daggerpen asked:

Hey, so I know you guys don't offer weighted blankets, but you and your followers seem like the most likely to know - does anyone know where to get autistic made weighted blankets, or at least a source that's not affiliated with A$ and their general ilk? I've been looking to get one but all the stuff that's coming up on google makes me :/ a lot.

Check out Isaac at Autistic Rabbit. He makes all of the weighted blankets for our subsidized program and he’s terrific (easy to work with, great communicator, super enthusiastic). I’ve ordered a couple of blankets from him as gifts too, and can confirm that they are really well made from nice fabric. 


I was tagged by carlllgallaghrrr and my ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS wifey rawarn for the 6 selfies thing or whatever it is, so thank you guys!! <3 I’ve like already posted a couple of these, but I like don’t take pics that often so whatever :p

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I want to lay next to you,
engulfed in the summer night.
Middle of a field.
Wrapped in blankets
we carried from your room.
Inhaling your fading cologne,
exhaling tired oxygen and carbon dioxide.
Worn flannels,
stolen off your bed.
Callused hands,
intertwined beneath the moon.
—  A.L. (6.2.15)