blanketsaurus rex


Alright guys, Blanket and I are making this super official.

After two amazing years with Know Your Meme, this Friday will be my last day. It has been an amazing, crazy ride and I am so grateful I got to spend two entire years archiving the internet with the best team around. I got to do some really awesome things and it has just been the absolute coolest thing in the world. I was the world’s first meme librarian! I made that a thing that the world needed! 

On November 4th, I’ll be joining the Tumblr staff as a Community & Content Associate. Which is only a little bit shorter than my current official title of Reporter and Community Outreach Coordinator. I’m going to be working with radar, trending tags and doing awesome stuff to surface the best content Tumblr has to offer. 

This is a really exciting big scary move and it hasn’t really set in yet. I am full of so many emotions. This next week is pretty much just going to be this GIF every day. Especially on Friday.

External image

Thank you everyone for everything. I have a more serious post in the works for Friday but seriously It has been KILLING me keeping this a secret and I couldn’t wait another week!

#blanketgram is back home ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ she’s a little woozy and went immediately under my grandma’s bed after this haha 

i told her how much the internet loves her and she meowed. we are incredibly grateful for all the warm wishes and happy thoughts you’ve sent to us the past few days. thank you so much internet.

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