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Our heartfelt condolences go out to those affected by the terrible fire in Kensington, West London.

If you are based in London and can help with clothes, food, blankets etc then please donate these to:
- St Clements Church, 95 Sirdar Road, W11 4EQ

If you are concerned about someone you know who may have been affected, a number has been set up - 0800 0961 233

This tragedy also serves as another reminder that we should never, ever stop recognising the heroic bravery, dedication and humanity of our emergency services who never hesitate to put themselves in harms way. Thank you.

so here’s the deal. as u guys know, i lost my job. i lost my other source of income (riding lessons) due to my “best friend” taking our lesson program out from under me. i got my credit card and my phone bill paid which is good but my check engine light came on and i had to pay $350 for that and then as soon as i got my car home, it cAME ON AGAIN so i’m gonna have to get that fixed.

i’m $500 in my overdraft, i owe my dad $200 and $250 horse board is coming up the end of the month. my horse is my source of stability and if I can’t pay his board, i don’t know what’s going to happen. I got some donations and was able to pay some things off, but i’m not out of the hole yet. 

if you want to donate - my paypal is i just got a new job but i wont have the money to pay what i need to pay off for a while and i’m just really worried. 

on the other hand:

I’ve started making weighted blankets.

 I’ve noticed a need for them, since not everyone can pay $100+ for them.

I worked in a facility with children who all have autism and I’ve made each of my kids one so I’ve gotten pretty good at making them.

Because of my work schedule it takes me 1-3 weeks to make them depending on the time I have and the materials I have on hand/have to order.

I would prefer to make them for people with sensory issues who need them but will consider making them for other people as well.

I’m doing them for $30-$50 depending on the weight. If you’re interested in having one made - message me! it would reeeaaaallllly help me out!

So my dojo is a a few blocks away from the Homeless Shelter for LGBTQ+ Youth

And I brought it up our chief instructor to suggest that we run a donation drive or something to raise awareness. I brought in two boxes–one for clothes and one for unused hygiene goods for the kids. 


The chief instructor has brought it up to the other martial arts schools and they’re now in on it, too.

Packs of new underwear are being donated since those are often under-donated.

There are new blankets and towels being donated omfg

And one of my training partners offered to donate so much money for the cause for the incentive of filling the donation boxes.


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30 easy random acts of kindness

1. See art on your dashboard? Reblog it. Tell the artist what you like about it. 

2. See a selfie on your dashboard? Reblog it. Tell them how beautiful they are, 

3. Send a friend three reasons why you are grateful to have them in your life 

4. Hold the door open for someone 

5. Have cardboard boxes you don’t need? Give them away for free (people may desperately need them because they move out!) 

6. Listen to someone’s favorite song or watch someone’s favorite movie, then talk to them about it, ask them what it means to them 

7. Offer your elderly neighbors to buy their groceries or take out their trash 

8. Know someone who can’t drive/doesn’t have a car? Offer them a free ride 

9. Send someone a birthday card who wouldn’t expect one from you 

10. Leave a book somewhere (on a train, on a park bench etc.). Include a note like “Lonely book looking for a new owner”

11. Create a “little free library”

12. Pack extra snacks, offer them to co-workers or friends 

13. Go to someone’s event (the school play of your friend’s daughter etc.) 

14. Buy a magazine from the homeless person selling them 

15. Give the delivery person a small gift and thank them 

16. Eat a vegan meal 

17. Compliment a kid’s drawing 

18. Offer free haircuts 

19. Put some scarves, mittens etc. in a cardbox and put them outside on a cold day, with a note saying “For free” 

20. Ask a local maternity home if they need diapers, baby clothes etc. Buy them some of what they need! 

21. Buy feminine hygiene products and donate them to a homeless shelter - not many people think about donating them! 

22. See a helpful post in your native language? Add the english translation, so more people can benefit from it 

23. Donate blood 

24. Ask for donations to your favorite charity as a birthday gift 

25. Offer to help people to register to vote

26. Donate toys or children’s books to a children’s hospital

27. You know lots about something? Make a post about it and explain it using easy words, so people can benefit from your knowledge  

28. Knit baby blankets and donate them to a maternity home or pregnancy help center 

29. Offer to tutor kids for free 

30. Plant butterfly-/bee-friendly flowers in your garden 

I wanted to share something.

