is also the first member of the antivan crows (that i know about at least) to actively abandon them. now, arguably, at first he does it because he fails his mission to kill the warden. he can’t go back to them in disgrace, or they’ll kill him outright. but then you get to denerim, where taleisan (sp?) offers zev the chance to kill the warden then and there, and come back.

and what does he do? regardless of whether you romanced him, if you and zev were friends he refuses. and it’s not a practical decision, but purely emotional; the warden is his friend, is someone he cares greatly about, who he’s witnessed doing great and amazing and wonderful things even in the midst of the blight. zev realized that there was more to life than just killing people for money, that the crows didn’t need to control him, and he can make his own choices.

and instead of just cutting all ties with the crows, when it would be easier to avoid them, he turns and takes the fight back to them. sends a message point blank that they can no longer control them, he won’t allow it. 

now, imagine how that must seem to the other crows, to the other kids that were taken from similar or worse situations, the ones that had to be broken and reshaped into a new tool designed to serve whatever purpose the crows set for them. some of the crows thrive, and become quite well renown and wealthy, but not all of them viewed it as a smart career move.

but they learn about what zevran has done, and it gives them the courage to leave the crows as well. it shows them that they can have choices too, they’re real, and alive, and their existence has an intrinsic value. 

like, yes zev is a hero because he was there to stop the blight. but to those few ex-crows, he’s so much more. he’s a hero because he was one of them, and he had the courage to break away, to take his life into his own hands.

so just imagine one day zevran meets another of those ex-crows, and they’re in awe of him, so grateful, and just “you’re my hero”


How Fidel’s girlfriend tried to assassinate him

One of Fidel’s lovers was a woman named Marita Lorenz, a German born American woman turned anti-Castro insurgent and CIA informant. The two met in 1959 two months after Castro took over Cuba, a passenger on her father’s cruise liner. 

As a result of their relationship, Marita became pregnant twice.  According to Marita the pregnancies resulted in a miscarriage or forced abortion. Details on that point are fuzzy and Marta’s account on her pregnancies are inconsistent. However it is clear that Marita was extremely angry at Castro for his blase attitude toward the loss of her children. 

At that point Marita became an anti-Castro counter revolutionary, joining a secret Florida based group in 1960.  During her membership in the group, she was approached by CIA operative Frank Sturgis, who went by the alias, “Francisco Fiorini”. Franks Sturgis is certainly an interesting figure in history. Originally he was actually a Castro supporter who helped train his revolutionary army and ran guns for him. In the photo below he claims to be standing on a mass grave of 71 Batista supporters he personally executed. Apparently he had a change of heart and become an anti-Castro supporter, organizing many anti-Castro militant groups. Later, he would be one of the five robbers involved in the Watergate Scandal which brought down Richard Nixon.

Sturgis came to Marita with an offer to assassinate Castro, and provided several pills filled with botulinum toxin which were said to kill a man in 30 seconds.  Marita smuggled the pills in a can of facial cream. When it came time to taint Castro’s food with the poison, she found that the pills had dissolved in the facial cream.  

Unable to feed Castro the poisoned facial cream, she gave up the attempt and considered the mission FUBAR.  However, Castro was unable to sense that something was wrong, and asked if she was a CIA operative. Marita denied being with the CIA, saying that we she was going to do she was doing for herself, and no one else.  In response, Castro handed her a loaded pistol and told her to go ahead and kill him.  Marita held the pistol to his chest, but claims that when it came to actually committing the deed, she couldn’t actually do it.  At that point Castro laid back chewing a cigar saying, “You can’t kill me, nobody can kill me.”  Then according to Marita, in a moment reminiscent of Bond film, her heart melted for him once again, she exclaimed that she still loved him, and they made sweet lovin’ one more time.

