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I’ve successfully sat down to write SIXTY days in a row! Slowly but surely writing my novel. The Scrivener App on my iPad makes such a difference, and the word tracker is both helpful and aesthetically pleasing. 

“My Little Pony: Bobdude Remix”

Oh shit it’s a new blanket design for Bronycon. I wanted to get big mac, maud, and shining armor/cadence/flurry on this thing (because I should have them as stickers for bronycon), but the order has to go in now if I’m gonna get them in time. If I stick to this horse convention thing another summer I’ll add a whole bunch more of the other horses I’ve drawn to it, quite like my Sweetie collage. I’m hoping to turn it into something really cool but it’ll be a few hundred hours before that can happen. I uh, may or may not be trying to draw every vaguely important pony from the show. We’ll see. In the meantime though I think this looks pretty neat, got a little bit of something for everyone on it. This one will also be on wallscrolls, which will be a bobdude first for bronycon.

Anyways, enjoy a little collage of horses. Expect those new stickers I mentioned real soon

OH, one last thing, I won’t be taking preorders for blankets at bronycon this year. Due to this post-trotcon rush, I just couldn’t make them happen. However there is some good news, I found a new blanket printer so I’m printing more of them and they’ll sell for even cheaper. I’ll have ten of my Sweetie Collage and ten of this new design here. Hopefully they take off as well at bronycon as they did at everfree, those blanket sales take my mood from good to infallible every time one goes haha

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What do you think college scully was like

she was angry. too smart for her friends and her intro physics professor. unfailingly loyal. serious in a way you could mistake for apathetic if you’d never seen her with her glasses sliding down her nose, laughing at the b-horror movie playing in her best friend’s dorm. she was kind in a quiet, intuitive way that made her impossible to predict. unexpectedly, desperately brave. all too-big the clash t-shirts and half-smoked cigarettes because she liked the weight (like a scalpel between her fingers, years later, except lighter) but not the taste. in some strange, kind universe, she trades her thrift shop leather jacket for her lab partner’s jean one with the worn elbows. he’s got a dumb first name and won’t let her call him by it. his jacket feels too big on her. it feels, tucked around her collar, like the messy introduction of warmth in spring. she settles down into it and stays.

in other, sharper worlds, she trades her tangled hair for a short bob and her jacket for a blazer that missy says makes her look boxy. but when she looks at herself in a mirror - just a passing glance before an interview with a recruiter for the FBI (in her head, it sounds over-pronounced, pompous) she likes the softness of her hair around her face, a pink tint to her cheeks that reminds her of the way bill used to pinch them, fondly. she loses the smokes and the clash after that, but keeps the anger. indulges her own softness, temporarily, just for kicks. buys scented candles and an apartment with a claw foot tub and re-learns how to pray. she has never been tall. she is not quite fully grown.

in this universe, in all of them, she always remembers the things she learned before she turned twenty-four: she can still quote the exorcist backwards and forwards and tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue. she can recite the periodic table upside down and high as a kite. she is slyly, wickedly funny. she loves like a weapon with the safety off: fast and sharp and absolutely deadly.

she forgets, eventually, the words to london calling. but she remembers, when she wears a black blazer or a jean jacket or a printed blanket around her shoulders, the anger and the posturing and the freedom of being unfinished, incomplete. she remembers how it felt to wear her armor outside her skin.

Due to all the overwhelming love from you guys, prints of my “Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes” painting are now available! Thank you for all of the kind words!

Things I associate with the Hogwarts houses

Gryffindor: vibrant red sunsets, huge fields of flowers, laughter on warm summer evenings, running even though you’re out of breath, ice tea with cold ice cubes, curling toes, sparklers, sprinklers, strong voices, comfortable arm chairs, obnoxious laughter, freshly cut grass, and baseball bats

Hufflepuff: blankets, flowery prints, teacups on the shelf, beaded sandals, knees in the flowerbed, doorknobs, smiling pictures, jars with freshly sharpened pencils, sunshine through closed eyelids, warm chocolate chip cookies, candles, the purr of a kitten, sweat beads on someone’s brow, friendship bracelets, and lion roars

Slytherin: tapestries on the wall, silky fabrics, gurgling water, elaborate braids, maps with pinpoints, spices, family dishes and heirlooms, long wool socks, boxes with squeaky hinges, candlelight, surprised eyebrows, delicate fingers, organized closets, perfectly clean mirrors, stained glass windows, international markets, and pictures tacked up on the wall

Ravenclaw: wax seals, leather bound books, pianos, the sea, lampposts, paint stained fingers, glasses, ballet slippers, long flowing skirts, messy ponytails, clinking bracelets, books piled everywhere, a drawer filled with sweaters, cameras, classical music, art museums, Mediterranean cooking, fizzy water, black and white movies, keys, fairy lights, and typewriters


The Visvim Kerchief Down Jacket KOFU

Yes, they’ve done it again. Japanese brand Visvim delivers two exclusive down jackets for the season with exclusive being the word of order here - the patchwork on each jacket is unique and differs from one to the next. Due to the vintage fabrics reminiscent of bandanas, blankets and African prints, no jacket is the same, adding a whole new meaning to the uniqueness Visvim is known for. 