I work part time at a preschool when I can as a sub. My wonderful mother is the preschool director. The preschool is located in a really liberal Lutheran church here in the city, and even though we aren’t frequent church goers (like at all, we go on Easter,) we do love this church, for how welcoming and open minded, free thinking and lgbtq+ friendly they are. Months ago, I was ecstatic to find out that this church was sponsoring a Syrian refugee family of six. They hardly spoke any English.

Our Arabic really isn’t very good. My mom is white and American, but she picked up some things being married to my dad, who is Lebanese but was born and raised in Kuwait. I’ve picked up some from my friends. Still, we aren’t bonafide translators.

There was a dinner party that was held for them a couple weeks after they arrived. The family hosting them was American, white. But incredibly accommodating. They tried to cook a Syrian chicken recipe, and their youngest boy didn’t speak a word of English, but let me tell you seeing the youngest son of the refugee family, (6) and the youngest son of the host family, (7) playing ball and chasing and tagging each other outside, laughing, not knowing a single word in each others language, was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen.

Until today, I hadn’t seen them since then. But they’re truly beautiful people. Our Arabic is fragmented and hard to understand, but every time the mother sees us she smiles and hugs us. With everything that was going on, she asked my dad to write down the phrase, “I’m so sorry, we’re here for you, God willing this all gets better.” My dad’s Maronite, and our family is Christian. But my mom and I feel so much for these refugees. My mom couldn’t even get out the first word before crying, and I started crying too. The mother of the family (I don’t want to say her name for privacy,) smiled and nodded, and hugged us both. She knew what we were trying to say

Today she was working with the ladies at the church, sewing fabric and quilting. Every Tuesday they make blankets to donate – she is a huge part of that.

I want to say … that ANYONE who thinks refugees are coming here (to America,) to “steal” your jobs, mooch off of welfare, and be lazy, you have ABSOLUTELY no IDEA what the FUCK you’re talking about.

The father of the family used to be a driver in Syria. Not just any driver; he was an escort. He could safely drive you to the borders of Lebanon, Syria, or Jordan. The church had a sheet of information about them for us to look at when they first arrived, and when we first talked to the church they said the father was a “taxi driver.” My dad called him  shortly after and they talked on the phone for awhile. My dad asked what he does, he was not just a taxi driver. He was an escort

His first week here, the father of the family, he rode the bus ALL around town ALL day trying to memorize the street names and learn the ins and outs of the city, so he could get a JOB. Now, he’s a taxi driver. Their second oldest son was a baker at the refugee camp in Jordan. He showed us videos of him leavening giant wads of dough, rolling HUGE pastries and making a homemade chocolate cake with ganache and a 4 foot long (in diameter) baklava for a wedding. He’s an amazingly talented self-taught baker, and now he works at an Arab bakery on the East side.

The church assisted them in finding resources, housing, and food stamps. The mother of the family brought them back, asking if anybody else could use them, someone LESS fortunate. THEY WOULDN’T EVEN TAKE FOOD STAMPS.

These people are not lazy. These people are not here to take ANYTHING from you. They are HERE for a second CHANCE and to lead a life AWAY from terror, where their children can be SAFE.

If after reading this you still think, “well they’re the exception,” or,  "there are SOME good ones, but not all of them are honest and hard working,“ FUCK OFF. FUCK DIRECTLY OFF 

Hurricane Harvey

So i live in Houston and am currently on a cot in the George R Brown convention center with my partner and friends

Last i saw the house around 3pm on sunday the water was nearly waist high and full of chemicals from under the sink, reaching past the very low windows so im assuming it will be worse when we see it again

road a military truck around my neighborhood for four hours picking up other people. The water was covering cars in some spots and barely licking the doors in others, but the road was ALWAYS worse,and the first two places they tried to leave us turned us away (fire department and a church beginning to flood)

dropped at a different church on slightly higher ground, stayed for 8 hours while we waited for transport to the convention center. initially they wouldnt let us on because one cat was not caged, but we found a box and cut some holes in the lid and stuck the smallest cat inside which was enoughto catch us a ride.  a lot of families and single people with uncaged pets stayed behind.

Around 2am we were piled, 17 people, 4 animals and 2 national guardsmen i the back of a tall military vehicle that sloshed through the high water until it hit the raised highway, then only 15-20 minutes until we got here. it was much emptier sunday night, and ive been here long enough to have slowly gotten ahold of soft blankets and things as donations roll in. all people with animals are o one side of the building, the lights are always on, the barking neer stops and im incredibly happy to be here rather than back at the church where i hope people still arent trapped, since i believe they changed their caged animal rules since then, considering how many cages they are giving out.

