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Natsuki was waiting outside of Yuki’s school again, just like he did every day. He sighed, shuffling the small pebbles as he always did. It had only been two weeks since they started dating and it still felt… new? Natsuki didn’t know the word, and he didn’t care to find one that was suitable. There wasn’t a word that could properly describe them and he was more than okay with that. 

The bell rung, and Natsuki smiled a bit… his heart leaping a bit higher. He had a surprise for Yuki. It was only natural that he would do it here, in front of the school grounds.

A week before when Natsuki had been waiting something caught his eye. A sea of pink flyers over the buildings and doors. Enoshima Prom! Read across the pastel pink papers in an atrociously girly font. Natsuki scoffed, That’s really American… I can’t believe they’re actually going to do this here. I never remembered them having this last year. Then again…. what if I asked Yuki to go? He gulped, ripping the flyer and quickly stuffing it into his pocket. Is it really stupid… that I just want to do something nice for him… and maybe a little bit more selfishly… dance with him where people would see us together. As a couple. 

Natsuki’s fingers traced the lining of his pocket in thought. The bell had rung five minutes ago… 

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Shun was waiting on yuki out around his dorm, pacing back and forth in front of the door. They had planed to cut his hair back to a normal short length. But he was nervous, could Yuki find the dorm.? no more so was yuki still coming? So many questions were running threw the boys head he couldn’ stop pacing.

He let out a soft sigh giving a warm smile. He had everything placed on the table, towel for his shoulders, nice cutting scissors, and some hair pins to pin back some hair. He put his hands behind his jacket leaning against the wall outside the room glancing around. He just couldn’t get enough of the fact a friend was coming over to spend time with we him.

Shun started to hum softly and closes his eyes as he was against the wall. He hummed his favorite nursery rhyme. What a perfect tone for Shun of all things, it just fit his personality even more. He was slowly turning himself outta everything that he didn’t even noticed that Yuki did find the dorm as was already heading up to him.


Shinichi yawned and sighed. He has been fishing for hours now, and not a single bite. Shinichi wasn’t sure what caused him to suddenly want to fish today, he just felt like it would be a good day for fishing. He didn’t even check the tides or the weather for the day, which admittedly was pretty stupid of him. It wasn’t like he was inexperienced with fishing either. He has fished a couple of times before with the Detective Boys, but then again, he certainly wasn’t an expert or anything. Actually, every time Shinichi went out to fish, a murder occurred either while he was fishing, or right after.

Shinichi rested his head on his left palm. “What was I thinking?” He mumbled. If on all the times he had tried to fish, he wouldn’t get many, if at all, catches and then a murder would occur, so…why did he suddenly want to fish today? Maybe he should have slept more…

Shinichi knew that it was impossible to catch a lot of fish every day, and he generally wasn’t an impatient person, but he was starting to get sleepy. He felt his eyes drop and probably would have fallen asleep, if it wasn’t for his head slipping from his hand. Shinichi sat up straight and shook his head a couple of times. Man, he really was out of it today. What was with him lately?

With another yawn, Shinichi reeled in his fishing line to check on the bait. As his luck would have it, the bait was gone. Shinichi sighed. He probably should give up. Neither his mind nor spirit was into fishing and he wasn’t even in the right mind set at all. Yeah, he probably should give up, but something just didn’t feel right about stopping now. He wasn’t sure why, he just didn’t want to. It was probably the stubbornness that he has been told he had coming into play. Shinichi shrugged. Well, whatever. There weren’t many people at his fishing spot, and the ones who were here seemed to be fishing alone, so a murder wasn’t likely to happen. Besides a murder, what else was there that could happen to him?

Shinichi found out just what else there could have been when he felt a sharp pain on his thumb. He flinched and looked at his hand. Just great. He managed to get the hook in his thumb. He really should have gone back home…

Well, too late now. Shinichi sighed and stared, basically glared, at his thumb, like it was all its fault. He knew what would be the best way to pull out a hook, but he really wasn’t looking forward to the pain. Well, nothing he could do. It was his own fault for being so careless. Shinichi searched through his supplies, hoping to find a bandage and some disinfectant. He thought he had packed one, but he couldn’t find it. Shinichi groaned. Today just wasn’t his day. He didn’t really want to pull out the hook here. And he should probably get some disinfectant just in case. Shinichi frowned as he considered his options. Getting some disinfectant would be the best choice.

He sighed and looked around. Maybe he could borrow some from someone? It would be faster than going all the way back with a hook in his thumb. He approached the closest person to him. It was a boy, probably around his age. He tapped the other’s shoulder and smiled sheepishly. “Erm…would you have some disinfectant by any chance?” Shincihi asked, embarrassed and showed the other his thumb.

More humans? How interesting… I am Izaya Orihara, what is it that you want?”


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It had been quite some time since he had last seen Yuki, in fact it had been a few weeks since that active of theirs. He hurried into his normal cloths and picked up his phone putting it to his ear and awaited for an answer. But it was just a voicemail so he smiles leaving a message.

“Y-yukkki-kun! I’m coming over shortly, get ready we are going out to the town to just enjoy yourselfs! I have stuff planned” He said smiling and hanging up the phone putting it into his pocket. A light blush still on his face as he put on a light jacket last and headed ou the door.

Humming softly to himself he quickly made his way to Yuki’s dorm room. He hoped he had remembered right on where the room was. He was all full of excitement to hang out with his friend. Since it had been a long time since they could hang out. Shun loved his friends so finally getting time with Yuki was perfect. Or so he hopped that when he got there Yuki wasn’t too busy.

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