blaque lyte

hey i did this thing for a black light art show that Paul Nudd is putting on… buttchutney is the new yolo. pass it on.
SATURDAY, MARCH 7TH - “BLAQUE LYTE BUBBLY” Outhaüs and Outhaüs Inn, Champaign, IL
SATURDAY, APRIL 11TH - “BLAQUE LYTE ROYALE” Telephone Booth Gallery, Kansas City, MO

Spit shine your rufies cow town! Blaque Lyte Royale opens tomorrow at Telephonebooth Gallery, Kansas City, MO. Badass new work by Brendan Donnelly, Rory Dean, Céline Hudréaux, Jaret Penner, Fakeshamus, David Shrigley, Ryan Duggan, Jack Felgate, Michael Swaney, Lane Hagood, Edie Fake, Otto Splotch, Andy Heck Boyd, Andrea Schumacher John Maggie, Thomas Mazzarella, Max Mose, Mickie Z, Lale Westvind, Matthew Thurber, Anya Davidson, Onsmith Jeremy, Keenan Marshall Keller, Sarah Leitten, Bruce Conkle, Klara Kristalova, Royal Art Lodge and many more. #KCMO #KCArt #BlaqueLyteRoyale #BlaqueLyteProjects