wow I woke up to 185 asks in my inbox asking about blanket commissions

uhhhhhh I wasn’t expecting that, but okay! The short answer is, yes I will take commissions.

guess I’ll get going on setting up a StoreEnvy this weekend! I’ll make a post about it when everything’s set up :)

blanket-fictions asked:

celeste PLZ—I hope this means there's a list of sauce fashion headcanons! ;A;


  • he loves wearing socks with his sandals. thinks he looks great
  • according to his opinion, which is always correct, bjork’s swan dress is the epitome of high fashion
  • rock lee’s jumpsuit would be a masterpiece if only they had high collars
  • add high collars  to every piece of clothing imaginable
  • he joined orochimaru bc he thought the assbow was a masterpiece
  • real ninjas wear tighty whities
  • it’s not true fashion until you stick the uchiha clan crest on it (he has scrolls full of iron on patches of them)
  • when tim gunn says to make an outfit work, sasuke will tell you it perf. do not change it.
  • gaara’s makeover came courtesy of one sasuke uchiha. he told him he has never looked more fabu
  • regardless of the event or location, always show off your chest. be proud
  • he’s currently trying to make fanny packs a thing
  • fedora’s are a great way to have people not approach you, thus making it the ultimate must have fashion accessory 
  • he’s currently trying to grow a soul patch 
  • basically, every fashion don’t, is a fashion do for him

Steve and Thor wearing big fuzzy sweaters, cuddling together under a blanket and drinking hot cocoa.