My partner volunteered day 1 since they are familiar with the engineering specs on this particular buikding, and after the GRB employees left on day 1 he was the only one around that knew how to hook up electricity here (its weirdly coplicated). partner set up a bunch of charging stations for people and its packed shoulder to shoulder most of the time. when they coe back for naps i get bits of stories about babies needing to be hooked up to respirators for half the day and things f that nature.

this is all very stressful and i just needed to get tht all out.

if anyone is interested in donating small amounts to my paypal ( ) i would be really thankful, because i know that most of what i have is going to be ruined, and my funds were pretty dang tight in the first place after the mess that happened 3 weeks ago, and my cats very dramatic expensive death 6 weeks before that.

☺ cute & crafty: no-sew hand tied fleece ideas! ☺

If your sorority is looking for fun, a no mess project for a recruitment philanthropy round, sisterhood social, big/little reveal, donation project, or your next chapter retreat ~ it’s hard to beat the easiness of no-sew fleece crafting! With colorful fleece, a pair of scissors and patient knotting, a super cute gift or donation can be yours. Here are some sorority sugar top ideas for fleece goodies… 

The classic hand tied blanket: 

Pretty throw pillow:

Comfy pet bed:

Quick & easy hand tied fleece scarf: 

No-sew fleece cap: 

Fancy fleece decorated flip flops: 

Fleece pom poms for garlands, cat toys, or ponytail bands:

Hand tied dog chews:

Fleece kid’s toys & accessories:

✥ All of these projects are fantastic for family & children’s charities, women’s shelters, hospital related philanthropies, pet rescue centers, animal shelters, senior centers and more! xoxo ;)

[Photos are from Google. If needed, find specific tutorials online.}

✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥ ✥

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Thriftstore!Bucky coming home to your shared apartment with stuff from work all the time. "You're not gonna believe this crazy space dinosaurs blanket someone donated." "So there was this blue lava lamp just sitting there..." Sometimes he'd bring home items he'd know you would love. "We got a whole lot of candle holders today and this brass star one reminded me of you." "I'm not sure if this is your size but this vintage skirt is nice but I thought you could maybe wear it and make it beautiful."

this is so damn cute 

I imagine he proposes with a weird vintage ring 

Spinoff Saturday

petition to buy me one of them real nice fancy weighted blankets, donations accepted & encouaged while signing

✂️  20 no-sew philanthropy round activity ideas! ✂️

Q: I’m a philanthropy day chair for formal recruitment this fall and we’re trying to come up with a new, cute, easy, budget-friendly philanthropy activity (for example last year we did tie blankets) to do during formal recruitment. I was wondering if you knew of any good and unique options?

A: The first thing to consider is a tie-in with your philanthropy. For example, if you work with terminally ill children, then you might craft small teddy bears. But If you assist senior citizens, your craft would be totally different. Rather than planning just a random activity, it would be ideal to have a connection with your main philanthropy in some way. If there’s no direct link to your charity, then a simple and sweet project is wonderful too. Some education about your chapter’s philanthropy activities should accompany the projects during each philanthropy round.

Also, don’t make your recruitment crafts too sticky, gooey, or messy. Avoid staining paints, lacquers and the need for sharp cutting tools or sewing needles. Keep it simple and approachable even for the non-crafting types. Research exact crafting instructions online before you launch your project. Pinterest is a superior source for DIY instruction links. You can find complete instructions for the ideas listed below via Pinterest or Google searches. Lots of these ideas would be fun for sisterhood socials and retreats too. xoxo ;) 

