**OUT NOW** Odeeno - Digit∆lShke

Odeeno is a beat producer from Italy that we’ve been sharing a lot of. He is 23 years old is our latest release as of today. We got to talking about 2 weeks ago about him releasing a project through our label, as we were referring to a much longer wait time, he insisted that we release a project that he had basically finished within these 2 weeks. So, we sketched up a release date and here it is. After a lot of miscommunication due to lack of italian and lack of english, we scheduled the release, came up with some artwork, and promo’d this bad boii into our March 7th release. 

Odeeno - Digit∆lShke

Sasha Pt.1

One time. 
She was perfectly happy. Happier than your average american with a soda and a smartphone. In fact. Have you ever thought how an african boy who simply has the blessing of having 3 meals a day, could quite possibly be happier than the over accessorized bling boy/girl from the cutest town in america? 

I will say. This woman whom i was previously rambling about, was empty handed. No phones, computers, TV’s, or even an Ipod. She had a radio, and a record player. She wrote short stories with the same texture of pen. On paper in her makeshift scrapbooks. She had friends that she would see quite a bit and being the age of 25, she drank beer and occasionally snorted a line of coke or ketamine. This would be considered a small factor of her inspiration. 

So, she had fun. She had a life. She was happy. With the bare minimum of   her cultures offerings. All she needed was love, pen and paper, a bed, and a creative brain.