5 times Thomas slept on the couch, and 1 time they slept there together (JeffMads, 3.6k)

written for the wonderful and very sweet @softburr who deserves all the nice things in the world. i hope u like it buddy.


“Ha ha! Suck it,” Thomas yells, shaking his fist in the air, eyes alight with victory.  James glares at him, eye twitching. “I’m the winner and you’re the loser, I’m the best and you’re the worst, I’m-” Thomas gets cut off in the middle of his little song and dance by James throwing the controller at his head.

“You’re sleeping on the couch tonight,” he says flatly, and then gets up to take a long bath and calm down.

“But Jemmy!” Thomas calls after him, “You can’t just abandon me in the middle of a Mario Kart tournament! Baby?”

James ignores him, slamming the door of the bathroom shut behind him. Fucking Thomas and his fucking long thumbs and his fucking dirty cheating tactics. Taking off his shirt had one hundred percent been a calculated stratagem to distract James and he’s angry at himself beyond belief for letting it work.

Fucking Mario Kart. James is going to passive aggressively hide all the Wii games in the apartment so they never have to play that damn game again. He hopes that Thomas gets a crick in his neck from sleeping on the couch, that fucker.

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Things Yuri does when Otabek is down (in no particular order):

  • brings him a cat or two
  • “Who did this to you, I’ll make them pay!”
  • sits down behind him, wraps himself around him and just holds him close
  • sings silly Russian children’s songs - Otabek only has to hear the words   Я играю на гармошке to crack a smile, no matter what
  • makes him plates full of piroshki
  • lets Otabek win at video games
  • does the most ridiculous, over-acted striptease to get Otabek to laugh
  • wraps him in a leopard print blanket and strokes the back of his head until he falls asleep
  • he isn’t so good at comforting words, but if Otabek needs to talk about it, he’ll listen and just be there, and that’s enough

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Warning: Fluff?

A/N: I actually planned to put it in one of my future One shots but, oh well, I couldn’t help myself.

You danced your way into the Avengers Tower, a huge smile on your lips. In your hands you held Loki’s present, a pug puppy wrapped in a beige blanket with little paws printed on it. You couldn’t stop yourself from grinning, you were so happy that you found something that would lessen Loki’s broody nature.

You knocked three times on his door with your foot. “Loki, open the door!”, you called and after a few seconds the door opened, a moody Loki looking down at you.

“You know, [Y/N], you have two healthy hands and-”, he stopped and frowned, before continuing, “what is that?” He pointed at the blanket.

“This is your puppy! She’s all yours.” 

You stepped into his room and made your way over to his bed. Carefully, you placed the black pug along her blanket on it, letting the puppy crawl her way out of her comfort zone. You started petting and playing with her, laughing when she nibbled on your fingers.

Loki, surprised and not overly fond of the furry thing, shook his head. “No, absolutely not!” 

“Totally yes!”, you didn’t even bother stopping petting the little pug, “You need someone to care for and because you’re always so bored and touchy with the others, I thought you might want to have a puppy! She’s small and won’t grow too big. You can train her, she’s clever and vivid!” 

“I don’t have time for that thing.”

“Liar, liar, pants on fire!”, you smiled, “Just take a look at her. You can name her and buy her things, and if you’re one of these unique people, you can even buy her a $5000 collar and call her Princess Puggy Pug.”

Loki sighed and sat down next to the pug and hold out his hand to let the dog sniff it. The moment the pug pressed herself against Loki’s huge hand, he started to pet her and smiled when she turned onto her back.

“So what’s her name?”, you asked, having a good feeling about this.

And Loki smiled genuinely. “Her name is Alva.” 

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Name: Cammy.
Age: 10.
Gender: Male.
Family: he never knew them, he just appeared in an au, he doesn’t even belong to any.
Friends: he never really stays in one place to make friends.
Birthday: 27/11.
Starsign: Sagittarius .
Favourite colour: baby blue

Random facts:
-he doesn’t know why he had the blanket with him, he just had it, he keeps it close cause it makes him feel safe.
-he is unable to be hostile.
-he does not belong to an au, he just, appeared in a very bad au one day.
-no one knows who’s voice plays the message “we miss you Cam-Cam” on the echo flower he carries, it makes him feel better when he is in negativity when he needs comfort.

ishouldgoworkonthosensfw'snow *rolls away*