 20 Crafty No-Sew Philanthropy Round Project Ideas: 

  1. Felt build-a-bear project. Make small teddy cut-outs from felt, offer a station for making felt vests/clothes and another station for crafting little necklaces for the bears. A mini Build-A-Bear workshop would be super cute for children related philanthropies. 
  2. Toiletry totes. Women’s shelters, hospitals and resident homes need tote bags filled with sample size necessities. Buy plain totes in bulk, offer craft supplies and decorate the bags during rounds. Also have a drive, or purchase, small size toiletries to put in the totes. Mini shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, soap, lotion, bandaids, kleenex, etc are the types of things you need to collect.
  3. Patient scrapbooks. There are special things you can craft for illness related charities and sick patients. it helps children in the hospital to chronicle their experience. Buy small scrapbooks in bulk. Offer them with craft embellishments during recruitment rounds. Have the PNMs decorate the front of the scrapbooks and later donate them with a packet of scrapbooking supplies for the interior of each book. 
  4. Affirmation bracelets. Purchase beads and supplies in bulk and have tables set up for fun bracelet making. Along with brightly colored beads, include letter beads for spelling out positive a word on each piece. The jewelry would be a wonderful donation to a teen related charity or family shelter.
  5. Pretty plastic cups. Paint pens, jewels and flowers can be used to embellish plastic tumblers for a children’s shelter. They make a nice duo with the shelter tote bags too. Beware of small sized decor and choking hazards. Stick to larger gems and blooms. 
  6. Keepsake boxes. Small wood memory boxes are welcomed by hospital patients and the elderly. Paint the outside with just one or two colors and a simple accent. The insides can be filled with stickers, or other small treats appropriate for the recipients.  
  7. Sick patient calendars. For recovering patients, it’s really nice to have a calendar of events to look forward to. Find calendars in a style that allows embellishment on the front or around the frame. Decorate with flowers, stickers, paint pens, etc…
  8. Dreamcatchers. Supply the hoops, yarn, string and decorations for crafting dreamcatchers. Perfect for the needy or ailing of all ages. 
  9. Assemble sandwiches. No gluing or painting involved! Buy bulk ingredients at a wholesale store such as Costco and ask PNMs to assemble peanut butter and jelly (or turkey) sandwiches while you talk. Later donate them to the nearest homeless shelter. 
  10. Stuff backpacks. Set up a “buffet line” table of school supplies and inexpensive backpacks and have the PNMs stuff the bags for needy school children. This system works for stuffing other packages or bags too. 
  11. Windsocks. Supply construction paper, streamers, glue sticks, markers and string for hanging. The PNMs can assemble the windsocks and decorate them for children’s hospital rooms or shelters. 
  12. Fleece caps. Instead of fleece blankets, make no-sew fleece hats for children. Find simple instructions online and spend your philanthropy rounds making beanie style caps. No fuss and so cute. 
  13. Fabric covered bookmarks. Buy inexpensive fabric remnants, poster board and ribbon. Cut the board into bookmark size strips. Using a hole punch, punch a hole at the top of each strip. PNMs can then decorate the bookmarks by gluing on fabric and attaching a pretty ribbon. Rickrack, fringe and other trims add more decoration. The same process can be used to make decorated door hangers. 
  14. Motivational drink packages. Provide water bottles, powdered drink mixes, rubber bands, colorful ribbons and hole punched tags for notes. Remove the labels from the water bottles. Ask PNMs to attach two powdered drink packages to each bottle with a rubber band, decorate the top with several ribbons and attach a note of encouragement. The perfect gift for relay race participants or volunteers working on a strenuous project. 
  15. Fleece pet beds. Another alternative to tying fleece blankets is to tie fleece “pet pillows.” Make them the size to fit cats or dogs, insert a layer of fiberfill and hand tie using the same method as a blanket. Donate them to a local animal shelter or humane society. 
  16. Ribbon & bead keychains. These are easy to make with ribbon, beads and a keyring. No gluing or sewing involved. They can be given as favors to the runners in your next 5K, or used as a fundraising item to sell. 
  17. Random Act of Kindness bags. Provide ziplock bags, an assortment of candy, large paper labels and Sharpies. Each girl fills the bag with candy, then decorates her label with inspirational words and designs relating to your mission. When the label is decorated, she should stick it on the bag. Distribute the bags to your charity or a local shelter. A list of inspirational sayings can also be provided for the girls to use.
  18. Knee sock heating pads. A great idea for patients. Use kid’s knee socks, white rice bought in bulk and string. The end result is colorful heating pads that can be warmed in the microwave. 
  19. Bandana bangles. Make no-sew banana bracelets for a family and teen charity. You can purchase cheap bandanas and plastic bangles in bulk from an online store such as Oriental Trading. PNMs can have fun cutting the bandanas and wrapping them onto the bracelets. 
  20. Scented sachets. Fabric squares filled with lavender and tied with ribbon make delightful gifts for senior citizens or families in shelters.