After Marita’s attempted assassination of Castro, she returned to the United States where she became the mistress of exiled Venezuelan dictator Marcos Perez Jimenez, the relationship which produced two daughters. Yeah, she apparently had a thing for Latin American dictators. After the assassination of John F. Kennedy she testified to the House Select Committee on Assassinations that she suspected John Sturgis had recruited Lee Harvey Oswald and masterminded a conspiracy to kill the President, yet no evidence was found supporting her claims.  In the 1970′s she married the manager of an apartment building in New York, and her and her husband were recruited by the FBI to spy on Eastern Bloc diplomats and Mafia bosses who lived in her building. Marita was permitted to travel to Cuba in 1985, where she met with Castro one more time. Today she currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland.


so i just reached 200 followers, which to be honest is a huge deal for me because i never really thought i’d get there ? but i have, & this is amazing ! thank you to everyone who’s put up with my lameness i’m not promising that it’ll be getting any better, however, what i am promising is that below the cut you will find #272 male names to celebrate my 200th follower ! please like/reblog if you found this useful, & i really to hope this helps in one way or another. enjoy !

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Talks Machina: Episode 3

What I expected: some silliness, hopefully some answers to some of the more plot heavy questions.

What I got: Percy confirmed for bipolar, Perc’ahlia confirmed for “ages and ages” of mutual slow burn between two people who were never gonna admit it unless tragedy struck, the cast being way too blase about character death, Liam O’Brien needs a hug someone give him a hug oh my god please, Taliesin’s teen years were very self-destructive, Marisha makes choices as Keyleth that make sense for the character but she personally doesn’t think are always the right strategy, “whoever dies first gets the tattoo,” Laura stole a keychain on live internet television, Matt routinely passes out at late parties, if Percy dies Taliesin is getting rid of the golden snitch dice, Liam is Farmer’s Market Fresh, Vex and Trinket confirmed for gossip buddies, even with a person between them Taliesin and Marisha feel the magnetic urge to cuddle, Laura’s outfit was coordinated to her nailpolish and I love her. 

A Guide To: Writing Bitchy Characters

There are two types of characters I think we all struggle to write at some point - be it playing them ourselves or playing them against other people. The anti-villain/villainous types as well as the ‘bitchy’ characters — they’re generally mean, have a hard-edged demeanor that makes talking to them a bit intimidating sometimes. They always seem to have snappy, witty remarks or know just what to say to get your character’s blood boiling.

So, how do you write one? 

Tone is one factor.

Words can be carried a number of different ways - by tone and body movement. Is their voice rough? Do they speak with an irritated tone? Is it deadpan? Sarcastic? Defensive? Blase? Abrasive? Authoritative and demanding?

Now, with that in mind, think of mean things to say - they might not be things you would say but they’re probably what your character would say. Meaner characters generally tend to lack a ‘polite’ filter, they’re more crass - and while what they say may not be honest, it sounds honest with the tone. Think of the things you think about saying or do actually say when you’re mad - sometimes that’s an easier approach. Is what they said just a throwaway comment?

Along with tone, phrasing is important - a simple ‘what?’ can sound very upfront and demanding if it’s got an abrupt tone and uptight reaction. Mediator comments and passive ones aren’t typically used by these types of characters - though sometimes it will be used mockingly to taunt the person (but they can also be sincere if they want to be). For example, “I understand that…” versus “I know you…” What they say is more direct, more finger-pointing like they’re out to blame or accuse someone, even with assumptions, they sometimes even lack the ownership of ‘I’ and use ‘you’ and/or ‘they’ instead when it comes to owning up to things. It’s like a redirection away from them to make the conversation about the other person or to make the person feel like they should take responsibility or blame for whatever it is your character is saying. 

If you don’t know what to say, think about their gestures, their movements.

Are they huffy? Do they get defensive and cross their arms over their chest, closing themselves off to the world because how dare you? Do they kick their foot up a little or take a confrontational route by getting closer to the person they’re talking to? Are they the physical type (leans towards controlling when this route is taken), do they grab wrists or elbows? Or do they shove and swat/slap? What’s their demeanor like? Is it really intimidating, standoffish, nonchalant, reserved… 

Body language makes up a huge part of our communication - so it makes sense that their communication also would rely on that. The body can say more than words can. Mean/bitchy characters tend to be more confrontational - they aren’t afraid to say what’s on their minds, be it alone or in a group of people. Sometimes what they say/do has a motive (big or small, from getting a crowd to laugh at their target or to sabotage their target’s career), and sometimes it plain doesn’t and they just say something snarky because it’s a natural thing to do.

