blarg draws

so this morning i dropped in on @iwanttoplayguitar while the streaming of some awesome painting was going on! (^ O^) (i love visiting streams! <3) and myself and @crackedverbosity were there! we were talking about candy and chocolate and tea~ and the idea that Hux probably likes really bitter tea, like that damnable gunpowder green stuff! UGG! (>  A<) (i’m a supertaster, so i can’t even eat arugula without puking.) then later, while i was sitting in a dark, empty, movie theater earlier today - staring at the glow of my Tumblr app - i started to think about how many sugar cubes it would take to make gunpowder green tea drinkable to me… and this is what came into my head! (O wO);;; i hope to makes you feel warm and snuggly! <3

Hey ya’ll! Sorry for the blog being so quiet lately but you know what that (usually) means - the newest update is just about done! I’ve got a buttload of coloring and dialogue to do, and I’m gonna stream tonight once I get home from work. So just a heads up for that :) I’ll post the link when I’m ready to go!