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As a television show, sherlock is 10x better than elementary. The story is better, the adaptation of characters is better, it's cinematically better, truer to plot which is always nice, acting is better. As someone who is less than a year from going into television as a profession, i can tell you in many ways Sherlock as done a way better job with Sherlock Holmes than Elementary has. If you only gripe with it is that the fandom isn't great, don't pay attention to them. It's as simple as that!

While Sherlock does have it’s strong points (I’m not denying that it doesn’t because that would be stupid– the cinematography is phenomenal and the production value is insane, probably because they only have 3 episodes to edit and produce), I feel like, as a singular series, Elementary has done a better job at fleshing out the characters than Sherlock has.

Let’s run this character by character:

  • Sherlock: Elementary Sherlock is a viciously human character. He has glaring flaws (like drug addiction and a history of abusive relationships) that he deals with in an actual human way. BBC Sherlock is up on a pedestal: we’re meant to idolize him, not identify with him. Other than good looks and charm(??? I think he’s mostly an asshole and charming only when it suits him), BBC Sherlock has given me zero reason to be invested in his character. He is very good at his job and has many good qualities, but he treats people like shit, even his “friends”. Constant emotional manipulation is his norm. Elementary Sherlock is not 100% empathetic, but he’s developing a sense of true emotional empathy over the course of the series, which is incredible. Do you think BBC Sherlock would volunteer to be a sponsor or donate blankets to the homeless? No. He’d make an assholish comment about how it’s too much bother and how other people are idiots.
  • Watson: Ohhhh where to begin. Let’s for the sake of argument not include the fact that she’s a woc (even though that’s SO FUCKING GODDAMN IMPORTANT) and just focus on her as a character. She’s simply a more developed character than BBC Watson. She has been consistent in wanting to be a detective and giving back since day 1. She’s actually making an attempt to broaden her horizons and become a well rounded person. BBC Watson does very little, let’s be real. He follows Sherlock around and is a sounding board/insult receiver, and occasionally does something vaguely medical to remind everyone that he’s a doctor. Or a soldier. Who knows? Not me. We know he was in Afghanistan, had a sister, and is now married. That’s it. Elementary Watson volunteers at homeless shelters because her biological father is schizophrenic. She turned into a sober companion from a doctor because of paralyzing guilt. She is a caregiver, but not an enabler (constantly inflating Sherlock’s ego by reminding him of how amazing he is, etc). She is constantly not only an amazing support system for someone with a habit of drug abuse, but also a damn good detective IN HER OWN RIGHT.
  • Various supporting characters: This isn’t even a competition. BBC Sherlock has one or two recurring cast members and we know almost nothing about them (Sherlock never remember’s Lestrade’s name haha! He’s too self absorbed to even spend a thought on someone he considers a friend! Anderson likes dinosaurs! Who the fuck cares about any of them?? No one! We know virtually NOTHING about them other than what fandom has invented). Elementary has Marcus Bell, a skilled detective who has a brother and was framed for murder by his ex-girlfriend, and has a really fabulous ongoing storyline where he got shot and it was Sherlock’s fault, and they are dealing with the healing of their relationship in a COMPLETELY REALISTIC WAY. No one’s saying, “Oh, we have to forgive him because he’s just Sherlock and that’s how he is,” and Sherlock’s not saying “Oh, it’s fine, he’ll get over it,” he ACTUALLY CARES. They also have Thomas Gregson, a not-cardboard-cutout of an old white police captain who has an actual reason to trust Sherlock (because they’ve worked together before). He has a wife and children. Does Lestrade have children? A girlfriend? We don’t know! We see five minutes of him an episode and then he’s never spoken about again! Half of the shit we know about these characters the fandom made up!
  • Then there’s the background cast, like the members of Sherlock’s homeless network whose NAMES WE ACTUALLY KNOW AND GET TO SEE, the young man he’s sponsoring as part of his AA program, JAMIE MORIARTY WHO IS THE MOST FLAWLESS VILLAIN TO EVER GRACE TV IN YEARS, and a bunch of others I can’t think of right now because I’m so tired but I just can’t sleep.
  • Oh yeah and let’s not forget the SHERLOCK WATSON RELATIONSHIP, which wasn’t haphazardly slapped together with no explanation from episode one, but was built up realistically over the whole first half of a season. They had an arc. They built up trust over time. It’s so fucking important to have that in a story. It’s impossible to have that kind of development in BBC Sherlock, because they’re flash over substance. They like looking shiny and stirring up a buzz over whateverthefuck they’re doing this week, but at the end there’s no real development. No one comes away any different or changes. It’s a flashy story, that’s all.