And why do they do it? Is it a defense/coping mechanism of some kind? How were they treated by their parents, siblings, friends, and other peers? What did they experience for them to behave like that? While sometimes the answer may not be readily available and it’s easier to say “they’re just that way,” try to find a reason - don’t use that reason to justify their behavior but to explain it, because once you can find a reason they’re like that, the easier it is to find resources on how people behave and depending on how they coped with it.

*They will more readily jump on the defense when anyone tries to insult them, attack their character or talk to them about something serious that may be effecting the other person.

It’s similar to writing villains. They have a more assertive or aggressive stance in conversations, sometimes they’re meant to challenge the plot and characters, and sometimes their roles can be really antagonistic in general because of that even with personable traits involved to humanize them. 

The easiest transition I can think of as a base is giving them witty and sarcastic remarks. What I want you to do is think of phrases such as:

  • Oh, golly, gee
  • I wasn’t aware that…
  • Seriously? 
  • Right, because…
  • Excuse me?

Read them with a condescending and/or sarcastic tone in mind - imagine your character rolling their eyes, shifting from hip to hip and canting their head. Imagine your character looking at their opposite incredulously with dagger eyes or a complete look of indifference as they deliver those words deadpan. 

Visualizing what they do/react and hearing how they say it can really help make that transition from taking a simple line that could be comedic into something rude. Keep in mind, though, that they’re not always mean - and can just say things flatly or be humorous even if what they say might be offensive or upsetting to an extent, because they’re insensitive about a certain topic or don’t care about whose feeling they hurt.

A mean/bitchy character can speak with any and every tone, it’s more their mannerisms and the words they use - they can take something as simple as a compliment and make it sound completely backhanded. And sometimes, they do relent and back down from conversations if their heart just isn’t in it or the effort to cause an upset isn’t arising soon enough. (They can be compared to a bully, they’re encouraged by reactions - so if a character feeds into it, it only fuels them on).

In the RP community, we’re all at a big advantage with being able to format our texts for emphasis and providing gifs for our characters reactions. While that may not always help, it’s good too. But in paras, try to think about their body movements.

And I know I just gave you all a brief mental task above but now, here’s a miniature assignment:

If you’re struggling with how to find your character’s voice, I suggest writing a 300 to 500 word self/solo para just imagining their bodily movements and gestures. How do they breathe? (Huffy, fast and heavy…) What do they do with their jaw, tongue and cheeks? (Puff them out, clench, bite their tongue/lips). Do they pace around or sit down? What about their hands? Clenched, shoved in pockets, what? But most importantly: what are their thoughts?

Put them in a scenario that gets their mind going with all kinds of thoughts — maybe they’ve just been in a vehicular accident, maybe they’re under a ridiculous amount of stress, maybe they’re attending an event they loathe going to. Now, take one thought and have them blurt it out. Allow them to speak their minds. And see where it takes you (and them). Allow yourself to write freely, don’t try to control/police their voice in this assignment - let them think and say what they want, that can help you get a better grasp on what they’re like/what they say.

Hopefully that will help you break that wall.

You know what I decided I was just going to leave the snapchats alone unless/until it became clear what’s going on but I need to say this anyway. I can maybe accept that Jane never got the memo that mind control is bad period, no matter who you’re using it on. Her upbringing was a little skewed. Maybe Crockerpop is a little fucked up himself. Or maybe Jane’s gotten really blase about doing bad things in the last few years, who knows! But considering how epically she got burned before, I am skeptical about her routinely wearing [the receiving end of] a mind control device as a fashion accessory, what the hell.

That’s just… that’s beyond incautious, that’s beyond reckless. So not only have we seen Jane do something morally reprehensible, we see she has been unnecessarily flirting with disaster for some time. What the hell.