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Today is Colin and I’s ten months of dating! I know it’s not that long but what’s more important is that today is also the first time I’ve stepped foot into a gym! 

We went to the gym together. At first, I felt really intimidated because I was the only asian girl there lolol (basically the only girl). Everyone stared at me when I walked in and they were all 3x bigger than me ;u;

Colin may be my boyfriend but when it comes to exercising, he has no mercy. But in the end, the workouts became easier and easier so I’m glad he pushed me to work harder c:

Now that I’m a member, we’ve planned to go to the gym together around three times a week. Egg-cited!


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Just to clear up a few things....again.

I have said many times that this blog is not meant to set Black women and Asian men up. It is not to feed your fantasies and neither does it’s purpose include giving hope for obsessed men and women.

I am seriously sick and tired of people constantly asking “how to get an Asian man” “ What do I do if an Asian guy doesn’t like me” “How do I impress an Asian guy so he would talk to me” And believe me it’s not only the women but personally I get a lot of these questions from women seeking Asian men. And the worst part is, most of these women are generally looking for their K-pop or J-pop boyfriend and I’m here to lay it flat that THAT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

Being in an interracial relationship with an Asian man has its advantages and disadvantages. I am constantly exposed to a different way of life that what I am use to: both negative and positive. I learnt a lot about his culture and he’s learnt quite a bit from mine and it helps when we interact with others of the same background so we don’t look like noobs. But being in an interracial relationship is not all that it may seem on the outside looking in. My boyfriend and I are constantly ridiculed for being together, stereotypes are thrown at us on a daily basis, we get starred at A LOT, our family members don’t approve of our relationship…and the list goes on.

Going into a relationship with the idea that your significant other is going to be the K-pop/J-pop Idol or the Beyonce of your dreams is very unrealistic and potentially toxic. I would recommend that those of you that have a goal of “meeting the perfect black/asian person” take a step back and reflect on WHY! You will find out that superficial characteristics are what is drawing you towards those groups of people. I personally would not advise going into a relationship with that frame of mind!

I will clarify once again that this blog is to raise awareness and to show how lovely a relationship between an Asian and a Black person is. So I would greatly appreciate it if people would stop asking ridiculous questions.