Phase Five: Curl Up In A Delirious Fever Ball

This little peek at the street view marks my final post for this little live blogging adventure. I caught a gnarly cold a few days back, but decided to stay up late last night and power through the mini mall so I could hopefully shoot tonight. I got the setup done, so now I’m going to leave Little Los Angeles standing in the carport overnight. I absolutely have to shoot tomorrow because it’s going to rain on Monday and this thing is going to take half a day to disassemble.

Please, LA skies… Please don’t rain tonight!


Here’s the entirety of Ketchup, one of five books that will be in my Laffy Meal minicomic that will be debuting at SPX next weekend!

If you want to read what happens to the human members of the family while inside and won’t be at SPX, pre-order Laffy Meal now! All money will be going towards printing and travel costs. Also one or two lucky pre-orderers will win a page of original art from Laffy Meal. What a steal!

And if you will be at SPX, stop by table M2 to buy your copy there.

So pre-order and/or tell your friends!

joons  asked:

talk about m'gann's character development

M’GANN M’ORZZ, THOUGH. SHE IS SO IMPORTANT. This is going to gobsmack some people, but I sincerely believe she is the most important lady on YJ, and her character arc is the best out of all the other ladies, in EVERY RESPECT. WOW. M’GANN!!! STARS IN MY EYES. ALL THE STARS OF MARS AND THE GALAXIES BEYOND.

It is so interesting, retrospect-wise, to look back at M’gann and how different she is when “Endgame” rolls around than she was when she first diffidently walked into the Cave in “Fireworks.” She was so unsure of herself then, so eager to please, so terrified and so overjoyed and so exhilarated and so new, and in five years she grows into someone so brave (well, braver!) and firm and ferocious and unstoppable. She still retains those things that make her who she is, but they are different now, differently lit – she is still so fiercely loving and protective of her friends that she will put people in comas for them; she is still so frightened of her own power and the “fact” that she is a monster that she takes mental abuse from Kaldur’s mind because she’s convinced she deserves it; she still probably bakes cookies; she still waters Uncle J’onn’s plants (even though now she’s watering them with her tears)!!!

And she watches death happen around her, watches it ruin the people she cares about; she loses the idealism that she had when she was just a lost little alien who WENT TO EARTH AGAINST ALL ODDS AND RULES BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO, and she loses sight of what’s morally right sometimes because she’s so humanly afraid of being alone; she does not smile as much when she’s older, except in the company of certain privileged people; she is a warrior and she’ll take your ass down.

But you know what the nice thing is? She was always a warrior. She’s a warrior who wears a pink apron and bakes cookies and loves 70s sitcoms and wants to look pretty and loves making friends and gets flustered around the guy she likes. She’s a warrior who cries and hates herself sometimes and is afraid of her own power. She’s a warrior who scoops up a motherless little boy and makes him her brother. She’s a warrior who always wanted an Earth sister and who accepts this abrasive blonde-haired stranger EVEN IN SPITE OF BLONDE-HAIRED STRANGERS BLATANT ADVANCES ON THE BOY SHE’S LIKED FOR A MONTH.

She’s a warrior who loves hugs and snuggles and kisses and cute things and TV stars and baking recipes and laughing and flying and being her own agent, at last, now that she’s away from her dozen identical sisters and cousins and her preoccupied parents and the constant derision and racism and myths of her own lack of worth. She has spent her entire life being told she cannot love, but more importantly that she cannot be loved. So what does she do? SHE LEAVES THAT ALL BEHIND AND SHE GOES TO EARTH AND GOD DAMN, DOES SHE LOVE.

Just like I love her, coincidentally. AND SO SHOULD YOU, FANDOM.

This may be the single greatest comic panel I have ever drawn and will ever draw in my cartooning life: A cupcake monster vomiting up frosting and smaller cupcakes onto a plate. There really is no reason for me to keep on making comics after this.

Also, ‘blarf’ really seems to be my go-to sound effect as of late. I’m ok with that.

Why is this cupcake monster vomiting up frosting and smaller cupcakes onto a plate? You’ll just have to order my new book The Radically Awesome Adventures of the Animal Princess to find out!

i was talking to rush last night and we discussed how like, it felt like greg knew what we wanted but gave it to us in the worst possible ways

  • you want bart as kid flash? awesome; we’ll kill off wally
  • you want dick to be able to take a break after all this? how about he takes a break after his best friend dies
  • you want artemis back in the hero life? okay; she can go back as tigress because she can’t cope with being who she used to be anymore