blankets are my raison d'etre


One of the girls my mum works with, Jeanette, crocheted us this wonderful, soft, cozy brown-and-gold-and-autumn-coloured blanket a few years ago for our living room and we all love it. I guess she and my mum were talking about it last week and my mum said it was everyone’s favourite, and she joked that she’d have to get Jeanette to make one for me sometime.

Well, over the weekend Jeanette got bored, it seems (she says if she has nothing to do she’ll bite her nails), and saw that she had some nice purple wool, so she just decided to make me a blanket then and there. She remembered the pattern for the other one she made us, so this is just the same, only a bit smaller. She surprised my mum with it this morning at work, and my mum brought it home for me on her lunch break and I am thrilled and suffice to say I haven’t removed it from my body since

blanket blanket blanket blan ke t