The point is, I can watch BBC Sherlock and be entertained for an hour and a half, then turn it off and not care. About any of them. Because they don’t give me a real reason to be invested. They portray them as interesting, slap on a few jokes and dry humor (I’m not even going to touch the blatant misogyny in some episodes because it’ll just turn into Moffat wank and no one has time for that especially me), and I’ll enjoy watching it, but that’s it. I watch out of habit, not any genuine affection. And that’s not great.

pretty words for broken boys

Rating: pg-13
Word Count: 6200

foster kids au. some swearing, some unsavory themes, lots of angst w/ a happy ending.


Jackson is unexpectedly removed from his third home of the year and returned to the big center where he shares a room with thirty other boys and all of them are older and meaner than he is. The loss of his foster mom and older sister and own room leave a hole in his heart that makes tears burn in his eyes. He doesn’t let them fall because Andrew has the bunk above him and last time he cried Andrew said, “Why don’t I give you a you a reason?” and then he pounded a row of bruises across Jackson’s chest until he learned to hold it in.

Jackson is seven years old.

This is nothing new.

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List of Presents given to Princess Charlotte
  • Silver rattle – President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico
  • White gold rattle with diamonds, rubies and sapphires – The Natural Sapphire Company
  • Willow hand-woven rattle – Ciaran Hogan, basketmaker
  • Set of silk figurines depicting Dream of the Red Chamber – President Xi Jinping of China
  • Jigsaw, cuddly toy “Bo” dog, rocking chair, baby blanket – President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
  • Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales – David Cameron
  • Snowsuit, book, and £54,000 charity donation – Stephen Harper, former Canadian prime minister
  • Snowsuit – Wellington Rugby, New Zealand
  • Sleepsuit – New Zealand Rugby
  • Teddy bears, baby blankets, bootees made from Stansborough wool – Prime Minister John Key of New Zealand
  • Pink dress embroidered with “From Israel With Love” – President Reuven Rivlin of Israel
  • Merino wool cot blanket and £5,200 donation to mountain pygmy-possum sanctuary – Government of Australia
  • Bhutanese coat – King and Queen of Bhutan
  • Set of biodegradable nappies – Pippa Middleton
A Bucket List; A Reminder of the Things I'll Never Achieve if I Don't Try; Thoughts in the Order They Come to Me

Be a ballet dancer
Learn the piano
Learn the violin
Learn how to play an instrument you don’t know the name of
Travel the world
Make someone smile for the first time in a long time
Smile for the first time in a long time
Save an animal’s life; size doesn’t matter
Make a blanket
Donate to charity
Find your hero
Be someone’s hero
Find the perfect pair of socks
Find a place where your heart sings
Find something your heart can sing for
Turn a room full of heads
Write a song that makes you or someone else cry
Be an artist
Paint something you’ve been wanting to paint for a while
Paint it on your lover’s back
Fill your house with flowers
Give your favorite song some meaning
Make a baby giggle
Dye your hair the PERFECT color
Make someone believe they’re lovable
Make someone believe they’re loved
Help someone discover their raison d’être
Discover your own
Climb to the top of something really high
Admire the view
If you want to jump, let yourself feel the feeling for only five seconds
Count them out loud as your eyes are closed
Say “this view is beautiful and I need to look at it some more”
Look at it for ten seconds
Repeat as needed
Take a picture of all the flowers you want to pick instead of picking them one time
Develop the pictures the old-fashioned way, in a dark room
Get in touch with someone from high school
Go on a lunch date with a stranger
Buy that “blind date with a book” thing
Learn how to read Braille
Count the stars in the sky
Find shapes in the stars
Name your new constellations after people who’ve changed you (for good or bad)
Make wishes on them; who cares if they’re not shooting stars
Bake a cake
Start a food fight
Appreciate something nobody appreciates
Make a house for the rat in your apartment, complete with furniture
Hug someone and mean it; make sure they mean it too
Let yourself experience happiness


Sam imagine requested by anon! As this imagine was edited for reposting, I no longer have the original request. Hopefully, a summary will suffice: “Sam and the reader prepare for the reader’s oncoming final exams, shedding a charming light on the otherwise stressful and droll actions.” I figured this might be beneficial, what with exams coming up. Hope you like it!

