So unfortunately...

I’m watching ‘the talk’, a stupid daytime talk show. And they are discussing a poll taken by a porn film company - the poll taken was “which male celebrity would you like to see a sex tape of?”

They’re going on about male parts and how big and/or long they are.

Does anyone else find it weird that now we’ve started to completely hyper-sexualize men like this? I mean if these were male co-hosts and they were talking about women, think of the uproar that would occur as a result of this so-called “discussion”. Doesn’t this make us hypocrites as women?

I’m just sayin, there is a very obvious double standard going on here - and is it fair?

BLARCH. Okay, finally. SOMETHING. Have some ‘I just got rid of a shade of writer’s block/I hate my writing right now’ ficlet. Lycanae/Athim. Tanaleth canon. Huge thanks go to saarebitch for helping me come up with Clan Tanaleth and for allowing them to occupy an honoured spot in her extended universe canon. Everybody go read Birthright !! Team tree elf and moderately happy AU. 

Thanks to Faux for edits :D !

“Spider venom comes in many forms. It can often take a long while to discover the full effects of the bite. Naturalists have pondered this for years: there are spiders whose bite can cause the place bitten to rot and to die, sometimes more than a year after it was bitten. As to why spiders do this, the answer is simple. It’s because spiders think this is funny, and they don’t want you ever to forget them.”
Neil Gaiman (Anansi Boys (American Gods, #2))

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