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[TRANS] 120723 The message that A+ conveyed to MBLAQ

You’re surprised that the music stopped, right?
Members! Please pay attention to the screen!!
The SECOND story that we want to deliver
Dear. Seungho G.O Joon Cheondung Mir
From. your A+

and 2012.7.22 until the last time of today.
1012 days.
Always love you like the beginning.
Maybe it’ll be like that, just like the beginning, because you will not change in the future.

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[FANCAM] 120630 Lee Joon’s solo at BLAQ% Tour in Jakarta

Source: HimmelNoir @ YT


[FANCAM] 120630 MBLAQ at BLAQ% Tour in Jakarta

Part 1

Source: 910310MIRMI @ YT
Reuploaded: ☆sunshine @