Your head throbbed with the heated, stinging sensation of long exposure to metal music, perhaps through the unforgiving speakers of a rock venue, though no music was playing in the dank, poorly-lit motel room you were calling house for the next few weeks. Your throat was raw, like you had swallowed a handful of small, shattered and fragmented shards of stone. Every laborious moment gone by sent another helping down your esophagus. Your hands held your face above a review packet, your fingers mechanically probing your temples to massage the strung-out exhaustion from your brain, the size twelve standardized font swimming in the haze that your fever had produced. You were home (or… motel was, unfortunately, more accurate than the comfortable noun) alone, fighting the harsh afternoon sunshine by hanging the fluffy down bed sheets over the drawn curtains as you struggled to study for your final exams the coming week while simultaneously battling the worst stress-induced cold you had ever been dealt. You were almost certain that Lucifer himself was cackling in his cage at his handiwork. Not even the arrival of your boyfriend Sam could have cheered you up at this point. You were just about ready to grab your shovel and bury yourself in the woods, content to suck air through a McDonald’s straw until your tests were over, mounds of dirt providing a happy sanctuary from the unbearable stress of education system until you could safely crawl free and rejoin the world. The taste of bile and aluminum in your mouth had a serrated feel to it. Your environment was the epitome of uncomfortable. Your breath came in heavy rasps, bouncing off of the thin walls, coming back to your ears sounding very much like your throat had been replaced by a busted squeaky toy. You painfully cleared your throat, a rattling of the rock shards, as you flipped the flimsy paper (though you could read nothing) and stared blankly at the next page.

A shaft of light erupted from the doorway, your head ducking to avoid the blazing headache any and all forms of light now sparked within the confines of your mind. Sam Winchester stepped into the room in all his glory, his jingling keys a harrowing choir in your skull. Great, noise. Your head throbbed in response to his footfall, your eyes narrowing instinctively to reduce the amount of light, if not noise. He slowly closed the door, the clunk of the deadbolt reassuring, if not excruciating. If you had to be trapped with anyone, it was him. You lifted your eyes, squinting (still) at his smiling face. He seemed to be glowing, radiating light, and he smelled of the Impala. Leather, metal, asphalt, car exhaust, gunpowder, and freedom. The wind still clung to his hair, shaping it with delicate, if unsure, fingers, tendrils swept over the part in the middle of his scalp. How wonderfully careless he was. His eyes, a rich chocolate brown in the dim lighting, the lack of illumination thieving the golds and greens from around his pupils, were examining your hunched posture, your pained expression, your half-closed eyelids. His lips parted, concern on his tongue before he spoke, his eyebrows furrowing as he made his way to you, his federal agent facade fading away to nothing but a crisp suit and squeaking dress shoes.

“God, Y/n, you look terrible,” he whispered, his hand on the back of your chair as he crouched to your level, the back of his free hand pressing into your forehead, spreading a shocking coolness to your skin. Your eyes closed at his touch, his care soothing as much as his icy fingers had managed.

“You flatter me, Winchester. Keep that up and I just might marry you,” you mumbled, prying your dry eyes open, absorbing Sam’s worry-riddled amusement, his half-grin tainted by his scrunched forehead. How close to perfection the expression had been, save the creases in his forehead. He opened his mouth to speak, tilting his head in sympathy, and sighed, his conclusion clearly bad news. You weren’t exactly expecting a pass from the lawyer-turned-doctor, but it couldn’t have been too bad.

“Baby, you’re burning up. Why don’t you lie down, lay off the books? You’re not a machine. It’ll do you good to rest,” he breathed, his voice low and tender as he dropped his hand to rest atop your thigh. You shook your head, an action you soon discovered was a mistake as jolts of double bladed electricity surged through your mind, blistering your brain wherever the lightning fizzled, scorching nerve cells. You pressed a palm to your temple, waiting out the internal attack, Sam stiff beside you. Well, convincing him of your good health was out the door in a whopping two seconds.

