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Lets say there is a raging fire behind all the Trump/Russia news. What would be the outcome. Would they just impeach him and Pence would become president. Which would be as scary if not more then Trump remaining in office. Is it possible to have a special election if it does turn out Trump and his team worked with Russia to rig the election.

I’ve answered this before. The super short version is that Pence is a goddamn monster, too, and a complete theocrat who will be a fucking disaster, just like Paul Ryan and Orrin Hatch who are also in the line of succession.

But none of those pieces of shit will start a war because they want to feel tough. None of those pieces of shit will ruin relationships with America’s allies, because they want to show off. None of those assholes will embarrass the nation every single time they speak in public.

Trump is a clear and present danger to the world, because he is so destabilizing, but he’s also a direct and serious threat to the entire foundation of America, and our constitutional system of government. He needs to go, and he needs to be held accountable, and he needs to go to prison (and I think Pence is likely guilty, as well) for the good of the country.

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Should the US change the electoral map? If your state heavily leans one way as much as they say your vote counts it doesn't. Shouldn't the overall popular vote play a part in picking the POTUS?

Two of the last four elections have seen the winner of the popular vote lose in the electoral college. That seems undemocratic to me, to be honest. 

America is fucked, and all we can do is hope to minimize the damage this lunatic and the despicable lunatics he empowers will bring to America and the world.

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Have you played No Man's Sky? If so what do you think about it?

I haven’t, yet. It looks like everything I could possibly want in a game of its type, and I don’t have time to fall into that hole right now.