“Later, Sam. I have to study. I’ll relax when I’m done. Or dead, whichever comes first,” you slurred,fatigue stealing your eloquence as well as your clear vision, Sam’s chiseled face blurring around the edges. How long had it been since you slept? The recommended number of hours, of course. There had been far too many nights running on vapors, but that was all part of hunting. You were stretched incredibly thin as of late. Sam’s hand left your thigh, reaching for your packet. You laid your head on the table as he leafed through your study guide, paper crinkling in his hands like radio static. The cheap material of the table, tragically attempting to pass for wood, smelled strongly of acrid, generic cleaners and the unseen crumbs of stale coffee cake. After a moment of intensive assessment, Sam let the pages settle on the surface before you, waiting to speak until you had lifted yourself into a seated, not slumped, position.

“Y/n,” he began quickly, licking his lips, his brow furrowed in a different manner. Focus, not stress, wrinkled his skin. “What was the name of the Native American tribe that was forcefully removed from their land in 1813?” His eyes were alight with intelligence and determination. As much as you loathed the task, a study-buddy was without doubt beneficial to both your memory and your consciousness. You bent your face to your hands, your fingers pinching the bridge of your nose as you focused on facts. Gears in your head fought against rust and clogs as they struggled to life, spinning dust from their cogs as you thought on the subject.

“Cherokee, from both Carolinas, both Virginias, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky,” you rattled off, your lips nearly immobile as your brain vomited facts over Sam’s inquiries.

“You got my next question… that’s worth something,” he paused, turning the paper on the table to better read the minuscule font, his lips forming phantom words as his eyes scanned the page. “Who ordered their removal?” He was drilling you, at this point. You exhaled slowly, the very act of releasing breath tugging your eyelids closed, inching you towards sleep, your fingers pinching with increased force against the migraine you felt boiling beneath your fingers.

“Jackson,” your answer was automatic, a reward for sleepless nights spent hunched over your textbooks. “He was the asshole president.”

“Yeah, he was the asshole. What did they call the march? The Cherokee?”

“The Trail of Tears,” you whispered, yawning into your statement, Sam’s hushed return of a compliment scraping at your eardrums with long, unkempt, pointed fingernails. “Understandable. Cherokee Roses formed from the fallen tears, or so the legend says. 4,000 dead on the march, but that’s only an estimation. I doubt anyone was keeping track if they were forcing them on a death march.” Sam lifted your packet, tearing it straight down the center in one swift, fluid, and unstoppable motion. You cringed at the disruption, shock plastered on your face. Sam released the paper over his shoulder, the scraps fluttering to the cheap shag carpet that covered the warped hardwood flooring. It was a really classy motel, to say the least. You stared after your study guide, your body frozen in sleep-deprived surprise.

“Judging by your answers, that’s enough studying for tonight, at least,” he smiled, standing up before you, his body bent over yours as he pressed his chilling lips to the corner of your lips. You moved to protest, and his face was before yours in a moment, his hands smoothing over your cheeks, palms cradling your face. “Y/n, you answered nearly three questions with every answer. If you could tackle one topic like that, I’m sure you’ve got everything under control. You’re a walking textbook.” You sighed, shrugging your exhausted agreement, your eyelids drooping dangerously low. Suddenly, you were in his arms, the genius having scooped you out of your chair. He chuckled at your bewildered expression, ducking his lips to your throbbing temple. “You’ve got this in the bag. You deserve a break. I promise you can run yourself into the ground tomorrow night, but you need to sleep first,” he explained, the room spinning precariously as you were carried to your bed, your hands clutching weakly to his shoulders as he walked you towards comfort. Sam set you down on top of the thin sheets, which were all that survived your charade with the windows, turning to steal the sheets from Dean’s bed beside yours, covering you with every blanket that hadn’t been donated to the crusade against the sunlight. Sam smoothed the hair away from your forehead with the pads of his fingertips, kneeling at your bedside. You felt your eyelids drooping, your exhaustion and illness winning over. His eyes stared down at yours with obvious love, his lips turning up in the corners as he gazed at sick little vulnerable you.

“Thanks,” you garbled, your voice a barely-there whimper of gratitude and sleepiness. Sam’s head tilted back just slightly with his exhaled laugh, his smile widening.

“Go to sleep,” he breathed, conscious of your migraine, his calming voice a welcomed lullaby, chasing the horrors, stresses and discomfort of the day away with three simple words. He leaned in to kiss your cheek, the softness of his lips and the pinpricks of stubble the last thing you felt before slipping into a dream, your pain all but forgotten.

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